• Love/Hate

    Love this chick….

  • Balla

    Sexy ass

  • wow

    keep that brother. keep that

  • Scrilla(That #1 hottest MC spot was robbed!! That position belongs to Young Jeezy!!)

    Bet she have a sideways vagina

  • Mr.Opinion

    Dope . LA breeds some good talent!!!

  • Volo831

    Pretty coo…. For all my niggaz at tha bottom, Youtube “Volo – Tha Bottom”


    not a fan of her solo stuff but she always kill it when she collabs with tde

  • ayyeee

    ^She do kill it with her tde collabs.

  • watchthethrone

    dope song, her and cocaine 80’s make magic

  • Kay

    Love her!!!.. Love the song!

  • hah

    she is NOTHING special

  • JOHNYblaze

    this is VERY decent , i could imagine with steady radio play this will be a lil soulful hip POP cut…. its cool thoo i could listen to this with some alternative or emo bitches and smoke.