New Music: Yelawolf Ft. A$AP Rocky x Big Henry “Gangster”

Yelawolf travels up past the Mason-Dixon line over to Harlem for his latest track featuring A$AP Rocky and Big Henry. Trunk Muzik Returns the day after tomorrow.

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  • pistalonthedressor

    nicely done… this dope too..



  • Billy

    Heellllll Yeahhhh Trunk Muzik Returns!!!!!!!!!

  • ECU

    Song was straight up dope. Wish ASAP rapped less slow

  • Billy

    asap and big henry r lame as hellllllll

  • Billy

    and yelaa killss!

  • Catfish

    Finally a dope ass song from tmr

  • matrix

    Fire!!! Now i cant wait for this joint to drop shit sounding dope!! Chuuch…

  • Yelawolf is underrated

  • CJ


  • Evil

    Quality song.Dope shit.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Big Homie




  • chris8732

    who is big henry? he got a nice flow

  • casper21

    wow, this got some trunk music feel to it, nicely done Yela!

  • monta ellis


  • acejones678

    Download This Song @

  • SaveHipHop

    This shit is a problemmmm! Great song

  • The Wise

    Wrrd!! cant wait to peep this track gonna check it out later wen i can…. already seeing good reviews

  • The Wise

    just listened to the song an its dope!!..couldve went without the features..asap was ehhhh big henry seemed ok wouldve rather liked to hear shawty fatt…..yelas one of the few an i mean small few that could hold a song on his i wouldve liked to see what else he couldve added to it after his verse.he ripped that shit

  • peter pan

    heres the lyrics video for this song.. yela killed it.

  • DJ Game

    should of saved this for the album.

  • cory

    tell me why every song i hear from this mixtape is better than anything on radioactive

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this is pretty good

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    big henry verse sounded the best, yela next and asap didnt sound good on this , good big henry verse tho

  • Tyler The Creator

    Yela placed Eminem in Machine Gun Kelly.

  • Tanya

    I have completed my wardrobe of my Queenpants.

  • Tanya

    I would like to thank Machine Gun Kelly for making me popular, thanks Josh you are the sweetest brother, thank you Steph for all the hard work and doing all these things for me and for keeping in touch and bringing the love of my life Yelawolf in my turf, I love you bro, and for all those who knows me in music and movie industry thank you for bringing me my husband, I love all of you, and to my loving husband, I will see you soon, hopefully sooner than later, I love you sweetheart, Yelawolf.

  • Tanya

    By the way, I give mandatory food supplement, who wants some?

  • Tanya

    I would like to see my favorite people, Tristan Simon, Stephen Simon and Joshua Simon and to all those who are with me in Shady Records and Interscope Pictures please show up…please show up…I am in State of Florida, U.S.A. I can see dead people here!

  • Tanya

    I would like to extend my happiness to everyone who believes in me that I’m alive, I’m alright, I’m still in the planet and I think I’m not crazy, I’m not in hiding, I don’t have secrets anymore, I love my family with my husband, I want to see Patrick and Justin, I would like to see everyone who is in my turf, and I would like to see everyone who is in my husband’s life, I would like to see everyone in the Marines, I delivered a beauty pill for all of you, and everyone has a debt to me, pay me complete standard rate or I will arrest all of you. I love you Tristan Sweetheart! I will see you soon.

  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

    To my Sweetheart Tristan Simon, I have caps and bonnets for you that you can share with your brothers, they are my brothers also, and I have some more stuff I bought for you. I love you Sweetheart, I love you all.

  • Tanya

    Tristan Sweetheart, I smoke cigarettes and I drink beer, I cuss and curse in Spirit and in Truth only, I am not mean at all and I think I’m pretty. I love you so much! And that info I also give to Steph and Josh.

  • Tanya

    Tristan Sweetheart, i want to move in.

  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

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  • Tanya

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