• timofey

    Earl is easily the best in the OF crew bar for bar.

  • LuxuryRap

    Nice directorial skills, Tyler!

  • Totaly

    These dudes are more hip hop than anyone else out right now and everyone’s just too mad to admit it

  • prai$e

    for some reason i really want to kick the teeth out of that white kid eating ice cream. and wtf is wrong with earls face?

  • It’s the roc

    Honestly, what the hell is Earl even saying?

    Video was standard issue for odd future, so was the song. Both were decent I guess

  • E$CO

    @It’s the roc Honestly, what the hell is Earl even saying?
    WORD. This shit is fucking GARBAGE!

  • chan

    no nigggaaa earl sweatshirt just raped the rap game……

  • chan

    and chum was one of the best songs late last year / early this year

  • gobo

    earl best young rapper. easy.

  • naaah

    @ its the roc and E$co

    What is he saying? Nothing substantial in this song just like Tyler said about that “2010 shit.”

    “Too pretentious, do pretend like he could lose with spitting
    Steaming tubes of poop and twisted doobies full of euphemisms
    Stupid, thought it up, jot it quick
    Thought out, toss it right out like a vodka fifth
    Spot him on a rocket swapping dollars in for pocket lint
    The lob a wad of chicken at a copper on some Flocka shit”

    But I digress,
    Find a flow/lines better than this in 2013.

    • B.Dot

      Sounds like a bunch of gibberish to me. There’s no form or structure to this shit. Just bunch of “lyrical, miracle” rap. Zero replay value.

  • John Cusack


  • JOHNYblaze

    Yo straight up this is NERDCORE rap B. Its a part of hiphop, but almost a grunge version listened to by skateboarding oreos and some hipsters. They are trying to re embody eminem or something but they are alotttttttt weaker. Shit is corny I have never bought their music it has no replay value.

  • the brain trust

    Lmao. These niggas deadass make some terrible fucking music.

    I mean, just read the lyrics to this shit. Meaningless multi syllablic rhymes which are designed to serve no purpose, have no cohesive narrative or leave any noteworthy impression.

    As an MC, Earl suffers from the classic case of ‘just cause you don’t understand him, it don’t mean that he nice’

  • G-cass

    Jesus Christ people act like they feel the need to be educated in every rap song go read a book and come back when you’re prepared to just enjoy music as entertainment and an art form.

  • 2 cents

    ^^^ what G-cass said.
    It’s an art, it can’t all be the same. Gtfoh with your “how hiphop should sound/be critical looking asses” if you don’t like it, listen to somebody you like, cuz they aren’t changing their style to appeal to you, obviously somebody likes it.

  • awesome


    u always hating, stop sucking wilson& mmg off, & kill yourself, clown ass nigga, CANT BELIEVE U FROM QUEENS

  • Genesis

    Greatness…. Pure fuckin greatness…. You want sensical worldly raps go listen to Lamar or Cole…. This is that Wolf Gang completely do not give a fuck shit…. Structure is for pussies…. Nerdcore makes your mom’s dick hard for your uncle…. Eat gluten…. Bitch…..

  • It’s the roc

    @G-cass & @2 cents

    That’s the kind of attitude that will eventually lead to farting into the mic being accepted as bars. I hope you two aren’t complaining/critical then.

  • It’s the roc

    LOL @Genesis did u just admit that this is nonsensical AND greatness?

    Also, please refrain from putting Eminem anywhere near the same category as this shit.

  • Genesis

    @its the roc
    And that’s the type of attitude that birthed Christianity, apartheid, euthanasia, and lay’s Chicken and waffle chips…..

  • Genesis

    Yes I did sir…. Why fuckin not? Nothing made sense at one point in time……. Sometimes shit just needs to be absolutely pointless….

  • basej1

    mf doom, raekwon, and eminem have all done the nonsensical rap shit before on songs, dont see why its a problem now

  • Peekay

    agree with b.dot

  • Genesis

    @basej1 Exactly…. It’s just these wanna be never gonna make it blog ass rappers hating what they idolized before…. Why can’t they be like me and accept failure at life, tell their uncle not to touch them there anymore, and enjoy the music? Huh? Huh?

  • mac DIESEL

    @ B.Dot

    Sounds like a bunch of gibberish to me. There’s no form or structure to this shit. Just bunch of “lyrical, miracle” rap. Zero replay value.





  • Toy-T


  • Teejay

    Lyrical miracle rap is cool sometimes, don’t be mad cause your favorite rapper can’t do it. If you don’t like the song cool but you can’t hate on the kids talent.

  • The Wise

    these guy completley lost an buzz the hadd left

  • awesome

    @mac diesel



  • lmao

    why does everyone take odd future so serious? either you like them or you don’t. if you don’t get out of here. It’s as simple as if you don’t like odd future then get off this video, stop commenting, and let the people who do like them enjoy the song without seeing a bunch of pussies analyzing every damn song/video that odd future releases. No one forces you to watch this shit, you chose too. If they lost their “buzz” they are obviously doing something right since all the people that don’t like them still clicked the video. PS B.Dot you’re a fuck

  • dead ass doe, we need to get macdiesal on that truth live shit…. nigga need to share that wisdom

  • JOHNYblaze

    Earl is that you? @GENEISIS

  • it’s the roc

    Commenters like @lmao who talk about not clicking on a song if you don’t like the artist annoy me. Why is anyone even on this site if they aren’t interested with what is going on in hip hop? Whether you like some big artists or not, you’re always going to listen to the song, or watch the video, and then comment.

    I mean what do you think the comment section is for? Comments.

  • priime dawg

    @B.Dot: I respect your opinion my dude like many others but sometimes I just don’t get it. Ok, you said Dilla just doesn’t do it for you. You think he’s ”overrated” and you elaborated on that. I disagree with you but you’re entitled to your opinion. But why hate on Earl? Lyrically, he’s great. If you think those are just words put together then go listen to Trinidad James or whatever. But don’t say it’s wack. Homie’s bringing raw energy with his songs…

  • As Real As It Gets

    I swear Earl’s the future. Remind me of Fat Lip from Pharcyde.

  • everyone better screenshot b.dots comment

    because if earl blows up hes gonna be like YO I TOLD YALL HE WAS DOPE…wherever the trend goes, b dot goes

  • CJ

    Love the beat

  • MadShot

    I totally hate their music but I love watching every video of them because of their WTF effect.

  • joe montana

    b.dot is a real fuck boy for that comment. i can understand if maybe you dont feel him musically but lyrically dude is undeniable. to me lyrically artists like this are bringing the essence of hip hop back. i bump 2 chainz and waka but theres a time and place for all that. rap is losing its integrity as an art and we have influential people like b.dot saying this is garbage is unbelievable.