Jay-Z & Kendrick Lamar Headlining Yahoo Tour


During SXSW, Yahoo announced their first international music festival with Hova and King Kendrick as headliners. Dubbed as Yahoo! On The Road, the 21-stop trek begins begins May 3 in New York.

The tour continues in the states with J.Cole, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean and Trey Songz

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  • JOHNYblaze

    No Miamis but international lol Yahoo trynna have a resurgence

  • This looks kinda sick!

  • Ran

    Outkast was suppose to headline but Andre 3000 didn’t want to, 3 million down the drain straight to jay-z

  • heez

    5/20 Im in there

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    DAMN !!! He got a tour with Justin Timberlake and a tour with Kendrick. Shawn Carter is a BOSS !!!!!!

  • Dashing

    Whoa. That’s a massive look for Kendrick. As well respected as he is, he’s still not a household name outside of hip hop.

  • dont never want to come to ATL smg

  • h

    Kendrick headlining a lot of BIG festivals this year.

    He is also performing on the main stage this summer in Europe in front of 80 000 ppl and it’s already sold out :O

  • The3o5FlyGuy

    No stops in Florida at all? C’mon Yahoo! I live in Miami, I’d be willing to drive as far as Tampa. Make it happen!!!

  • E-PiLL

    Kendrick ? Headlining you couldnt do better.

  • k. dot

    Good look for J. Cole because he don’t have an album out and been quiet for a minute. His latest music has been on point with that Truly Yours EP and his single Power Trip

  • Aaron Tropf

    So, Jay-Z and Kendrick are coming to Boise?!!

  • ???

    Jay Z is trying to feed off of Kendrick’s popularity

  • Michelle

    I think they’re referring to Jay-Z and JT’s headlining appearances at the Wireless Festival in London, which is part of the Yahoo Tour.

  • Dashing

    @???, riiiight…cause Jay couldn’t sell out stadiums on his own, right?

  • Peekay

    Must be an oversight, no Toronto date

  • jobie

    @dashing jay piggybacking on who hot. when last time he made a hit solo song. or major tour. jay z musical talent is overrated, his business sense is great tho

  • Dashing

    Hit solo song without another rapper?…Empire State of Mind, #1 song in the country. And right now he’s on the biggest pop song in the country with Timberlake. Jay doesn’t “need” Kendrick to stay hot. I’ve seen both live. Jay in a stadium. Kendrick in a venue. Don’t get him being nice on the mic and having dropped a classic album confused with him being a household name or ability to hold down a major tour like this without a big name. While you could make the case that this helps both artists in some way, it definitely benefits Kendrick waaaay more to be on tour with Jay than the other way around.

  • Pardonmyswag

    I’m there fuck all the bulls shit… Some HIP HOP shit. Def a good look for K.dot, jay just making easier for him??

  • Volo831

    Imma collab w/ bof these niggaz one day… Chec out “Volo – Tha Bottom” on youtube. #TrealTalk

  • Cruel Thing

    So can we buy the tickets already or are they not on sale?

  • snap

    Man, these big tours never come to Vancouver, always shunned, no love for NW Canada?

  • ….


  • LFC

    Bring it to Dublin..

  • Kemosabi

    It ain’t a world tour of you don’t touch the dot. Show Vancouver some love too

  • cheeeeese

    i didnt like jays verse on that kendrick remix, it sounded like he was trying to KEEP UP with kendrick, which is something Jay normally doesn’t do. he usually adds his own style to a song and kills it (i.e Three kings, ) even his Suit and Tie verse was better, because he wasn’t trying too hard

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  • Chris

    Paul Rosenburg if you are reading this please get eminem on this tour in stead of jay z or at least have kendrick and eminem do their own tour. Jay z is piggy backing of kendrick in this tour and that is why he did the track (remix). For the sake of aftermath do not allow kendrick to tour with Jay z ITS NOT A GOOD LOOK. REMEMBER ROCAFELLA

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