New Music: Beyonc


“I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his lil’ wife…”

Beyonce’s got a new attitude. With Hit-Boy on the boards, King Bey lets it be known that her crown isn’t for the taking. At the 1:30 mark, she takes it back to the H-Town with Polow Da Don, Timbaland, Sonny Digital and Planet VI on the beat.

Near the close of the song, Bey says she made a cameo in a Willie D video. It’s unclear as to which one, but she did appear in a Geto Boys clip back in ’98.

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  • ASAP Rocky changed the game…… nigga didn’t lie in his interview

  • Yup !



  • wow

    smh. no more needs to be said.

  • YunG based god

    king bey?

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ VegazTheOne What part of “H-Town roots” did you miss? A$AP Rocky didn’t start nothing. H-Town was doing way before majority of Hip-Hop fans took notice. DJ Screw, Lil’ Flip, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, UGK. Come on son, do your research before you make reckless statements. No disrespect.

    We have to be careful of making non-factual statements.
    Nice song, by the way. I think she’s making a statement with this one.

  • dumb niggas these days

    this shit so uncontrollably wack fam…

  • Gary Paulson

    Lol this shits horrible

  • 2 cents

    Vegas. The screwed up element Has BEEN prevalent in hip hop. ASAP only joined the wave. he made a song called “Houston old head” Claiming he “comes to houston all the time” And he had never been here. he couldn’t even sellout a small ass venue in houston (i was there, very few people came) also, a houston radio dj outshined him freestyling during an interview. And these are facts. Rocky was just gassin himself in that interview; I ain’t mad at him tho cuz he eatin. Beyonce is from the city, don’t get that twisted
    And I ain’t even a Bey fan

  • SoloK

    W-T-F did I just hear!?!?
    thank goodness for that ass or else it would of been nastyyyy

  • … one gave a fuck about Houston until Rocky came up, he started the resurgence of the “h town” sound… You stupid if you don’t think so.

    • B.Dot

      no one gave a fuck about Houston until Rocky came up, he started the resurgence of the

  • Space Ghost

    Hi haters! This shit is wangin’!!! Go Bey. Talk your shit. Oh, as far as ASAP…..Y’all must be smokin’ or 9 years old. Beyonce is from Houston, Texas….HOME OF D.J. SCREW. Comin’ down on the slab…HOL’ UP!!!

  • Rick Ross Tittie

    HOLY SHIT this shit fucking SUCKS made it through 10 seconds of this.

  • Dattpiffbitch

    No B.. Just No

  • Ea$y Bread

    I can tell the Dream wrote this. It sounds just like Tron…

  • Jacob

    Naw I actually do think ASAP has alot to do wiith people embracing Houston again…with people even wanting to experiment with it mostly comes from what rocky did last year…Screw was dead for a VERY long time and the only people that were listening were Houston heads…the resurgence of the word trill? Almost single handedly Rocky! People aren’t saying it because of Pusha T or Pimp C….think about it

  • 2 cents

    Lmao son trippin. Man ASAP rocky shouldn’t even be in the same conversation as beyonce. These new niggas gotta quit wildin

  • a

    A lot of artist been using a H-town influence before Asap, hes da one who just was was knee deep wit da sound. ,h-town is h-town harlem is harlem u cant take credit. For using another citys style first its corny , Beyonce dat bitch tho

  • Dattpiffbitch

    @2cents calm down boy.

  • 2 cents

    Bun B’s last album was titled “Trill OG”. even drake been using the term before rocky. Boosie and Webbie? Smh you new niggas.

  • Never heard a beyonce record with her voice slowed down, never in my life heard her say the word trill never once before rocky came out… so we just gone pretend ASAP had nothing to do with the sound of this song.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ someone call grandma and get this kid out the basement. ASAP…..pun intended.

  • @VegazTheOne I get you on the A$AP influence even when ppl hate to admit it but Beyonce is actually from Texas and been from there before A$AP was even born, just cos she’s been singing for this long doesnt mean she may hve not been about her TX shit

  • poetic assasin

    Houston never went anywhere – u can find Bun B on 20 tracks a yr – too many artists from Houston, stop talkin that nonsense.

  • Wasn’t a shot a beyonce, I’m just saying the ASAP rocky influence is so obvious on this track and you niggas acting like its not….

  • MrDope

    Wow, this is just garbage.

  • sean

    so asap started chopped and screwed music ?

    you young niggas

  • BeyhIVE

    Damn these bitches pressed? It’s not like she a dude. She is Beyonce. Now have a fucking seat bitches. and bow down. and this is not a new single…………

  • room2roam

    HTOWN weaklings!!. shyt was bangin…

  • stop

    asap brought back the chopped and screwed sound if u dont acknowledge that u stupid

  • the brain trust

    Horrible song. Sounds completely out of her element, production is comically bad & she’s talking bout ‘all gold everything’

    Worst shit released this year?

  • bhindthelenstv

    dope,I like the change up n styles!!

  • Ricky Retardo

    Can somebody tell VegazTheOne to find Michael Watts please, ASAP is not an innovator, nor influential with chopped and screwed, H-Town birth AND bred. if anybody that re-surged the sound its Kirko and Drake

  • Hot Boyz

    The Dream getting back at Jay Z by writing his wife this shit hahahaha

  • B.Dot

    People are showing their naivety by even MENTIONING asap rocky

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    Beyonce is trying too hard….. This shit is wack. Her fans will still love it though..

  • JustMyOpinion

    @VegazTheOne You showed your lack of Hip-Hop history and you got caught.

  • brollya

    hahahaha u hear dat “aye” wen it go off….. u kno idream wrote dis shit…. but she jus shitted on everybody

  • brollya

    u lil niggaz be 12 years old talkin bout asap started chopped and screwed….. ya da reason everythin fucked up in music period cuz ya givin the wrong people credit…… how u go say somebody made it poppin again wen he aint even from houston

  • ayyeee

    I can get high to this And why is everyone bitchin bout the song?…this shit bangs!

  • mac DIESEL


    ………JUST STOP!!!! SMH!!!!



  • don brazzi

    shut hte fuck up you dumb fuck niggas and leave asap rocky name outta houston or texas jheeeez how much yall dickridin….plus no new york niggas fuks with asap rocky anyway.. lmao go 2 ny and see. on god.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ VegazTheOne



    • B.Dot

      @Mac DIESEL go fuck urself.

  • Starfox64

    is beyonce tryna go backwards or someshit??

  • Bonjangles

    NO ONE is tryna say A$AP created any of the shit , but he’s currently the one who’s heavily used the southern influence in mixture with a different breed of producers and has created somewhat of a hybrid sound . If the whole Houston sound wasn’t currently getting so much love do you think she would have put something like this out???

  • LORD YOUNG on here talking shot/shit at rappers, i wonder what happens when he seen them in person?

  • WTF

    Now she want act like she’s from Houston again just last week you wanna act like you from New York. Ain’t nobody in Houston checking for Beyonce now she she wanna act like I was in a Willie D video @ 14 lmao that’s how long ago she repped Houston. She trying to come off that high horse and tryin to relate. Rappers in Houston been chopped in screwed. This SHIT is GARBAGE!!!

  • Oj da Cornball

    The fall beging now. Now room for arrogance of this magnitude in this type of music.
    This is an obvious influence of he demi-god wanna be husband’s narcism.

  • Evil

    no no no what the fuck is she doing? this must be her worst song ever.Period.

  • Starfox64

    cosgin @WTF but again you gotta remember that this is beyonce, she’s known for doing this type of shit..

  • itsMe

    A$ap Bey ……this joint crazzyyyyyy

  • It’s the roc

    Lol, the Rap Raiders are shitting on Beyonce today. Lucky for her we make up about 0.00000004% of her fanbase. I didn’t think it was that great either. Interesting, but not great. I’d let this rock coming from a peasant like Ciara or Keri Hilson, but the Queen Bee? Nahhh

  • SuperMarioKart64

    Dis wild nigga Mac Diesel getting under B Dot’s skin a little bit haha


    Beyonce used to act classy in her years where this kind of language and content was allowed and now your married with a new born baby Girl(who jay said now we will hear him use the B-word less) and its these Bitches and Smacc these triccs sad . just like somebody said its not just her its a bunch of artist just moving baccwards

    Drake cuhz ur Bottom is a real Bottom Nigga Middle

    Really Bieber You Beating The Fucc out of Niggas Really?

    Selena Squaaadddd!

    and Now this shit she went from saying that yall as a collective run the world to calling yall bitches and telling yall to have a seat what a Gentlemen King Bey Right??? lol

  • IIG

    I kind of like it myself. It’s better than the shit she has been putting out since her second solo album. If somebody would chop this right, we’ll have something.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ BlAzEENSANE When did YOU hear Jay said that? Where’s the video or a REPUTABLE news article of HIM making THAT particular statement. Told you…..some of you need to get out the basement.

  • michelle michelle

    club banger

  • bawseOGPurp


  • geraldusa


  • This song is trash

    Bitch sang 4 bars lol

  • ket

    wowzers that second beat is hypontizing , very gnarly

  • Mcphly

    It’s obviously an intro

  • Da Truthhhh

    FUCKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fake Niggas would say they would hit that, But I respect God so Much I wouldn’t, and I respect Jay.

  • Da Truthhhh

    Keep it nice and Short Rappers Take Notes, Its the way of the Future, Its like crack, 5 Min high for you bitch ass niggas

  • Tev Milli

    Why yall trippin she just havin fun….
    Its not crazy but it is decent….
    Her album will speak 4 itself….
    Thats all I have 2 say

  • islandgrrrl

    Couldn’t get through the whole thing………….is that a measure of a great song? Me thinks not! Me thinks this chick is nearing the end of her so called ‘reign’ and needs to step down if this is the kind of sh%$t she’s putting out. Embarrassing.




    I don’t care that’s she’s from Houston. This was bad bad. Stay in your lane B. If she wants to be recognized as the next micheal she needs to pick her game up. Rihanna got you beat B.

    If she is King Bey does that make Jay the Queen. HA!!!



    Fucc Nigga learn to use google dumb ass either way it go beyonce still out of poccet with this bullshit saying she was in a video with Willie D like thas suppose to mean something

  • PJ

    Funny seeing people say that someone brought that screw sound back to me. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and its always been here and never died down.


  • Hammertime

    Yo Beyonce been takin L’s since she fired her Dad from pickin her music. This shit sound like a Rihanna throwaway song. Bitch 30 years old and now wanna start cursing and shit in her songs.

  • @ B . Dot do you get paid by the stanning post or what?


    This is just more bandwagon jumping by Beyonce.

    Andre 3000 was right when he said the problem is everyone uses the same producers/stylists

    Oh look Beyonce took the influences that A$AP Rocky took from Houston sound

    So Beyonce waited till it was “hot” all over the nation before she took on this sound?


    B . Dot gonna tell us how great this is now and that Jay Z is the greatest and Rick Ross is next with Macklemore ready to take Em’s throne next


    It’s becoming as predictable as 5th Rocky movie by now
    we know everything about how it starts and ends before the opening credits

    snooze 101

    Lester bangs of hip hop
    Imagine how excited B Dot will be when he hears the first audio of Blue Ivy’s first word

  • lol

    Love Hate to recent music The Dream has been screwing his voice “pause”. Asap influence aint got shit on shit. Shit 2pac was screwing his voice before Asap Rocky lol. Rhianna got Beyonce reaching. Thats what I hear in this record. Not bad tho B

  • Reallydoe

    Wowwww this is wayy out of character for her… I’m fuckin with the singing at the beginning shit is fierce but the rapping…..not so much.

  • really 23

    asap influenced houston sound…

    dummis know this is false

  • M1

    What Willie D video??

  • M1

    Oh ok. Shoulda read first. I thought she meant a Willie D solo video like Play Wicha Mama. She meant to say a Geto Boys video. I forgot all about that one. I was on that Till Death do us Part myself.
    I miss that real ish but glad I know bout it cause some of yall got alot of chatchin up to do. SMH, Rocky?????

  • >>


    whats with all the tough talk from Bey? why? who told her that was a “good idea”? like seriously who is she “beefin” wit? this shit is annoying and unnecessary.

  • M1

    Can’t forget that Resurrection. Willie D verse on Time Taker=one of the realest verses ever. Nuff said.

  • Black Shady

    LOL what is this??? Rihanna runs this now.
    Take a break Bey. take care of Blue…..Riri got this on lock for now. lolol

  • DMVinyourchick

    Ill give this credit to rocky, yes I know homie didnt start that chop and screwed movement but he made it hot again, U guys cant tell me u believe beyone dropping this has nothing to do with the movement rocky has Been perpetuating

  • Fresh87

    @BBGUN..Nigga did you just say bad bad?

  • beyonce’s milk man

    Agree with one of the comments above. You just had a baby and you’re talking about “smack that trick” and “bow down bitches” ?

  • B.Dot

    Beyonce for prez by the way…

  • onenutned

    Jay get yo’ chick. nuff said.


    You cant bring back a sound that never left.

  • Jacob

    2 Cents
    Isn’t Bun from Houston…who the FUCK listens to Boosie and webbie anymore….case and point! Webbies biggest hit was Wipe me down (not even his song) that was like 6 years ago bruh! Trill OG was rated 5 mics…cool but who REALLY listened to it? Lets be honest after 06 Houston fell off let’s be honest! Beyonce wouldn’t dare use the style without SOMEBODY ELSE bringing it back. Of course he didn’t create but he popularized it again. That along wit niggas rappin like they Bone

  • dumb niggas these days

    Okay I

  • kayandgee

    shes having fun, she so paid it doesnt even matter anymore

  • BxWavy

    this shit garbage yall niggaz except anything with certain names on it

  • Boom

    You damn young boys I tell ya. ASAP made the chopped and screwed sound popular again???? NEWS FLASH: The sound never left! Listen to various choruses of the past 6 years…you will HEAR the chopped and screwed hooks! STFU with that ASAP argument. He ain’t shxt!

  • JustMyOpinion


    You cursed me because you don’t understand what the word reputable means? Clearly, by citing an article from Vladtv you don’t. That days nothing it just show words, here’s what the word reputable means, pertaining to articles, an outlet with REAL (extra emphasis) journalist.

    So, may be you may to re-train YOUR google skills. Here’s a reputable article debunking that, so called, Jay-z poem:

    Honestly, I gave you more credit for your intelligence. I was giving you a chance to actually show me a REPUTABLE (google that) article. My bad for thinking you were an intelligent person.

  • michelle michelle

    Beyonce doesn’t care what you think….clearly

  • thatkidlerix

    You can tell when Ni**as is new to hip-hop when they think someone from HOUSTON bit the Chopped and Screwed sound from someone from New York. Hip-Hop needs an entrance exam. If you don’t know what the F*ck you talking about you shouldn’t be allowed to participate. Dummies….smh.

  • Jacob


  • 7figures

    Niggas crazy this that raw Beyonce urban beyonce… Rather this than pop beyonce!!

  • Original Ty

    – _____ – ?????????????

  • Original Ty

    Even as an amateur artist recording tracks in your bedroom, some joints you know nobody ever needs to hear but you……… so as a worldwide star you should REALLY know some stuff should be left for your fam to put on a posthumous release after you pass away at 90 yrs old.

  • 7figures

    Niggas crazy.. This that raw Beyonce not that pop shit!! I love the urban Beyonce talkin that shit like that upgrade u era…Queen B. niggas!!

  • BKLYN44



    Y’all niggas some haters. This shit goes hard! I don’t even know why A$AP is coming up in these comments. Do your homework before making comments. I’m not even a fan but let her take her vicotry lap! Everything she’s saying is true on this record. I love this shit.

  • eastpointvet

    Fun song everything cant be serious artist do have different moods. also what her having a child gotta do with anything? yall parents still cursed at yall ragedy asses why cant she?

  • Hope they Make a longer Version of the 1st Part and Put Jay_Z On it.


    Fresh87 says:
    Monday, March 18 2013 at 5:05 AM EST
    @BBGUN..Nigga did you just say bad bad?

    Ya I rank it right up there with eves shitty single.

  • I’m Beyhive but I don’t like this song at ALL. She can sing and she needs to use her talent! She said she’d bring back real R&B for her next album and if all the songs are gonna sound like this I ain’t buying that album, that’s for sure.

  • this track is dumb DOPE! by da way, more than a million plays on this traaaaaaaaaack whoaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Safe Dwade

    Jay-z rapped for the married niggas on this hahahahaha

  • truth

    chopped and screwd was inventend in new york in 1990, by a harlem d.j, that had a baby momma in houston. he moved to houston with his baby momma, and introduced the style to them country niggas. so get the fact straight, before you start talking bullshit. ASAP ROCKY brong the style back to its home place. chopped and screwd is a new york thing. learn the history. houston didnt invent shit…

  • actual young nigga

    i wish niggas would chill with that young niggas these days bull let bey be her and let rocky be him damn everybody affect sum 1 in one way or another damn dats kinda how we thrive as a ppl shit these days boy anythings a fucking debate

  • actual young nigga

    this song is like u listen to it ounce like it cuz u love bey and its different den never listen to again most likely dats wat im gon do but hell im me

  • xp

    So let me get this straight..beyonce who is an H-Town native who’s done songs people have told her to do her whole career, is NOT allowed to go to her cultural roots? What the fuck is wrong with you people. I dont understand why you think she should keep doing the same music and not experiment. Just like Kanye doing conscious music for a chunk of his career and then getting on some ignorant stuff..this is music. You guys should be happy she is branching out. I guess us blog commenters think we are the new A&R’s..smh

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  • Jeff

    notice how this bitch is at the side of the picture like she should be

  • asap anit start it but he got niggas do it…. this should not be a Beyonce single… She need to bow down to herself

  • reese

    O hell idkw to think bout this, the beats tight but Bey idk, Rihanna coulda rocked this joint tho…please dont make this a single unless fix it up or something!!

  • R

    J Camel must be Producing this garbage. Bey and Justin Timbergay have the shittest beats out right now. I hope he doesnt fuck up Jay Electronicas album!

  • Suave23

    jay or kanye on remix?


    You young niggas is so dumb… This aint ASAP shit, This some Htown DJ SCREW shit

  • This shit hard.yall hating.This is B’s Takeover.She stuntin hard and she telling truth.they can’t see her
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle:

  • thewilson

    drake started using that houston sound a few years back. and so many other have been using that sound even before both drake and rocky.

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  • Drake brought the H town sound. Shut the fuck up

  • Jae

    So Hove decided he’ll no longer use the “B” word but all of a sudden Bey decides she wants to start using it. I bet baby Blue will be real proud of momma for that one SMH #IJS

  • chillthrills

    shorty is slumming,,on this track,,,,,she gotta just be fucking around on some fun shit,,for real,,,,cause this shit is non-cipher ,,,word1

  • this a dirty black ho on da lean

  • ighttttt

    all you niggas that keep saying she influenced by asap rocky must be mad braindead, she is from fucking houston,tx …asap rocky aint shit his album will not even hit gold he aint that big

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