New Music: Mr. Hudson “Fred Astaire”

mr hudson

G.O.O.D. Music’s London boy has been working behind the scenes, but he’s back with his own material and premieres his brand new single. Mr. Hudson’s third album is coming soon.


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  • Snoop

    He white

  • He wack

  • Scatter

    So just because he’s signed to GOOD music, we are expected to give a sh!t?

  • @Scatter. No. Even Kanye doesn’t give a sh** after he realised this guy was a dud.

    Worse still is ego is meant to be horribly out of control. I don’t understand why. He sold like four CD’s, and they were to a woman who thought they were metallic tea coasters!

  • raphael

    Im lovin it!

  • CarreraLu

    materal? material*

    That’s why our people don’t have anything…




  • HOVA

    He’s a homosexual.

  • BobbyWhite

    the second someone comes through with something new and dope, u faggots hate

    Its better than that “box Chevy” shit rick ross tried to release

  • ian

    this shits dope af

  • lil farrakhan

    White ppl tryna steal hip hop and r&b like they did to rock n roll muzik. Real hip hop iz black ya digg?! You know white ppl steal your shit, than claim they “discovered” it.

  • Peekay

    Oh man, I was wondering when he was gonna drop new music said no one ever

  • JustMyOpinion

    “Do you listen to music or just skim through it?”

    This is different.

  • Capostatus

    People are gonna hate. Open up your eyes and see passed Rick Ross and Future. Theres more to music than rap and the same old 808s with different samples. Petty minds some people have

  • Chris

    “Theres more to music than rap”

    Agreed, but this is a site called RAP Radar. Can you blame people for wanting to hear RAP music on here? There are other blogs for this hipster shit.

  • Ya Boy G

    Well its not rap thats for sure. Thats where GOOD music comes in. Its different but u random trolls n haters are whats wrong with culture in the first place. Stop being close minded dick riders and say u dont like the MUSIC not him as a person. Cuz none of us know him. This wil be on a commercial or tv episode tho…

  • Peekay

    This actually is okay.

  • Andrew

    This is kinda dope. I like the electro-pop/R&B thing he’s got going on. This isn’t rap though and there’s nothing wrong with that. @lil farrakhan he’s not a rapper HAHA wtf? Try being a little less tight butthle and listen to new music. Ya don;t have to like it.

  • The Black Skip Bayless

    This is dope nice to hear from mr h again. he needs to keep dropping shit tho. he cant just live thru his good music deal. straight no chaser was dope and im sure this next album will be too

  • j

    he’s actually a talented guy, this is alright though, better than the plastic shit being fired out of america these days. straight no chaser was fucking hard, but i am open to different genres and listen to all

    @moreffa rick ross/future/cheef keef thats what niggaz have done to rap, this is just alternative music

    @lil farrakhan yeah like when black people steal your wallet or sell drugs then call it racism when people point the finger at them… ignorance is a bliss

    @Chris hipster shit? you dont know shit clearly, hipster shit would be joey badass with his 90’s retro beat thats sampling a old nas track or all this repetitive rick ross fucking garbage

    anyway fuck you lot im gonna go listen to so far gone…or is drake not ‘black’ enough…

  • moreffa

    ^J^ get off the white cave man swine dick

  • Slim Baller

    Why the fuck yall so rascist with your “fuck a whiteboy” comments ? Fuck outta here with your rascist ass comments who cares

  • J

    @moreffa you really dont know what your talking about do you? I dont care for race. Let me guess theres no eminem in your music library

  • Jf_1010

    He’s not from London. He’s from Birmingham

  • hah

    For all you ignorant fucks asking who he is. he is the nigga that sang the chorus on th hov song “forever young”.

  • MadShot

    Geez, racists team up.