Wiz Khalifa Partners With Converse

wiz chucks

Wiz sure loves his Taylors. And recently, the new father officially let the ink dry on his deal with the Converse brand.

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  • He repped the brand for free, its only right they cut the check. Congrats

  • Black Shady

    ^ exactly what he said

  • Money pouch

    This is two years over due

  • Pardonmyswag

    Exactly what he said^

  • IIG

    Yeah, Converse needed to be paying that man for all the shoes the “Taylor Gang” snatched up. Good shit.

  • xpick

    That’s what she said 🙂

  • xpick

    Great move wiz !

  • Cruel Thing

    Converse? You mean the washed up companies like Fubu??? Congrats Wiz

  • mike

    Congrats Wiz. Long way from star gang

  • Jrockurbih

    Converse will never be washed up Cruel thing while monkeey see monkeey do niggas like you keep rocking jays like BET tells you too, niggas like me want to separate ourselves from mass sheep niggas like you converse is on top of its game, we should thank you. Congs wiz big things.

  • Kevin Lam

    you guys are wrong he made a deal with converse. so now he actually apart of converse and converse said wiz khalifa new converse should be coming out around september