New Music: Juicy J x The Weeknd “One Of Those Nights”

one of those nights-cover

We’ve all have nights like these. But to hear how two fellas spent theirs, here’s the Bandz Man’s latest release featuring The Weeknd. Stay Trippy coming this summer.

UPDATE: Full official version below. Cop on iTunes now.

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  • MikeWillMadeIt

    The Weeknd> Frank Ocean
    This song is good

  • ualreadyknoo

    he got a nuh one…

  • REM

    Man EVERYTHING! this nigga touch is a GOLD!

  • the brain trust

    Woooo! This is fire! Hit record?!?


  • priime dawg


  • joey

    the weeknd is so dope..he doesnt compromise his music for anyone..every feature he has he drives the record even if it aint his song..and i know thats done on purpose

  • dj nicole leone

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    having made a commitment to step my blog up i thought id share some new songs ive come across in the past week. I carry 27,000 files on my laptop these days, a far cry from the few hundred pieces of vinyl I used to carry, so now the musical world is our oyster… eat up!

  • Ridalen

    Some nobodies started feeling themselves….

  • lol

    kinda late to the party wit this one lol this came out 2+ wks ago (full official version too)

  • Dope

    he performed this last night in Paris! show was sick!! crowd was HYPED

  • yep this is nicey nice

  • Aggie Pride

    A really dope track i hope it sells good.

  • Jay

    You guys are late on this one about 2 weeks

  • its cho boi

    ^ updated with CDQ u fuckboi


    juicy got one with this, shit is flames

  • Greggsybabe

    Juicy is the only weak point on this song. Drizzy prolly got it as his ringtone

  • Reblogged this on GenRegardless and commented:
    As much as I hate to say this, I’m now convinced that Juicy J is a legitimate source of talent. I don’t like when anyway raps in a box, and everyone one of his songs basically is about the same thing, but he DOES come up with different ways to describe it in every song. Maybe it’s just my bias that I love almost anything The Weeknd touches, but this track is pretty tight.

  • flo

    this shit hot

  • @its cho boi

    hey “fuck boi” the CDQ was already out. dummy!