• Gambino

    Thank god cause 2 Chainz verse was awful

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  • NYCown

    The Pac and Biggie of our time! (Minus the beef) The King and The Snowman need a collab Album!

  • DJ Game

    As much as I love tip and jeezy, please do not being ignorant remarks as them being the Pac and Big of our time. Not even close, sorry.

  • LouisDaKing

    T.I. come back in the game slowly but surely

  • NYCown

    Dj Game let me ask you something what exactly to you think Biggie did that was supernatural? He sold records just like jeezy… Tip is maybe the biggest artist over the last ten years! Understand this THE REASON WHY YOU LOVE PAC AND BIGGIE THE YOU DO IS BECAUSE THERE NO LONGER WITH US. When Jay die he will be considered the best. If Wayne died tomorrow some would say he was the best… The same go for these two if they died behind a senseless hiphop beef. #StopLivingInThePast

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  • epinz

    ^^^ kanye is by far the biggest artist in the past 10 years. Not even close. And im not really a fan of kanye like that no more. But he got the sales, classics, production, and hes all over mainstream media…tip kep gettin locked up. And I think jeezy been more consistant then ti.

  • NYCown

    You do understand Tip has Been Platinum every album since trap muzik fool! Even the album “No Mercy” that was criticized so what’s more consistent then that? Oh and he’s been to prison two times and still maintaining a front runners place (fyi he’s done more albums then all these rappers out now over the past decade)

  • epinz

    You do understand kanye has gone platinum with every album hes ever dropped. Runs a SUCCESSFUL record label. Has classic albums, including the best album of the past decade. Has produced classic beats. Has more awards than tip. Makes more money than tip. And is recognized overall as a better artist than tip…u the only ngga in the world think tip a bigger artist than kanye

  • epinz

    And ti last album aint gone platinum….and jeezy gone platinum everytime out and his last album has sold more than tips…luda done sold more than tip

  • NYCown

    Stupid ass nigga is you aware T.i. Has Eight solo albums and kanye has Five! Nigga with damn near everyone being a classic fool! And dumbass nigga is you aware his cd came out three months ago and still aint put out singles and most likely gone be platinum! And tell me what fuck is successful about the good music label? I know you can’t be talking bout that bum ass group album? Or lil Sean… And when you mention niggas like Luda you lose relavance in this conversation

  • NYCown

    And gay ass nigga what the fuck you mean more money like you know what either one of them expenses like!…. I’m done talking talking cause i see you just a dumbass nigga

  • NYCown

    And FYI goofy as nigga Jeezy last album ain’t platinum

  • Foreign luccini

    Popped a Molly I’m flexin woo popped Molly I’m sweatin. Hiphop line of the year so far!!!

  • epinz

    Only u beleive the shit u typin ngga. Kanye done sold more in 5 albums then ti with 8…ti I albums aint all near classic at all. No mercy wad not no near classic. Niether was ti vs tip or paper trail. And forbes, the company that tracks these things says that….whats succseful about the label?!?! 2 chainz sold more albums then ti last, big sean done sold more than ti last. The group album done sold more than ti last…and u obviuosly dnt k ow shit about hiphop is u think that me bringin up luda is irrelevsnt ehen hes sold more records. Has apeared in better more successful movies and dissed ti harder thsn anyone else did. But u gone hsve to google thst cuz I doubt u know what song that was on…u still cant even account for the grammies and the production credits….ngga, shut yo young ass up and get off the t.i p of his dick…

  • http://www.340pm.com 340pm
  • epinz

    And ti done dropped singles from the album, they just dnt get no burn…bet u hear kanye all day ngga…and shut yo soft ass up with all that tough talk over the internet cuz u but hurt over yo favorite rapper not bein as great ad u think he is.. im not even a kanye fan and I can defend him better than yo ti and tiny family watchin ass

  • Leanin’

    Y Nobody noticed Jeezys man in the still looks like a straight KILLER!!!!!! lmao!!!!!!

  • DJ Game

    My love for Hip-Hop is because of Big. I remember being 9 years old listening to juicy and big poppa. Listening to how someone flowed over an instrumental. This was the first time I ever heard something in this culture. Production, flow, and subject matter is just so Brooklyn. Me, being from Brooklyn, I just can’t fathom that type of a comparison. I love tip and jeezy. They both have classic trap albums. But when it comes to Big, he’s just too good (refer to drakes interview about wayne

  • http://www.twitter.com/djcognac dj Cognac

    first Big was overrated and Pac is the reason we still talk about him. 2. Ti has fallen off as far as music relevance. 3. Jeezy let too many cats shoot shots at him to ever be king. 4. The only one benefitting from this is newcomer Trinidad James.

  • DJ Game

    First and lastly 2pac is good but he’s not in the top 10, period. And I am not trolling.

  • http://loch121.wix.com/loch loch121

    This dude……
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle:http://youtu.be/TMmOpNbb2J8 via @youtube

  • Savimbi

    @NYclown go sit down somewhere with that nonsense, holla back when TI can sell out stadiums in Dubai nigga.