MTV’s Hottest MC Honorable Mentions

Now that the controversy surrounding MTV’s Hottest MCs List somewhat died down, the Hip-Hop Brain Trust reveals a few that fell short of the list including Hov, Nicki and the “#1 rapper in the world“.

Tunechi didn’t have an LP of his own in 2012 but that didn’t stop him from hitting the studio to churn out his Dedication 4 mixtape, as well as hit single “No Worries” and current chart-climber “Love Me,” both from his upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II.

Wayne also lent his bars to others, dropping verses on French Montana’s “Pop That,” T.I.’s “Ball” and Juicy J’s “Bandz a Make Her Dance.” With his 10th solo album slated for a March release, there’s a great chance that Wayne will make his “Hottest MCs” return next year. But though he toured the world, racking up record receipts, there’s no denying Wayne spent a dominant year chasing pursuits outside music.

Weezy established his skate-influenced Trukfit clothing line as a fashion force to be reckoned with, selling the gear in major retailers like Macy’s and Dillards. The YMCMB boss balanced his business ventures, including a partnership with Mountain Dew, with his growing love for skateboarding. It became clear that, at least for now, Wayne’s love for the microphone had been surpassed by his love for the decks.

UPDATE: Here’s what we gave MTV.

our list

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  • DMVinyourchick

    Okay but dedication 4 was raw garbage

  • this some bs



    Now we see who pays their bills #nocredibility

    Headlines has nothin to do wit MCing, in that case, WHERE IS JAH (in my chappelle voice) lol

  • As Real As It Gets

    So niggas gonna act like Sosa ain’t have all these lil niggas baggin this year? I’m not a fan like the next man but c’mon now. Keef was #1 in that bobblehead lane.

  • young

    Still no T.I. ??????
    Gtfo, assholes

  • this some bs

    Chief Queef too since they talkin bout headlines or “buzz”

  • JaRon

    Why Jeezy didn’t make the list? I’m puzzled

  • JOHNYblaze

    Well the list literally just means HOTTEST on the scene/in the game overall right now. I agree with K. and his tour has been ill from what ive heard. I’m disapointed that 2 chainz was THAT high on the list only, he was def top 10 for 2012. Nas shoulda been lower, i think MTV it would be more fair to just go by OVERALL impact on the genre in the past year because also Asap Rocky could have been higher on the list, he HAS directly influenced “swag” in hiphop whether you like to admit it or not. Kanye too but as stated he gave a comp album and STILL ended up high on the list. I hate DRAKE.


    I dont know how no one on the scene has gotten at him, besides common and pushat on the low. Hes a thin line between r & b and hip hop , this list is RAP /HIP HOP no r and B there.

  • Is MTV fucking scared of Lil Wayne or what? He didn’t put out an Lp? So? if u didnt put him on the list just be bold and keep ur list it looks like MTV u are ass kissers

  • B. Dubb

    No Jeezy? He dropped a gold album had a 3 hit singles I Do, Supa Freak, Leave you alone I don’t understand why he’s missing honestly.


    who gives a fuck end of the day weezy is wack now no substance or lyricism jus recycled dick pussy bars “Hi im majestic niglet and this is the truth”

  • Dro

    I agree with bdub…wonder what the cut off was cuz tm103 owned late 11 early 12

  • Rod Markie

    I cant even believe Im saying this, but out of all those other list mtv still had the best list as far as HOTTEST goes, they really nailed it with their list

  • Devante

    Doesn’t Young Jeezy have like 3 songs on the radio of his mixtape?

  • EvenOdd

    Macklemore and T.I. should have been on the list or at least honorable mentions.

  • Ya’ll niggas smoking dust

  • If its Hottest mc in thr game RIGHTNOW then kanye shouldnt have been there niether sean

  • The Wise

    Gotta agree even tho im not the biggest macklemore fan his can deffinetly no denying his pressence last year ..FRM THE NBA to all over jus selling 4X platinum hes working hard an ..thats much respect considering his commercial so is not about being commercial

  • Izzy_Ballin

    No rapper can say they been dropping rap hits since the early 90’s and still makes music that debut #1 on the charts. It’s rare for any genre, but in rap it’s unheard of. It’s an embarrassment to the culture of hip-hop when people list Future, Tyga and 2Chainz ahead of the God Son, Nas. In any other genre an artist like this would be celebrated but because Nas’ music doesn’t appeal to Middle America and he defeated Jay-Z in a battle you hold animosity towards him. This is why this genre will never reach its full potential

  • Nathaniel

    @B.Dot (looking at the RR list and the Blackout)

    you need to do your research on macklemore’s ‘independence’ because you leave out a lot of context. notwithstanding what it means to have bob barker as your grandfather, but the type of long money & resources that were already there to place them in the ‘right spaces’ to make moves that any ‘regular independent act’ (black) just wouldn’t have, has more than you’re willing to admit to do with their success… and… dream hampton said it best:

    “Two things black people were clueless about til about 7 days ago: the gentrified Harlem shake, Macklemore.”

    “the streets,” aka “the culture” aka “niggas/the pilots of hip hop culture” aren’t listening to that shit. mack is great… for people who really don’t like rap music. and no, you alone aren’t a large enough sample size. he isn’t on our culture’s radar. and you niggas better not come talking about “white people buy the majority of hip hop albums anyway.” they’re also around 80% of america’s population. they buy, we create, manipulate, author, and LISTEN/LIVE… OUR culture. bad argument. just pointing that out.

    when macklemore wins the grammy for rap album of the year, niggas nationwide will say “the fuck?” and accuse the grammy’s of misrepresenting what defines our culture. then you’ll understand why these clowns ain’t “hot”.

  • Scrilla(That #1 hottest MC spot was robbed!! That position belongs to Young Jeezy!!)

    WTF is wrong with niggas? Every hot song Jeezy on the remix but noooo he never gets credit this some bull shit!!! He even fucked Elliot bitch

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot




  • NYCown

    Somebody get the word to these fools that Wanye is not look at as the best no more.

  • As Real As It Gets

    Can someone please get MackleFishes d!€k out of B.Dot’s mouth please?

  • Stephflow

    Man RR your list is worse than MTV’s! 2 Chainz isnt hotter than Macklemore? Macklemore is hot right now…but one radio song doesnt make him hotter than 2 Chainz who is all over the radio.

  • chris8732

    lol.. futute but no Jeezy… and rick ross???!!! dicksuckers

  • Sensitive Lames

    Man yall getting real sensitive about this. Hottest!! not best, not most lyrical! Who had the most action in 2012.. Some of it seems out of wack to me but no reason to throw a tantrum on here..

    @Nathaniel.. you niggas better not come talking about “white people buy the majority of hip hop albums anyway.” they’re also around 80% of america’s population …. Actually white people are if not already will be the minority soon in America… just saying..

    I agree that Macklemore should be up there because homie has went 4X plat.. maybe not number 2 but def in place of French.. not sure whats out there that is hot from French?? anyone help me with this?

  • 1.Kendrick lamar
    6.Rick ross
    8.A$AP Rocky
    9.French montana
    10.Meek Mill

    WAYNE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE ON THE LIST!! Him and kanye havent done enough!


    NO T.I.????

  • big steve

    kanye should be on the littest cause its “hottest mc” tht means mc witht he biggest buzz and kanye has a buzz no matter what at this point in his career cause the internet love his shit, he stays big same with wayne too so they should both be on there

  • rjifgs

    Who da f#ck is macklemore??

  • Dashing

    In the words of Peter Gunz…

    “B.Dot, you slippin. Macklemore got you looking crazy out here.”

    Co-sign everything Nathaniel said. Macklemore’s talented but he’s not hip hop. And black people aint bumping him. It’s not a race issue either, Action Bronson all day. If a black dude made “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us” he’d be…Flo Rida. And he aint hip hop either.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Dashing

    In the words of Peter Gunz…

    “B.Dot, you slippin. Macklemore got you looking crazy out here.”




  • Wiser

    Still no pusha T. Ok I really hate these niggas who disregaurd good rappers. Makes me wanna ask these niggas for a drop in public or something.

  • Schoolboy’s Bucket Hat

    This just in!!! Macklemore has just checked in to a local Seattle hospital with complaints of extreme testicle strangulation and a decrease of blood to his penis. Inside sources say that a “dickriding durag wearing pussy” might be to blame. Check in later to find out more

  • jp

    And still no mentionof m acklemore! He had a number one album, 4x platinum single, songs all over tv and the xxl freshmen cover, all independently.

  • DoinTooMuch

    Damn, no TI? no Jeezy? SMH Weak List!

  • Erick

    When I saw the Big Boy’s Neighborhood list, I was very disappointed. It’s sad that they had Jay-Z ahead of Kendrick Lamar. Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa? Where’s the love for the west? But then again, their list makes sense. Just look at their playlist and you’ll see at least one song from each of those artists. It’s sad because the west was something else back in the day.

  • nush

    if ur picking ur hottest MC based on ..which rapper would u want a verse from..jay-z or eminem? eminem would get the most votes.but it shouldnt be based on that one criteria..kendrick deserves thenumber 1 spot

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