• Evil

    Good shit.
    Thought they were gonna leave out Eminem there for second,that would have been a diss in itself.Lol

  • dmfslimm

    always on point. everytime.

  • KaLii

    Back for his spot like he never left. Beiber? Robin T.? Yall gon’ learn today! #2020Experience

  • @_iAM_sam_

    That was friggin awesome…

  • Westside

    Hey kanye “cry me a river”….. LMFAO

  • Volo831

    lol… For all my niggaz at tha bottom, Youtube “Volo – Tha Bottom”

  • Joe


  • Greggsybabe

    Cry me a river is a masterpiece

  • JR

    Why is Justin T on Rap Radar??? Someone pls explain. This is idiotic. He’s a Pop Tart……

  • JJ

    ^ Please tell me you’re trolling b! Do’t you see its because they were doing history of RAP??? Freakin moron!

    On a side note I died when JT said hell yeah like Dr. Dre during Gin & Juice. LMAO!

  • brza

    This guy has an amazing talent.

  • LuxuryRap

    I think he is having the best comeback of all time. I wasn’t gonna buy the album since I already got the leak, but those performances on Jimmy Fallon have made me change my mind. And I’mma buy tickets to the tour.

  • Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke, and little Justin are all at home like “SHIT!”

    Usher, Chris, Miguel, and The Weeknd, too.

  • JR

    I saw that JJ, ok you have a point. BUT, what about all the other posts on this cat??!! They aren’t about Rap……

  • Goomba

    Jimmys like… Its hard being Snoop D – O – Double – D!!!!! ha!

  • fuckdat

    Elvis back

  • The Homie JT is putting in work. Jimmy Fallon is funny! Love the video! Justin Timberlake’s album is great! It’s out today! He’s Back!!!