Consequence vs. Joe Budden


There’s no love in hip-hop nor between Joe Budden and Consequence. During a reunion taping of their Vh1 reality show, the rappers got into a physical altercation. Footage coming soon.


Says Joe Budden:

During break Tahiry & I were headed outside to smoke.. Dude came behind, jumped & hit me as I’m walking away, Tahiry snuffs him, he runs…..It was the most pussy display ever seen from a nigga to be quite honest… & it’s all on tape, so y’all can see the pussy shit 4 yourself.

UPDATE: Joe calls Angie Martinez on Hot 97.

UPDATE 2: Hours later, it appears Budden got his revenge. Joe tweets:

Yo @ItsTheCons u good or nah ? Hope son ight, I was headed home & seen dude talking to police while Jen was crying.. #QueensAllDay tho. @ItsTheCons take a picture, nigga’s wanna look at u. Dude was so quick to tweet about that sucka punch…… not so much now.

Cons tweets:

Cons you pressing charges??? Absolutely Not!!! Actually I laughed at that shit!!! @JoeBudden Y’all hit like bitches #straightlikethat Actually Tahiry hit me harder nigga. I told the Police that I don’t press charges.

UPDATE 3: Footage of the second incident (see: Update 2) that spilled into the streets following the taping. Oy vey!

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  • Strong Johnson

    HAHAHAHAHA “CAN’T WAIT” to see this coonery!!!

  • O block

    One “word” LOLL

  • JOHNYblaze

    Publicity stunt? These niggas should fight on stream, winner takes on drake. Veeners vs pcpbwoi

  • Ofcourse he would do it when hes not looking joe is a lot bigger then cons..hed sweep him up n down


    Tahiry there on the defense…that’s swanky

  • cru

    if you a gangsta, why are you in show business

  • County Of Kings

    cons already exposed himself that he would “reach just to sell his record” he even said it on love n hiphop last episode. so i guess the ghostwriting and whatever else he talks bout can be forgottten now.

    cons better chill out. unless he gonna bite somebody to death he need to go that way>>>

  • the lum

    fuck cuntsequence what a pussy. budden could whoop anyone (apart from raekwon lol) I’m hoping this footage comes out.

  • 50cent ‏@50cent Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.



  • mac DIESEL

    During break Tahiry & I were headed outside to smoke.. Dude came behind, jumped & hit me as I’m walking away, Tahiry snuffs him, he runs…..It was the most pussy display ever seen from a nigga to be quite honest… & it’s all on tape, so y’all can see the pussy shit 4 yourself.




  • Starfox64

    L central..

  • Judge Dredd

    Lame ass rap nigguz and commenters. FUCK YOU ALL.


  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this nigga joeuy better beat the shit out of cons, dont let this little rat ass nigga win on some fake ass shit like this

  • viva la raza

    Cons is lame, Im not even up on his music but his lame antics are a turn off….

    only an insecure man boasts & boasts & boasts…

    reality shows….

    at least Joe puts out raw music

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    man cons is such a lame

  • @BlueScalise

    If this nigga stole on Budden, got hit by a bitch and then ran, it’s over for him!!

  • koa29

    Cons is lame. Dumb pussy whipped ass nigga. Lettin his bum ass no-working girl run his life. SMH.

  • Winston Churchill

    Who cares.

  • Ayoooo…lmao.. gotta see the footage

  • King Game


  • Reblogged this on LiveLoveMuzik.

  • Leon Sandcastle

    TMZ, where art thou!? I need to see this buffoonery

    “Tahiry snuffs him, he runs…..It was the most pussy display ever seen from a nigga to be quite honest…”

    If this nigga got smacked by a girl, then scurried off…. Ima laugh my ass off. I wonder how bad it was… Hopefully as epic as the Charles Hamilton joint. I will forgive her for that shitty song if she did.

    “cons better chill out. unless he gonna bite somebody to death he need to go that way>>>”
    ^ DEAD

  • Johnny Ryall

    No more reality flow, I’m tryna time my album dropping with a reality show.

  • prai$e

    i guess now there is a legitimate reason to watch the show…..even tho its just a publicity stunt.

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  • Funny how this nigga didnt have a problem when joe confronted him but then he goes and jumps the nigga.. My city took a L, Queens lets get this nigga cons.

  • Evil

    Sounds like a pussy move from Con.
    Im gonna wait for the video before i judge though.

  • It’s the roc

    If what Joey says happened actually happened, Cons better bull his way into that editing room and make sure they cut those scenes in his favor or he’ll be getting clowned forever lol. I don’t pay attention to this show but I will definitely make sure I see this clip.

  • DA Chef

    You invited to him the bathroom, Joey? Is that a heterosexual version of Raekwon’s offer?



  • kermikaze

    why didnt he do anything when joe confronted him? I smell pussy, would like to see the footage, but i dont have to, joey’s always kept it 100, even when raekwons man snuffed him, he showed footage of himself letting people know what happened…even if its an L joey mans up and tells the truth

  • really 23

    I guess Consequence is a Queen’s nigga after all…

  • FLO


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  • The Other P

    Like I said, Love & Hip hop: must watch tv, straight comedy.

  • @Klas647

    Where is the footage? And how do you have a reunion only after a few months?

  • Foreign luccini


  • Romeski3

    joe stays getting smacked up for real

  • As Real As It Gets

    “Queens keep on faking it!”

  • Faker than the horsehair on half these chicks heads

    Hope Budden is done with this garbage, it did nothing for his sales of his recent album

    I wonder how Mona Scott Young sleeps at night and the answer “on a lot of money” is a tired response by the way

    Already know that Mona Scott Young will denounce these shows later on when she tries to get her “Oprah” on later in life. It will be a good laugh

    Where’s the hip hop part of this?

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    There’s no winner in this “beef” & the loser is the name of HIP HOP

  • Black Shady

    Budden is hip hop’s punching bag

    and Cons is plain wack. Did yall hear his music on Love and Hip Hop? LOLLLLLL its really bad

  • wickwickwack

    Mal was tweeting bout he´s going down there …dont tell me he actually did lmao

  • yall are slow

    Lets keep it real, this is staged to make sure you tune in…the thing that separates us from animals is the ability to reason… think people.. just enough info was given so you’d have to watch to get the whole story


    Budden’s is this era’s Prodigy, dude stay gettin caught up in some dumb shit

  • Rozay

    How do that line go,” A lot of niggas PR stuntin’ like that’s the movement
    And I’m the only nigga still known for the music”, If you niggas believe this shit you will believe anything, I might as well quit my job and just start doing shit for attention, W.W.E shit

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  • steezplati

    yo this sht is so wackk to grown man fightin over bullshit just make music and go on with life these dudes have no ide how lucky they are makin music for a livin

  • steezplati

    shits wack same shit with 40 glock suin game the guy is a pussy for suing that makes u look like a bitch let it be like john lennon said

  • Rozay

    Known publicity stunt pullers, 1. 50 Cent 2. Game. 3.Joe Budden. 4. Mobb Deep 5.Saigon 6. Rick Ross 7.Kanye West 8. Lupe Fiasco 9. Pusha T 10. Common 11.Azealia Banks 12. Gucci Mane 13. Lil B. 14. Consequence, lets start holding these motherfuckers accountable and call em out on this bullshit, if you want my money make good music and shut the fuck up.

  • They are both corny. C grade rappers and that is being considerate. If you are on Love and Hip Hop your Rap career is in trouble.

  • Chef Rae

    Next time take notes from the sucker punch GOD Raekwon to get at that Buddens kid! lol

  • Snuff Tapes

    Cons should have just bit the nigga Joe with all those teeth then Joe’s girl Kaylen could have had a teeth battle

  • Da Truthhhh

    Its bad when Multiple niggas is punching you in the face, slapping etc.

  • hahaha

    Seen a pic of cons talkin to the cops that buddens cousin tweeted. cons had no marks on his face.this fight story lookin funny in the light ha!

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  • RRCoolJ

    Saw someone call Budden a C grade rapper. Say whatever you want about his character and his childish antics, but dude is in a lot of people’s top 5 rappers including mine. Forget the Grammy nomination or the smash “Pump It Up” at the beginning of his career. He’s sustained for over a decade while almost everyone who came out when he did has long fallen off never to be heard from. And he’s done it mostly on his own. Battled 50, Banks, Game, Royce, Ransom, Prodigy, Jay-Z, Saigon, etc.. never took one L, though he’s taken plenty as a person.

    His “off the court” shit overshadows his performance and gets him blackballed kinda like a Gilbert Arenas in the NBA but you can’t deny his ability.

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  • King Game

    Why she fightin this niggas battles?

  • hahaha

    Budden in somebody’s top 5…send down the rapture now!!!

  • RapReal

    So did Consequence get jumped?

    Joe Budden stay losing, bring back Ransom. I hope terrorizes Joe Budden til he has a nervous breakdown lol.


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  • C-will

    Joe Budden is easily a top 5 rapper… off of mixtapes alone!
    The Mood Muzik’s are classic, and A Loose Quarter is just a penny away, something was lacking and we only got 24 cents.


    C-will you either smoking some good shit or Joes dick… hes a top 5 cornball

  • Peekay

    Cons stays taking L’s. The next Yung Berg? Dude had bars too

  • Starfox64

    lol did joe finally get a W to add to his shelve of L’s?

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  • Violence is against Islam

    Jihad is not the way cons!

    Should catch lumps for boasting all loud like a call to prayers.

    Hands downs the dumbest campaign I’ve ever seen.

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  • 8

    clown wars

  • Da Truthhhh

    [email protected] Clown Wars. Buddens is a wild dude, Cons is 90’s vintage, Buddens use to be a molly popping coke sniffing type of rapper, but were i’m from u pop a molly or sniff coke your considered a fiend. cons, looks lame cuz it seems like his baby moms got him out of his good music situation.

  • Yea i realize this shit is fake now…..

  • W33d~RolL-Up


  • JD

    1. I have no idea what’s happening in that video

    2. And why is that broad screaming her head off like somebody is stabbing her? Drama queen.

  • Da Truthhhh

    yo that shit looked liked a hollywood seen, cons got tossed like Jazzy jeff on the curb lol, it didnt’ look real, but if it is real, Buddens better stay across the hudson.

  • Da Truthhhh

    and on that note, Joe never retaliated on that Rae situation., which left him with a Bubble on his eye.

  • Bo Nation

    ….Meanwhile Cons bitch is hanging outta the van howling like teen wolf…I bet you Cons bit dat nigga

  • Bo Nation

    2 irrelevant rappers fighting over staged reality

    WeekND at Bernies

  • Bo Nation

    WeekEND at Bernies

    WeekEND at Bernies

  • Savimbi

    @bonation word. Joe killed his career when he had that AVI on twitter where he was lickin Kaylin’s ass. .

  • lwilsonjr

    Y’all can’t separate the blogs and drama from the music. These rappers making music off lies. At least, Joe is honest with every bar he utters. Plus bar for bar, there’s not too many that can match his God given talent. You have to be born a hater to dislike what he does on the mic lyrically. Ignorance in 2013.

  • Savimbi

    and i wonder where his cousin was when he got snuffed by Reakwon lol

  • Q


  • kilt

    Both these dudes in they 30’s acting like some bitches. A real man can control his emotions and handle issues with diplomacy. This is what not to do children, these fellas have endured into that bullshit worldstar hiphop culture.. Fighting each other while the real enemy is out there laughing at you. I prey they both find a better circle of people to associate themselves with.

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    This should definitely help other races accept us now. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  • ju bangah


  • Jack Spitz

    Ohhh niggers. LMAO. Do us all a facor and just kill each other you IGNORANT NIGGERS!
    And all you dumb fucks entertained by niggers fighting are fuckin idiots.
    Niggers will be niggers tho. Never learn.

  • Da Truthhhh

    @jack spitz if U white, U a coward .

  • BlackDivine

    black ppl always thinking they have to be accepted by others,lol.
    this is our planet

  • Da Truthhhh

    @Black but we started from the top as a people but look were we at now/

  • Showboat

    Joe Buddens Top 5???? seriously???? anyway i dont know how to feel about this. First a chick fights for you, then you sick homies on em?? You see how the Game did 40 Glocc. No girls, no other people. just a straight up beatdown.

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  • Jerzzz

    Man you better think of the “CONSEQUENCE”- Eminem voice

  • Whoever filmed the Budden & friend beat down…go cut yo shaky bitch hand off fool. You ain’t film shit except the doors you went thru. And then talking about we here…stop trying to be somebody lame-o. And who the “F” films stuff in portrait? Landscape cock jockey…get a clue!
    Mr. X

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