• Fuck a Fuck nigga

    When the Fred good son raps don’t listen to him just look at him lmao

  • bx allday

    fck you worry abt how another nigga look homo azz fck boy.. fred the only one not from bk so you know they think highly of the nigga call my chain lil kim cuz its fckin big haha.. But they saved the best for last joell had the best verse by far.

  • Truth Will Out

    Joell Ortiz just ripped the best verse of 2013 and ya’ll slept on it.

    –Truth Will Out

  • Fuck a Fuck nigga

    Bx all day is a goof and a Fuck boy

  • Sermonette

    Fred the godson killed it

  • Lethargic1

    Joell Ortiz and Joey Bada$$ are the only ones I liked. Fred is a joke to me. I don’t “hate” on him, but he doesn’t say anything remotely impressive.

  • Yamzz

    yout crazy if you say fred doesnt say anything impressive but joey badass does…joel ortiz prolly the most balanced rapper there…didnt maino and cease have beef??

  • haze

    That Joell verse is from like 2006 or 7. i dont give a fuck… that shit still so ill.

  • Strong Johnson

    Joey Bada$$ the only one didn’t say anything about BIG on a tribute freestyle. Smh. The dude is cool but he needs to leave that rappity-rap shit alone sometimes.

  • bx allday

    fck a fck nigga how you gonna call me a fck boy when you the one worry abt how a nigga look ? is you stupid cocksuckin dick lickin azz nigga smack yourself.

  • NY KIdd

    Game should have done this shit how he spits in see no evil

  • DeezNuts

    uncle murda one of the wackest alive

  • No No No Not Today!

    @Nykidd Yuup

  • bkallday

    @deeznutz FLUCK (in my joey voice) ya! i thought it was my ears that weren’t workin lol .

    Why Fred look like a Klump. Take the suit off!

  • Q

    Could have had better rappers

  • fredtheFATson

    Fuck bx all day

  • DONspitta

    are u serious nigga fuck bx fuck harlem fuck queens BROOOKLYN . BROOKLYYNNNN

  • Tec1Nyc

    ^^^ Na son Brooklyn was a has been.

    On another note: Joell sound like he taking notes from Eminem.
    Big up to Joell for shouting out BIG jayz & Pun in one verse

  • LardASS

    fredthelard son is a too hard to look at lmao

  • verbalvirgo1

    dope tribute think they all did the track justice reppin for B.I.G

  • wickwickwack

    it´s like they were competing …who would be more off beat …who would be the wackest

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  • Mdiesel23

    Joell destroys any verse…. but yea, his verse here is old AF.. at least he is finally getting some more recognition for it doe… yawaaa

  • golokota

    BIGGIE was better than PAC in many ways. He’s the best that ever did it, and also sexier than Pac.

  • Luck

    I wonder what them niggas said to get censored on the explicit version

  • fredtheFATson

    Tupac is way better then biggie buddy