New Music: Gucci Mane “Hell Yes”

trap house 3-cover

Gucci Mane puts his raps to the back and sings away on the latest leak off his upcoming Trap House 3. Aw, hell.

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  • Safe Dwade


  • Fukin serious

    Hell Nooooooooi

  • Facts

    Funny how Jeezy basically killed this guy’s career without even trying

    Neither have I seen a major Gucci feature in a while, nor a single

    It’s not a good time for retards I suppose

  • Slim Baller

    “Neither have I seen a major Gucci feature in a while, nor a single” <——-YES exactly what I was thinking thank you

  • Gucci biting Future’s flow

  • hitsquad

    Yall saying jeezy killed gucci blah blah blah…I’m from and live in atlanta and gucci has been surpassed jeezy since the beginning of last yr and on top of that not only is gucci putting out better wrk than jeezy he’s putting out better wrk than anyone in the city..

  • Facts

    @ hitsquad

    That’s your opinion and that’s cool

    But even if it is correct, Atlanta alone is a minor factor when it comes to success, influence, money, respect

    Personally, I do believe in quality over quantity

  • Peekay

    ha! This guy can barely speak and now he’s ‘singing’

  • wtf

    guappp nice1

  • DONspitta

    hitsquad stop lying. jeezy been having the city on look since day one. gucci mane too. but thats it.. jeezy is worldwide… gucci aint.. rap career wise jeezy winning by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar..

  • G shit

    Fuck Jeezy Gucci will & always will be relevant Trap God 1 & 2 got nothing but hits bitches!!

  • IIG

    What the fuck is this bullshit? I’m highly disappointed in Gucci!

  • B. Dubb

    Jeezy ethered this nigga cte world!!!

  • GameOn

    Boring music burrrrrrrrrrrr

  • yaknow

    Gucci Mane’s last dozen mixtapes shit on everything that Jeezy has been doing in the past 5 years, just listen to “Trap Back” if you don’t believe me. Dude gave Mike Will his fuckin name.

  • Even his autotune sucks….



  • Kush

    Jeezy commercial trash. Gucci a real nicca. And his his own distinct sound. Jeezy sounds like generic trash pushed down your throat by the radio

  • Kush

    Respect to Gucci from Jamaica queens Ny. Although he does sound like future in this Lol he experimenting

  • hitsquad

    ^whoever disagrees..

    @facts the hip hop scene is in the south not north, west, east, cross the bridge, etc and nigga what you mean..southern regional rappers have been the the most successful influential money makin niggas on the scene for the past damn decade foh!

    Jeezy and tip been doing they thing but as of january 2012 to march 2013 gucci has been the most consistent nigga not only in atlanta but we can make a argument for the whole rap game.12-13 catalog (trap back, I’m up, trap god 1&2, freebricks 2) I swear no nigga that’s not ymcmb or rick ross been puttin in more wrk than this and at a high consistent rate

  • Kush

    Not really, drake and jay-z have been more successful than any rapper from the south lol. And 50 cent. The south has been mostly responsible for dumbing down the music.

  • Kush

    But I do fucks with gUcci, he does have a consistent work ethic as well but he hasn’t been as successful as he could

  • hitsquad

    @kush of course jay and 50 are more successful they have longevity and they do bussiness outside of music. The only reason drake is more successful til this day bc he was cosigned by wayne when he was on top of the world and he just became a mainstream ass nigga..just like tip jeezy 2chainzz and now future..and as far as the south dumbing down the music yeaaa they did the all the regions got different vibes since the south all about the club drug party turn up scen

  • hitsquad

    Its a new generation and as a 90s baby frm the south and growing up off of clue tapes and the roc due to parents for the north..I got tired of listening to new york sad sorry ass struggling music..biggie told us niggas we just wanna party and bullshit so the south blessed the game with the dumb down easy to understand party have fun music something that you 80’s head niggas are finding hard to understand

  • Piringle

    It honestly sounds decent. Zone6

  • Kush

    I feel u tho I like diversifying my music as well. Them DJ clue tapes was fire lol. Youre right about drake 2 chainz n all that too. The south been doin their thing so has the west coast tho, they been makin the chillin music for the ill minute I can’t wait till its hot in Ny so I can start bumpin the chronic. Bottom line is everybody doing there part, Them NY niggas are just straight businessmen, n I always listen to shit like Nas AZ Cormega Mobb Deep d Block but I like bumpin T.I and Gucci too. Can’t sleep on the Midwest either, freddie gibbs bone thugs etc But thats what I’m saying. Everyone is holdin it down gotta respect the art

  • acejones678

    Download This Song @

  • Chan

    Fucking awesome!!! Gucci is god. Big guwap. Can’t wait for trap house 3. Fuck the haters. Gucci is the A.

  • Greenbacks

    Oh wow gucci shot someone and wears cheap looking jewelry…that dosnt make him a good musician. Its a shame he makes so many of those “holliday season” garbage mixtapes