• King Game

    Jt put out 300 bars and kill ye lol

  • matrix

    Tunez!!! This album is Fire!!! Chuuch…

  • the lum

    why the fuck does rap radar keep posting justin timberlake?! look I like his music but I come here for hip hop news not live pop shows…

  • Cons_frontteeth

    JT is winning! He will go platinum the first week. Remember where you heard it first. Well, maybe 865,326 to be exact.

  • blackJew

    JT has a dope rap artist that rides out with him -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHxEMa0MnLw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • blackJew

    Jt has a dope artist from Cali too

  • FatAhole

    Jt is better than usher… But don’t disrespect Ye’

  • Q

    ^fuck kayne

  • Vanu

    this is my favorit song from the entire album. It’s even better live, good lord..

  • Capeman

    @Vanu word, that song is smooth, and live sounds sweeter