• brza


  • This is terrible.

  • recordpusher

    she sounds horrible.. no hate.

  • Heat with 30 call me D-Wade!!

    Tahiry better thank god for that ASS because she can’t sing for shit…

  • SeriouslyTho

    Joey’s somewhere laughing right now

  • Mixxkingg

    this song is fucking horrible

    S/O to styles p though

  • King E

    I’m sorry soujla boy, but this might be possibly the worst song of all time…OF ALL TIME… jesus 🙁 ridiculous really #CharlesBarkleyJustTurrible



  • ness

    everyone responsible in making this song and video should be embarrassed

  • Chris

    The concept, beat and hook aren’t half bad if you’re into that Jason DeRulo scene I’m sure, but Tahiry really has no business trying to be an artist/singer/whatever. As for SP and Murda for getting on this, I hope the check or the pussy were great.

  • christina

    The song without Tahiry and Uncle Murder is good . Tahiry cannot sing . I like her but she can’t sing worth shit . Uncle Murder sounded so off beat to this song . I like the song but not with her on the track . LMAO to the upper comments I died laughing

  • RRCoolJ

    I like Tahiry a lot. She’s actually a super cool chick in real life and she’s held Joe down and put up with his antics for many years. That said, this is absolute trash. The other random guy singing who gets no credit is the only one who makes it listenable.

    Her, Styles, Uncle, and the director of the video should be ashamed of themselves.

  • This song is trash

    This song is trash!!!!!!!!!!

    HOT GARBAGE!!!!!!

    Who did she suck off to get this record out.

    Who allows this type of trash to even be created!!!

  • graf

    Tahiry needs to quit music, stick to making drinks on “Love and Hip-Hop”, and practice stealing dolla billz out the tip-jar instead. Then use the money from ‘work’ and take classes on how to style herself and apply that Tammy Faye Bakker clown makeup she’s always wearing on tv. yikes!

  • gammaboi

    Make that ass clap…that’s all

  • Yezzir


  • Dubayu2

    Just had to mute her parts on the video. That ass made me stay fa the whole wop tho. Styles p was dope.

  • LOL

  • mike

    That ass tho.

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    This is what its come down to?

  • t whip

    all i see is love handles and belly lol. bitch sucks

  • Chad Biggz

    Watch that joint on mute

  • IIG

    This is some of the very worst music ever posted to this site. She’s going to have to show a whole lot more ass to keep anybody tuned in! She’s got to be kidding to think anything else is the main attraction. Both rappers took Ls for even showing up.

  • FLO

    dat nigga singing the hook look like a broke Killer Mike

  • The Other P

    Love & Hip hop is much watch tv, straight comedy.

  • Black Shady

    Uncle Murda is really wack!!! Idk why yall call him dope LMAO
    mad corny and weakkkkkkkkk

    shouts to the GHOST!

  • JOHNYblaze

    LMFAO AT THE COMMENTS! I had to watch the video even before posting, and shit the first 10 comments were hilarious! This shit is like some typical forced industry sound type generic rico love knockoff song!!!! I actually think its straight tho and sounds like any other song on the radio in miami , styles P and Uncle prob hopped on it cause someone is backing this with cake.

    And tahiry thick and all, but i’d rather listen to that loreal chick….

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Holy shit! What Styles P doing on this shit. I guess a check is a check. Jesus Christ, this is laughably terrible.

    Dat ass doe!

    RR comments > Kevin Hart. I’m dying laughing at these comments.

  • df

    styles p i guess it’s over bro good career though but you done homie

  • the lum

    the only thing good about this is the beat and HER ASS

    her voice is terrible and both these dudes rapped so weak and off beat it’s hilarious

  • King Game

    -__- we just want her booty in are face

  • real1

    I’m cram to understand how the featured artist has someone else singing the hook which is the meat of the song. She should’ve at least harmonized with him.This is a horribly produced song whoever arranged this failed. And wardrobe defiantly dropped the ball. Tahiry is bad super sexy and got all that to work with but they ain’t put her in nothing that flattered her body. Fail all the way around to something that had so much potential.

  • Whois_thatnigga_onthat_NAG

    Rap Radar don’t do this again. I boycott sights for fun!!!!!! who won test!!! lmao!

  • king

    uncle murda naaaaaaaaaa styles naaaaaaaaaa. tahiry i wud eat that ass all night but just dont sing. song fucking wack

  • shtihead

    I hope Styles piped for doing this dumb shit

  • HOTDAMN!!!

    I believe the devil killed himself when he heard this bitch hit the auto-tune…