• Chris

    RAP Radar?

  • Jacob

    This shit is CRAZY! This is one of the best performances I’ve seen on here! Sometimes we need a break from hiphop…this is refreshing as fuck!

  • matrix

    Bodied it…Chuuch Great fuggin album tho….

  • Evil

    This guy has come along way since his Nsync days.
    Great song and once again,a great performance.

  • xtrajordinary

    @chris yo shut the fuck up. once you make your own website you can decide how to run it. the fact is JT’s music is hugely important to the rap community…not to mention it’s all timbaland produced. all you douchebags get salty if you don’t hear a 16 on each rap radar post…when you actually should stay openminded and be happy that you’re being put on to another kind of music.

  • king

    great music. yeah chris fuck you. what you wanna hear 16’s bout some bitch and weed and guns again

  • brza


  • Respect

    This man made a classic

  • mighty mouse

    dope! listen to his voice go up at 4:33 tho! Hilarious!

  • watchthethrone

    his live is empecable

  • that breakdown at the end of this song is the best part of the album to me. Dope record