• ShaolinKilla

    dope ! Id rather listen to these old dudes then any of that new shit comin out.

  • Professor keef

    This will pass, good job Nore. We will not call you Papi though.

  • Productofme

    This that ish I do like.
    NORE coming back to form based off these recent records

  • This shit is real dope and NORE kinda kills it. He sounds hella fresh for a drunk old man.

  • JOHNYblaze

    DOPE AF! I thought this one of the hardest classic type tracks Nore has done, especially as PAPI, this shit is timeless sound, u deeeg?

  • nico_one

    God damn – tha

  • Dope song and video. Hopefully the other songs on the album as just as good.

  • kush

    Lefrak is Iraq. shout out jamaica & hillside ave. Queens all day but no consequence budden reality show mockery shit.