• Bleeding Frogs

    Homogeneous Hip Hop. :(

  • Tut

    This joint actually hard as fuck. They ripped it

  • eDUB

    @Bleeding Frogs

    Couldn’t have phrased it any better. Homogeneous beats, cliche raps.

  • wtf

    love tgod but shits whack

  • [email protected] th@ [email protected]

    HOT. Garbage.

    Niggas’ still using Waka Flocka/Lex Luger beats w/Rick Ross flow in Spring of 2013?!

  • King Game

    Why is bow wow still rappin?

  • ???

    ^ Because he makes money off of it. Its something he likes to do. And because he can.
    Got a problem with that? Keep commenting and bitching eventually you’ll get some sense in you and realize that you can’t stop him.

  • onenutned


  • nigga creep

    This nigga chevy better than all those Taylor lames. Wiz weak ass need to retire n put this nigga on top