New Mixtape: Yelawolf Trunk Muzik Returns


Yelawolf returns with the follow-up to his Trunk Muzik project. The 10-track tape features Paul Wall, A$AP Rocky, Big Henry, Raekwon and Killer Mike.

trunk muzik returns-back

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  • Wolf

    Osheaga will have this cracker too damn! had to get some beer for this mixtape

  • yipperyelaa

    Ok I was a lil worried with this one, but god damn he absolutely murdered every single verse of every single track, lyrically, content, everything. Couldn’t ask for more, except maybe a Rittz feature, haha. Incredible mixtape.

  • peter pan

    keep it yeller!!!!! only thing missing was a rittz feature and maybe kendrick

  • Billyyy

    HELLL YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick

    Yela does it again!

  • B.A.G.

    Mixtape is pure fire!!!! Yela is way to underrated. Almost has an outkast type flow to his music that is SO refreshing

  • SoloK

    Been a Yela fan since his first tape. not a huge fan of that shady debut album, but with this kind of fire, he should continue that mixtape route! too much talent to go to waste on major label BS!

  • Been bumping that “gangsta” track all day today

  • riDylan

    He should’ve saved that Catfish Billy joint for the album….Super tough


    Yelawolf is slept on for real, mixtape is a breath of fresh air from the same music being made over and over again.

  • The Wise

    jus finished bumping this tape,,AN all i can say is…THIS IS SUM CLASSIC SHIT!!!! …….I can sit here an bump this shit all thru with no problem felt a little weird no rittz feature but guess that why he dropped hammertime to let fans no he still tight with dude due to there crazy seperate schedules btw APRIL 16th RITZZ “LIFE & Time of jonny Valiant”..ANYWHO..Deffinetly lived to the hype i was anticipating!! an is easily a great addition to the trunk music series…frm “Fire Starter” to.”HUSTLE” Ft.paul wall such a fuckin dope song..An CAN I SAY PAUL WALL IS Soooo SLEPT ON..HIS FLOW IS SMOOTHER THEN BuTTER… Great even the “Rhymer Room” Ft.raekwon & Killer Mike the story’s an concepts are so deep an really pull u in as a listener..idk what it is but whenever there’s another artist on a joint with yelawolf the concepts beats an production are just so beyond fitting an perfect..a music genius whos in a lane entirely of his own…has a good ear for beats an broad music style beat selection & Ill say RADIOACTIVE was a great album wether it was the style of yelawolf u like or not ..the songs were still composed top notched….an Tennessee love is that LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH 2.0 an its fucking PHENOMENAL!..THIS IS EASILY MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR..”LOVE STORY” CANT FUCKING WAIT

  • Shyne

    Hot diggity damn!!!! Yela is by far the most under-rated rapper out right now. That catfish billy song is nutz!!!! Good Job Yela!!!! Keep bringing that heat and keep this originality up!

  • gman

    That Catfish Billy joint is on sum whole other shit gat damn!!!

  • Steve

    Was Tennessee love, the last song, a proposal? He’s saying let’s put a ring on and move to Nashville, must be someone special?

  • ECU

    A Mixtape is an understatement.

    He was right to call this a free album. SLUMERICAN

  • The Wise


  • hitsquad

    Trap back 2 03/15/13 10:17am
    East atlanta memphis 03/15/13 10:17pm

    Gucci the best rapper alive #trapgod #mixtapeking

    Fuck the tape and anymore upcoming mixtapes that are not gucci,bricksquad,or bsm

  • wc


  • YMCMB fan

    he is an embarrassment for his label

  • Gonz0

    it was ok, he needs to step his game up tbh

  • Jo

    Lol at these stans, that mixtape was maybe one of the worst tapes of the year.

  • xda

    I actually gave it a listen. 4/10. Wtf is that shit !

  • the Chef


  • DrakuLa

    Why are you posting news about Yelawolf ? Seriously ?

  • avrik

    Yela-Wolf, can you please stop rapping ?

  • Eminemstan

    Eminem is losing hard with this trash white boy

  • Eminemstan

    Sad day for Yela, he released another trash tape

  • On Play

    Feeling the whole tape. Rhyme Room got bars

  • kilazzZZzz

    How can someone releases such bad songs :[

  • Review

    @The Wise
    Well spoken.

  • epinz

    Yall nggz is stupid talkin bout this tape wack…shit goes from beginning to end

  • Tripa DuiuuuS

    Already in the bin.

  • Claudio Oliveira

    Every time I hear Yela I “puuuuuuuke”

    1 good song, LOLOLOL yela you should retire

  • draag


    never heard something as bad, every song sounds the same rofl

  • King

    Garbage, Trash, terrible.

  • jesus

    its was ite but raekwon went in

  • ???


  • djmailerdaemon


  • A.will

    This mixtape was straight fire yelawolf is too unique wit the flow

  • ess

    yall b trippin me out… replies read either really fuckin dope, or really fuckin trash.. so, w/o bias.. witch is it??

    i will from this moment forth disregard all comments on this site…. no joke.

    half the time ya’ll dumb asses just be postin random shit for no good reason anyways.. and get some kinda stupid ass 13 year old chuckle out of it.

    buncha idiots…

    let me start by saying this.. if you like yelawolf, as he is an established artist, that would be a good reason to download.. i mean, i would never download a mixtape from an artist i completely dislike.. so why would you?

    this sounds exactly like it should. yelawolf returning to that trunk muzik sound with the same type of production he had the first go round.. i mean the title says it all, if you expected different, then maybe you are the one to blame.

    SO. in my opinion.. if you liked trunk muzik, you will like this one for sure.

    if you didn’t like trunk muzik, or dislike yelawolf in general, then guess what bruh, this ain’t gonna be ur cup of tea..

  • Buggin In

    No one currs Yela sucks.

    The beats were all fire but he ruined them

  • poLandSKi

    When I think of Yemlawolf I think of the word “mediocre”

  • trexx

    His low-fi ass depressing music never really changes

  • spqWny

    Nothing stands out about him. Not his weak personality, he doesn’t have a strong mic presence, nor does he have the charisma to wow anyone. His lyrical ability is above-average at best and his flow is never changing

  • freddu

    This is seriously bad

    From a production stand point, to a subject matter stand point, and the overal direction of his sound. There is little progression from tape to tape in terms of both sonically and subject matter.

  • ramSt

    And the award for the less original tape goes to YELAWOLF

    5/10 at best

  • Eminemlooul

    Eminem, stop producing these artists please. STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP

  • DJ Game

    Production: 10/10
    Lyrics: 7/10
    Originality: 9/10
    Originality: 9/10

    Holy shit the production is ridiculous!
    Stand out tracks: honestly, I loved the whole effort, but, “Catfish Billy”, “Gangsta”, “Way Out”, “Rhyme Room”, “Hustle”, “Fame”. I know I just named more than half, but this piece of music is ridiculous and ahead of its time. The production is just insane! His flows are obnoxiously good! Yelawold is slept on! The features are slept on! I wish Killer Mike got recognition as well. Besides his features, his personal single “Regan” is ridiculous. Glad to see that he kept it real with features. Can’t wait for his sophomore Shady album. I’m sure it’ll be mainstream but honestly with his Trunk Muzik sequel, he deserves our support. Thank you for this!

  • crysis

    good mixtape go yella do your thing. why not in top 5 posts really. lyricaly this guy is a tyrannosaurus Rex. killed it

  • KingJuggaNott

    I like this shit..

  • King Game

    Not fillin it at all

  • Billyyy

    GOT DAMN !! EPIC!!!!

  • Evil

    Dope shit right here.Finally some quality music!

  • matrix

    These comments are all retarded…niggz is diccheadz lmao i know most of these niggz is like 12 cuz they cant spell…my nigg said not fillin it at all lmao…yall niggz need a life boi…chuuch….

  • dVni93fdez

    Hell yeah!!! Yelawolf killed it!!! yippi yeller!

  • Fukin serious

    Kind of chuckling at the same Person posting under different names calling this album trash.
    Go bump your fucking garbage YMCAFAGS

  • ous

    Yela is fuckin dope

  • Rapradar better leave a spot for this tape on the 2013 best mixtapes list

  • BBC|frn

    It’s a big fail

  • Gonz0fff

    No one should be proud of releasing such a shit

  • MMGf

    There is clearly a lack of originality here

  • oplo

    Don’t download this tape, you’re going to be disappointed 🙁

  • DaaavisBar


  • ayyeee

    It aint better than the 1st trunk muzik but is still good.

  • DaaavisBar

    didn’t feel it at all, he flows the same on every song

  • you can’t release something more trash than that, guaranteed

  • spil

    Nothing stands out about him. Not his weak personality, he doesnt have a strong mic presence, nor does he have the charisma to wow anyone. His lyrical ability is above-average at best and his flow is never changing !!!

  • Anpn

    I’m a yela fan and I didn’t like it at all, always the same shit again and again

  • woat

    certified wack

  • MarX

    Sounded kinda weak if you ask me

  • d

    mixtape was disappointing imo…Box Chevy 4 was a big let down.

  • baddur

    It’s not bad its not great

  • Billys Catfish

    Man Really? I 100% agree with ESS… If you dont like Yela why are you on here bashing what he does and everything about him?? I hate soulja boy, gucci, etc.. but I scroll right passed there post about music.. i dont make a point to throw a dumbass comment on there.. if it aint you.. keep it movin!

    with that being said… I thought the whole tape was dope! Different vibes with dope production.. and for the person who said he doesnt switch up his flow.. kill yaself! you must not have listened to it at all! 1 of my favorite mixtapes this year! Well done Yela.. hope your album is turning to be like this!

  • trash

    It was pretty bad

  • jobie

    Listened on the way to work with the subs turned up. And I gotta say, the miatape is what his debut hia debut album should’ve been. It really feels like a debut album with tracks like gangsta and fame. And catfish Billy. Those tracks lyrically and conceptually or top notch. Among the beat released this year. Funny how guys like future get so much love, but yelawolf virtually is better than future in every way (singing, lyrically, beats, storytelling). Anyway yela addresses how he fell off with radioactive aiming for the radio. Listen to gangster, tells great story about two different experiences growing up in the same neighborhood. Great song. Yela came corrdt with this one. Also way out is a dope track to get wild to haha props Yela, you may never be a platinum artist, but you’ll stay making great music and telling those stories.

  • The Wise

    simple minded people wouldnt understand this tape….artist of our generation..

  • fan

    Worst tape of the year

  • troumAns

    Thx god we have real artists leading this new generation (J cole, Kendrick Lamar, etc) because this white cac is trash

  • John


  • opiuf

    Just NO, stop rapping man

  • Have any of these people saying his lyrics are wack listened to ‘1 Train’ on A$AP Rocky’s album? This dude is sick; easily the best verse on that track. And THIS is a dope mixtape. I haven’t been able to figure out how he gets hate, but people still stick up for shitty ass Chief Keef. Being a 17 year old with autism isn’t an excuse for retard rap.

  • Wacka

    Yelawolf been underrated, this tape goes hard. That Catfish BIlly track is crazy.

  • viva la raza

    this is really good….I def DONT feel all the songs BUT, there are some that are such gems…

    his vocals are really tight, great job in the mix..

    delivery, singing,lyrics = exceptional <——————–

    Yelawolf is criminally slept least he's carving his own lane. Most of these other rappers are doing the same thing as the rest of the rappers..if we dont have people like Yelawolf, etc then rap would be hella stale…so fuck all the hate

    BUT a Rittz verse would have made it even better!

  • box chevy4 was shitty along with the mixtape im a huge yela fan but didn like this tape at all

  • addyourcomment

    a lot dumb fucks be bugging. He’s mixtape is dope tho. Underrated. smh, people be on that weird stupid shit. gtfoh

  • Shyne

    Haters are going hard right now at Yelawolf. Not sure why but frack you all. This ish go so direct that energy elsewhere

  • HahahaLoveTheHate!

    Yelllller. Fucking classic. I will be riding to this shit in 20-30+ years… All these YMCB trash collectors need to man up and actually listen or sit the f*** down.

    Y’all hate music that actually has meaning? Like Nas, Tupac, Bigge, Outkast, Eminem?

    But you LUUUUUUUUVVVVV stupid ass shit that just repeats the same BS about money, cash, jewelry, hoes, money, cash, jewels, hoes.. (repeats like a broken fuckin’ record- that shit gives me a headache).

    I’ll give some of the “Cash Money” clique props for beats… Shit I used to be a big Lil’ Wayne fan when Juvenile was bigger than Wayne (Wayne was like 15 or 16).

    But what they do lyrically is sooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking far and away and below the great ones that they might as well be underground- under the sewer with Oscar the Grouch talkin ’bout, “MAN FUCK YELAWOLF!” :< Yeah, that's right. Scrunch that face up like Yelawolf just proved your hater ass wrong. Hahaha.

    Trunk Muzik Returned like a Mug. Rise and Shine Bitches.

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  • That Guy

    On behalf of Yelawolf and his team I’d like to extend a gargantuan middle finger to the audibly impaired earthlings. Trunk Muzik Returns is a banger. Stop it.