• rahrahrah


  • BKLYN44


  • wow

    much hotter than that trash cypher they posted before….ain’t Fred da Godson from the BX?

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    Nice keep it up Pap, you just might get new followers.

  • TheChosenOne

    He killed that. Pap is nice.

  • Fukin serious

    First time I’ve ever listened to this dude. That shit was fucking dope.

  • yard

    Man… Pap been nice with them bars… just need a better voice….

  • brokeisadisease

    Go tell Joey Bada$$ and ASAP Rocky that’s how you freestyle. I’ve seen videos on here and those dudes can barely connect their bars when they off the top. Yet kids on here go HAM.

  • Real reconize real

    wow wasnt expecting that

  • yesken

    PAP is sick with them bars

  • savimbi

    @broke amen. Nicest nigga on the MIC right now hands down. Sad shit is none of these so called Hottest MCs in the game would dare do a track with Pap cause he would deficate all over it. Bars, Bars, Bars and more BArs. That’s what the papal conclave is all about, it’s about deciding wether or not the world is ready for Pap to bring the BARS back, not them skate park, make it rain i’m ballin bars, we’re talking about that poppy seed, uranium coltan bars nigga, that real shit.

  • Young Lucky

    @savimbi fuck outta here. nicest nigga on the mic right now. LMAO this was decent but damn it took him 10yrs for a decent 45sec freestyle. still no hope in Pap

  • HK


  • acejones678

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  • Lito


  • jackripper


  • calibe

    i always new pap got some biggie inside him not alot but a litlle