Young Guru Previews Kendrick Lamar & Jay-Z Remix

Young Guru went head-to-toe with Just Blaze today at the Empire Auto Space in Austin. During his set, he treated the SXSW audience to the remix of “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” with Hov. Sounds dope so far.


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  • Dicky Shabazz

    Mfing Jay-Z

  • Tigo

    Gotta hear the CDQ, even tho the Video has high quality audio. I just want to hear Jay spit some shit again. He’s one of the best, but he fell off badly after track #1 on Kingdom Come

  • Readyto

    not bad from jay

    actually I think that kendrick got the best verses

  • Santos

    they both went in

  • DB Cooper


  • oripiouh

    I’ll go with Kendrick on this one

  • Tripa DuiuuuS

    WOW kendrick last verse is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yo-laah

    DAMN jay-z was dope as fuck and kendrick was amazing

  • krazy

    kendrick killed this shit

  • Wolf

    too ahead of his time

  • DisgruntledHipHopStan

    Gotta hear the Cdq but idk if this song was best for a remix seeing as it is so perfect as it stands. It’s not really the rapping that makes this song so great it’s more of the vibe and melody and Kendrick’s flow. If jay wanted to go in on a track money trees or seems more appropriate. 3 stacks on bdkmv now that would be a great fit.Then again fuck do I know I can’t rap.

  • Dav1d

    original song is better tbh but both went in


    “I dont remember you and i dont intend to maybe my memory bank got a million dollars in it baby Hillary Swank”

    Mr.West take notes thats a bar that nobody can fuck with for a year

  • let me guess… k. dot killed jay. right?!

  • xda

    Kendrick WOW

  • Fif @@@ f

    Both did amazing on this beat !

  • cev0

    Jay played with the beat and kendrick with the syllabes


  • Stan

    Kendrick’s second verse blew my mind

  • Devante

    I almost nutted on myself reading this

  • bumpy johnson

    whoaa i don’t kno wat to say , dope

  • TheChef

    they both killed it but I enjoyed Kendrick’s part better

  • Yup !

    Kendrick Verse >>>> Jay Too Old Too Keep Up With Kendrick!!!!!!!!

    and Plus we Need That 2007 Wayne On This Shit and it would of been fire!!!!!

    but since Wayne fell off!!!!!!!!

    Just Get Drake On It !!!!!

    Ha !

  • stuart scotts eye

    Couldnt have a better feature for that track…jay went hard but kendricks last verseee is tooo dope ya bish!

  • ghetto runNer

    Kendrick was incredible on this

  • wewewew

    If Eminem was on this….Body bags. It be the best remix of all time yo. Those 3 on 1 song, Jesus haha

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Did y’all catch the Hilary Swank line. Wooooo (Trinidad Jerome voice)

    And Kendrick’s second verse was too nice.

    Need that CDQ NOW!!

  • Jay Went In.

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    Holy shit, Kendrick spazzed. Future GOAT.

  • k. dot

    Jay z is the king but fuck him! How he going to do a song with Kendrick before he hop on a legitimate J. Cole song and i’m not talking about Mr. Nice Watch either, i’m talking about mixtape Cole type song.

  • gbaby

    That last verse…………..

  • Mxs

    W0W kendrick !

  • Real Talk

    REAL TAlk Amazing Collabo but JAy was Better Than KDrick on this one

  • Beaming

    GOD DAMNNNNNNNN …… I need to CDQ version pronto my nigga.

  • still best rite now!!

    We are not Worthy

  • Kendrick killed jay-z, I feel bad for jay

  • f0rest

    kendrick teached him how to rap

  • damone

    Jay HATERS stay on some jay got ethered shit. Shut up

  • ramSt

    Amazing collab

  • Rattle1

    Eminem renegaded him and now kendrick

    poor Jay, still love him doe

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice !!!!

  • YMCMB fan

    Kendrick is impressive

  • sounds hot..def gotta hear this in full cdq asap

    need beats?

    ^i got that shittttttttttttt,,album tracks.

  • amadoue


    congrats to kendrick for these verses

  • the brain trust

    Goddamn! Kendrick is on an unbelievable run right now.

    They both tap danced on this (from what I can hear).

    If K Dot knows what’s what, this will be released as his next single (to push his album into platinum territory).

  • Anon DCPL

    Holy shit. They both went in filthy.

    Jay hasn’t delivered like this since I don’t know when. And Kendrick second verse is ill.

  • jesus

    jay z is wack n this song doesnt need a remix smh he needs to work with better rappers

  • brza

    What they said.

  • These nigas lame without drizzzy

  • Young king

    There’s hasn’t been a bandwagon yet, that Jay hasn’t jumped on. I’m surprised he didn’t try to buy a piece of Miami Heat. Ha!!

  • droolBoyU
  • HarryQ

    nice to hear a good track even though its low quality

  • changeclothz


  • WestCoast

    if Eminem was in this……………..FIRE

  • Q

    @Devante IS ONE GAY ASS NIGGA..

  • Hol’Up


  • hmmm Kendrick educated Jay-z loool

  • Eminemstan

    Eminem killed him and Kendrick raped his ass.
    Damn, Aftermath is too strong for Jay

  • kioo

    renegaded by a young rapper, hell yeah

  • mcphly

    It’s funny that we compare verses to who murdered who. Let’s admit it is a dope track and quality colaboration. For those who will continue to argue who won, why just reference K.Dot’s second verse? Exactly! Jay showed a glimse of vintage Jigga. The Million Dollar Baby reference was tough.

  • As Real As It Gets

    Hey YN you still think future’s the hottest in the game?

    Ay yo B.Dot, you still think MackelFish got this shit sown up?

    GKMC a classic. Bow to King Kendrick ya bish!

  • Nickey Negrito

    Word! enough with that Jay got’em or K got’em. This track hot. Jay been laid his legend down. He aint gotta compete. He just staying relevant and sharp until his album drop. 43 and still ticking.

    i’m glad K is the top rap nigga in the game. Bury these weak ass niggaz who brag about riches and bitches constantly. K silence Meek, Ross, Cheif, James, Wiz and many more besides Drake.

    If anything, Eminem betta step up cause Kendrick is a fucking problem!

  • Nickey Negrito

    I think its because Kendrick that Drake is trying to go hard…real hard. The nigga finally see competition, and not another cornball trying to imitate Drake style.

    Hip Hop is a mental sport

  • michelle michelle

    this sounds good, hope it becomes single

  • wc

    Kendrick second verse is too good for Jay-z 😮

  • jrak

    HOV !!! WHAT MorE CAN I SAY?!!!!

  • STAY TRUU 13

    13 13 13 7 13 13 13 7 13 13 13 7 13 13 13 @SteeloIB – Started From The Bottom Freestyle

  • Dubayu2

    Folk kill me with this “kendrick murked jay” shit. Who said a collab was supposed to be a battle between the 2? jay verse was dope period. Kendrick verse’s were dope period. All that extra shit is irelevant.

  • watchthethrone

    Fucking dope, hov and K-dot went in

  • Chardelra

    This Will Be My 1st & Last Time Giving My Opinion About Kendrick Lamar Due To Having Similar Influences 1) U NOT MICHAEL JORDAN 2) IM NOT A BLOGGER 3) I DONT LIKE kendrick lamar music. 3.1/2) never listened to ANY of his music & i repeat.. NONE of his music to the point of knowing a single verse. To prevent future comments like. “U biting his flow” or “he better than U” or even worse “I taught U that” Michael Jordan’s Legacy Because They Are—->MY “stop comparing kobe to jordan they’re not the same” .. “i dont hate you personally, just not a fan” I NEVER WRITE & I NEVER TYPE #FACT I DONT RECYCLE #FACT THIS NIGGA KEEP RRREEAACCHHIINNGG LIKE HE HOV & JORDAN SNEAK DISSING CHICAGO ARTIST #FACT HE SAID HE TRANSPARENT #FACT

  • Chardelra

    Great Verse Jay.. Song Still Annoying Though..

  • tyutyu

    Up in the clouds, me and my spouse
    Rumors on the ground gettin’ too loud
    We turn them shits down, can’t hear myself think
    Turbulence, shit, almost spilled my drink
    In the West with a mink
    Comin’ through that bitch like it’s my house
    All up in the hall with a mall
    Told you motherfuckers, all I do is ball
    No, I don’t ‘member you, I don’t intend to empty my memory bank
    It’s a million dollars in it, baby, Hilary Swank
    Next to Hilary smellin’ like dank
    President Carter, name one nigga out there harder than him
    I’ll wait, I’ve been on my weight like 20 years straight
    I’ve been on my vibe like 20 years straight
    Don’t fuck up my high, don’t fuck up my high
    Nights like this, I don’t fuck up the pies
    Still keep straight and still be straight
    Fall back, bitch, I got a lot on my plate
    Don’t waste my breath
    I don’t know how many moons a nigga got left
    Back to this joint, smokin’ this shit like I’m tryna’ grew a point
    I’m the highness, the highest title, numero uno
    Kill my vibe, that shit’s a walkin’ funeral

  • stephen

    woooo, we neeed that!

  • watchthethrone

    Jay fucking spazed in this shit, holding the title

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  • Couldn’t totally hear verses, but it sounds like HOV killed it. He always lets main artist shine on their song, but this sounded like the old Jay. New album ASAP!

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  • AB1983

    This is dope as f**k but Young Guru needs to lay off that i f**k with the young boys,give em sumthin special! That sounds really off key! lol

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