New Video: Iggy Azalea “Work”

Hot as can be, Iggy sets the desert ablaze in the video for he debut album’s first single. That lapdance is some piece of work in itself. The New Classic coming soon.

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  • Truth

    This is just painful to listen to. I am embarrassed to be white…this must be how black people feel about 2chainz.

  • slick rick

    i actually like it. at least to rapping on beat.

  • matrix

    Na she was actually spitting some shit though slightly…but fugg that this bitch is bad as fugg ill definitely give her this work…Chuuch…

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  • Haberdashery

    I guess blatantly selling sex is the new thing. Earlier in the week it was Nicki with French Montana. Now it’s Iggy shaking her ass for the camera…

    I’m not saying I’m mad about it AT ALL but we all know the music takes a backseat here.

  • jburg

    She is sexy as f*ck!

  • LouisDaKing

    THAT GIRL IS HOT !!!! god song HUSTLE GANG

  • rahrahrah

    Do you know what’s a shame? it’s that Azaelia Banks and here aren’t cool enough to do a remix to this. Those girls could be working together. Some of the bars and deliver on this weren’t so bad.

  • As Real As It Gets

    Been telling niggas about Iggy! No Kreyshawn here, shawty different. Tip lucked up. Bet she becomes that chick by this time next year.

  • Evil

    Cant stand her voice.The hook is just terrible and that lapdance was weak as fuck.
    By the sound of this,her album will not be “The new classic”
    Im guessing 15k sold the first week.


    damn that ass phat, too bad she sounds terrible

  • The Wise

    u named ur album “new classic”……FAIL!!!!!!! if u have to put it in the title chances are its trash

  • Kaly

    I’m not so sure I can rock with this. Iggy is dope for sure, and I’m not even doubting her path to “stardom” or whatever. I just think this was a subpar way of creating an “introspective” version of “Pop That” by French (as weird as that sounds).

    Everything’s on beat but…that doesn’t mean it sounds good. What’s she saying/doing that’s so stellar above anyone else?

    PS that was a weak lapdance for sure, if you’re going to utilize your sex for everything it’s got, you might as well actually try to make it convincing.

  • i thought the cinematography was good, nice story line in the video. the director and his crew did a good job.

  • OhWORD

    lyrics actually not bad, beat pretty dope…..but still I just want that sextape Iggy

  • WOW… Im impressed …strong song, better legs

  • James

    Keeping it real: Song Sucked but Chick is Bomb!

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    If you got to force an accent in order to rap, you aint hip-hop. Ya’ll see a pale lookin white bitch shakin a fake ass and rappin and you fucks get silly. The song is a wack ass French Montana knockoff and that rap and flow don’t even come from her, but some ghostwriter. This bitch is the total opposite in real life. Shy as fuck, quiet, reserved. But she a trappin wannabe thick white ratchet bitch in her videos. Please. You fucks being bamboozled.

  • Obama

    Niggas don’t even wanna see the “real” Yeawolf. Why the fuck would you think the game needs a female version?

  • dll32

    Ain’t bad

  • PJ

    loooove iggy