• Love/Hate


  • Kay

    It doesn’t who bow wow puts on his record the people still don’t believe him

  • Kay


  • Rozay

    Jay Z just called me and told me to tell this nigga to take his image off this mixtape, no album outyet, my guess it’s never coming out,all things considered but the mixtape is alright. touch 8 figgaz yeah right he mutherfuckin larious, grandeur lies, 106 and Park is where you get your income from,”niggaz fear me like niggas fear me like they fear Suge” funniest shit i Heard all day, come on Bow Wow, you should be on the comedy circuit nigga.

  • Let the brother do his thing. He’s just tryna make it out here in this cruel game. What you expect him to do, work in Gristedes?

  • Safe Dwade


  • And ‘Grown Ass Man’ is dope.
    He just needs to find his angle. Give us something we don’t have sonically. I don’t know, probably go back to basics and give us some Premo sh*t.

  • 50cent ‏@50cent Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.

    this was basically his album

  • Reallydoe

    LOL nigga had to use an ancient pic of HOV cuz hes lightyears away now…….

  • jayzuz

    y in fucksake wud u start YOUR mixtape w/ mmg playin…

  • jayzuz

    caked up aint bad doe…nice beat..dj mustard nevers fails..

  • ECU


  • Yeezus Christ

    this mixtape is a flop

  • Havent heard the tape yet but I like how Bow repping his history and experience in the game. He standing next to bosses at 8 years old for Gods sake. And he dropping mixtapes to the game for free. He working for 106 true but thats pretty smart considering he a actor and casting directors get to see him constantly on tv. Downloading now. Salute Bow Wow

  • Donn

    Say what u want but Bow Wow is a veteran. Ppl joke am that his album will flop but what other veterans in the game dropped albums that flopped, bet u can use both hands to count. He just lost his flame, but his mark had been made and he had a great run and alot if these artists would be lucky to last as long as Bow did

  • biggestandrealist

    Are we talking lyrics or that bow wow is a joke? if he is a joke i want to be joke too lol… dude is rapping since he was 12.. how many people have the budget that he works with? some of ya actually more lame than ya pretend to be… how u straight dissin someone’s looks or how he is something but he is making more money and actually is better than some of these so called rappers for real for real.. he making money and living his life.. i don’t think he is lame, but i do think ya are lame and broke and therefore you will never develop or evolve because ya act too insecure and too much hating can only take you so far.. go get that paper or move out ya momma’s basement then i will respect ya.

  • Dru

    ^^ thank you

  • Dru

    But he really should stick to his lane. Which involves: Grown Ass Man, Texaco, Pussy On My Mind, I Try, Self Made, & Ohio To Yonkers.

  • mike

    At least he wasn’t a C.O. and then lied about it.

  • BowWowSucks

    Damn son….all them guest appearances and he still can’t be taken seriously……LIL BOW WOW NEED TO stick to LOVE SONGS…..THIS IS NOT HIS LANE…..

  • BowWowSucks

    i don’t give a fuck how much paper he GOT or dont GOT…..this LIL nigga been corny since he turned 18…..ain’t nobody tryna hear this shit coming from him!!……he is a CHILD star who is basically “typecast” and stuck in his childhood era and can’t escape….he should stick to tv hosting, movies and love songs……

  • dave

    you know its a slow news day if bow wows mixtape has the most comments for the day

  • Stone

    How can we really sit here and hate on bow wow… He had a longer Hot Run than lil wayne.. And no matter how seriously we take him we have To remember… One thing has never changed bout him… He Can Actually Rap…

  • DK

    It’s not that Bow Wow has no skills lyrically or no history — he’s actually more skilled as a rapper than most of his Young Money counterparts. It’s that the dude is perpetually eleven years old in the minds of 90% of the hip hop fans who are over 22.

    Myself included: Whenever I hear one of his “adult themed” tracks, I get this nagging reminder of that song he did with JD on the ‘Wild Wild West’ soundtrack, or the ‘Like Mike’ movie, or the “10 or eleven year-olds” line Dre raps in “Say What You Say”, or his rapping on that terrible made-for-MTV movie from twelve years ago with Beyonce in it; the list goes on.

    Perhaps a name change is necessary? Or maybe he should just stick to his “Replacement A.J.” gig over at 106. Kendrick Lamar feature not withstanding; Bow Wow can make the greatest mixtape in the history of hip hop, and I probably wouldn’t be able to get “bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay” out of my head.

  • Wow Bow

    The features sound like the featured rapper threw a scrapped record of theirs to bow wow lmao

  • Word

    You guys can sugarcoat it however you like, but dude never popped once he became an adult. Simple. Yeah he had a great run, as a child, sure. But who cares? What’s the point of being a great child artist when you spend way more of your life as a child? I would trade child fame to be able to pop as an artist right now, which he hasn’t been able to do.

  • Slim Baller

    I knew this mixtape would suck but tbh honest this was really really bad. Smh

  • Kay

    @biggestandrealist Bow wow is that u?

  • JOHNYblaze

    WORD, i agree with @DK exactly, im 25, remember watching LIL bowow movies and getting them for xmas when i was like 12 or something, and he had already been out. I live out here in florida too, and the way he raps is weird, it doesnt transfer now as an adult. Like I hate drake but only thing that helps him is we only really have a visual of him as the rapper but bow wow cant undo the baby iverson playing basketball shit to me, now hes hard. Possibly a name change, flow change could help.

  • really 23

    bow wow couldn’t pop if they put his picture on K. Dot’s album cover and renamed it Kendrick Lamar’s new LP….

    I’d rather listen to JoJo Simmons…

  • Dr groove

    Don’t act like y’all didn’t fuck with the song “they are playing basketball” haha

  • Foreign luccini

    What happened to dis nigga bowiggity, he ain’t had a hot song since 06′. This niggas done i hope he saved his bread!!

  • stop itt

    cuhz was a feature on kendrick record ballin…. now he wanna fuck wit the record but back den he wasnt speakin on it

  • Shamba Menelek

    The mixtape is fire. I can tell a lot of ppl listen to 2 songs da minimum.

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