The Weeknd Announces New Album Title

kiss land-cover

Abel is moving forward and ready to release his sophomore album. Moments ago, he revealed its title, Kiss Land, with the image above. Pucker up.

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  • ymcmb

    nigga will fall down hard after beef w/ drake. Dude better kiss drizzys $$$ making ASS

  • MJ

    this shit going nowhere w/o drake

  • Vins

    STFU yall didnt even know him and drake parted ways before 5AM Toronto dropped

  • Professor keef

    WAIT! Who broke up? Thats a detention sir

  • ymcmb

    shut up nigga I knew they had beef back in december when drake started tweeting subliminals

  • the brain trust

    Awful title. It’s like dude opened the dictionary twice and picked out 2 random words.

    Hope the music’s dope though

  • Truss

    Y’all don’t even get the title, though…

  • ^

    GTFO there’s nothing hidden here it just sucks nigga

  • ???

    As long as the music is good which i know it will be.
    These people^ can be stupid sometimes.

  • Section 80

    It’s another concept album, so it is normal that you don’t understand the title yet



  • HK

    Based on the title, I have no interest in whatever lame concept he’s coming with. In fact, the idea that the entire album is going to be themed around some bullshit called “KISS LAND” makes it much worse.

  • It’s the roc

    Lol, it didn’t take long for Drake to win this one. Come on son

  • Ravi

    You guys are fucking idiots. You keep saying “if drake’s not involved, it will fail”. Do you fucks even know about his music?!?!? Obviously not! The first 3 mixtapes he dropped Drake was only on 1 track! Drake & The Weeknd have only released about 3 tracks to the public so far. Drake doesn’t make The Weeknds music. In fact Drake even said that The Weeknd inspires him and helped him on “Take Care”. Most of you are so fucking stupid it makes no sense. Ha!

  • ness

    must have been high as fuck when picking that name.

  • REM

    RAVI! You took the words out my mouth! FUCK THESE HATERS! These people know nothing about his music…The Weeknd makes music for Real Niggas, which they know NOTHING about! ALL that singing Drake does on his album is because of The Weeknd, because he wants to be Abel! .He wanted The Weeknd to sign under him so bad so he can mimic his style and got mad like the HOE he is cause Abel was smart enough to know Drake don’t even got his own shit! and being part of YMCB meant no royalties and being Baby’s and Slim bitch for the duration of his career!

  • SayItAin’tSo

    Word up to @RAVI. Good comment. Weeknd don’t need Drake and vise versa. Too bad they beefin’, could have been some dope shit. Weeknd do gotta watch out tho not to get too corny on his shit. Every time I’m really sit down to listen to what he is sayin I’m kinda meh, but production and overall music make up for it 95% of the time!

  • From Wiki,

    In Toronto, Tesfaye met producer Jeremy Rose, who had an idea for a darkR&Bmusical project called “The Weekend”. After trying to pitch the idea to musicianCurtis Santiago, Rose played one of his instrumentals for Tesfaye, whofreestyledover it, and they began working on an album. He produced three songs

  • Yeezus Christ

    weeknd is garbage

  • A$VP J-MAC

    Yall niggas are dumb lmao
    Weeknd is an amazing Artist and the tittle Obviously has a meaning to it duh

  • smh

    @ 7th Emerson

    You might want to learn how to check your facts, kid… absolutely everything negative in that little post came from exactly one source- a salty interview with a no-name producer who admittedly had only worked on 3 songs and had not expected any compensation upon parting ways, on a website that is currently running the headlines “The Man Who Eats Roadkill” and “What Do Hate Groups Think of Jennifer Lawrence?”

    I mean the fact that you even quoted Wikipedia in the first place… come on, son.

  • @smh

    Well “kid”,

    I merely posted something I felt was an interesting read because I had a discussion with a few friends about it earlier and felt like sharing. Didnt state my feelings on anything, so it was unbiased, plus I stated where it was from that I got it. Didnt state anything as any “facts”, just passing through.

    Dont ether yourself next time, playboy.

  • smh

    Do you actually believe your bullshit? Why bother even posting something that you don’t believe to be true? The section you chose belies your feelings on the subject, and I certainly hope you’re a “kid,” because otherwise you’re just stupid. Then again, you learn from Wiki, so I guess “stupid” is pretty likely.


  • Yours truly: “I merely posted something I felt was an interesting read because I had a discussion with a few friends about it earlier and felt like sharing.”

    smh: “Do you actually believe your bullshit? Why bother even posting something that you don

  • smh

    You’re not fooling anybody, dumbass. Keep trying.

  • smh

    If you had passed high school, you would realize that an unchecked source is completely worthless- therefore NOT interesting, NOT worthy of discussion, and certainly NOT impartial.

    Again you prove your inemptitide.

  • smh

    Great… now the “kid” gets to jump all over a typo. Fucking ineptitude.

  • YaboyBangs


    just red through the actual wiki article. was good to peep. dont even sweat the other dude. had all the links to where it was all takin from, and actually legit (though you cant always trust wiki).
    suppose that’s how the industry is at times, mehhh

    about the song name, it’s lame but let’s see what the music is like

  • ??O

    Who gives a fuck what the album title is? Why the fuck would a mixtape be titled “Thursday”, “House Of Balloons” or “Echoes of Silence”? It seems ‘random’ but it’s all subliminal. And the music is all dope as fuck. No matter what the title is the album is going to be fucking great. Fuck a hater. ??O

  • Abel is an artist and will stick around! Efiin’ blind Brake followers just on him like roaches….Az if they gonna get paid if this guy fails! Lame azzes!

  • @YankeeLuvnGiant

    your really crazy if u think this dont wont eat w/o drake, hes already got his fan base established

  • MaClarte

    I like how everyone complaining about his title being dumb and no one knows the meaning behind it.. Just like homie said above me.. Thursday, House of Balloons is weird names for a mixtape but until you hear the music theres a reason for it… Some of yall Drake dickriders need to chill out and acting like Abel cant sell without him.. His Triology sold pretty damn well with Drake on 1 song and was released for free several years before that.. cmon.. hope off the dickriding train and just appreciate the music that comes on all levels!

  • stupid

    ^^ several years? all 3 of those mixtapes came out LAST year. and ALL of them had push and support from Drake. Fuck how many tracks he was on. And to REM or whoever the fuck said Drake wanted to sign him so he could mimic him and “that’s why he’s singing”….guess u never heard So Far Gone. Definitely half r&b. You fail. Drake > Weeknd. Period. Not even an argument.

    While Weeknd will sell ok and be alright, the heights Drake could have taken him to do not compare to what he’ll do solo dolo, especially on a whack ass non creative label like universal.

  • Dlove

    Haha dude down there said this is nigga music. Haha this is a joke. No wonder why the industry is trash.

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    Yeah, you could say I’m excited. Bet Drake isn’t though…

  • gammaboi

    I’m pretty sure this is about lean…
    Still would sound weird being like “Hey, man. Whatchu doing? Nothing just listening to that Kiss Land” to one of your homeboys.

  • freshmade

    the only thing i’m dissapointed in is the actual artwork. every mixtape the artworks were dope and put always a theme behind the songs. i don’t know if it’s the real artwork but if it is that shit wack.

    To everyone arguing drake made weeknd famous by posting lyrics on twitter and youtube videos of wicked games and the birds part 2. that’s how i discovered him. and putting the brand name OVOXO which intrigued people on why the xo at the end.

    so yeah drake helped weeknd to come up. hell yeh he’s going to sell without drake.
    hell fuckin yes he did the right decision not to sign with ovo or ymcmb nor anything related.
    it’s a better decision business wise as well and i prolly think he never gave a fuck about drake

  • anonymous

    KISS LAND = The weekend coming out the closet

  • ymcmb


    That dude Weeknd ain’t got no loyalty at all. Just imagine a nigga would push you from zero to stardom, would YOU turn your back on him? ME NOT. Same reason why Drake would never leave ymcmb cause it’s about loyalty and family besides all the money. Just behind the fact that Weeknd would sell much more with Drake on his side, he just did a wrong move IMO. He know who made him who he is right now and just turned his back to Drake. We’ll see how he will sell…

  • The Weeknd is a very Talented Artist and he sells out concerts even being this early in the game. I love his music as well as Drake’s Music. But I feel even with Drake in the picture or not The Weekend will have success, his music is so different then anything in the market currently that its very hard to replace him. On another note this so called “BEEF” all I gotta say is that Drizzy and The Weeknd need to STFU and make more records together and make this money and stop acting like vaginas over these social media outlets.
    Crew Love & The Zone were two great records hope hearing more from these two amazing artist’s.

    Signing Off – Kush (eXo)

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