• Lil Majer The Cartune

    AMAZING! That is all!

  • Realistically

    Game Over.

    Kendrick Lamar is officially the new G.O.A.T.

  • Black Shady

    K.Dot keeps on showing us he’s on that level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shady13

    Fuckin’ awesome. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

  • Johnny Ryall

    Seems like yesterday east vs west ruled the media’s coverage of hip-hop. All I gots to say who woulda thought hip-hop would take it this far.

  • Safe Dwade

    Now errbody happy? The fuck

  • i command the universe to have me do this video

  • kareem

    KENDRICK = Best Rapper Alive

  • SoloK


  • dmfslimm

    now the ultimate test is how kdot would do with an eminem duet cos shorty murked his own remix.

  • the diss to shyne doe!

    anyone catch that diss to shyne! damn this remix is hot.

  • michelle michelle

    I really hope Jay wasn’t smoking weed at the inauguration, that would be just wrong


    kendrick spazzed, he had to go extra hard with jay on the track

  • aceofspades

    “i used to wanna rap like jay-z, now i can run laps round jay-z”

  • watchthethrone

    great song

  • UptownMar

    Kendrick was cool…But YOUNG!!!!!!!!

  • overrated

    uh kendrick sounds like an AVERAGE late 90^s mc…FOH wit all this goat talk …niggas please do ur hip hop history

  • DEZ

    Yeah i think its safe to say Kendrick is in there lol

  • Devante

    Lol anyone find it funny how Jay-Z always attempts to pass the touch to what ever up and coming rapper is hot
    J Cole
    Not K. Dot?

  • Devante


  • aceofspades

    funny that kendrick talks about the regan era on section.80 and hov is so close to obama. fuck regan, i’d love to see the look on his face, if he was still alive, seeing obama invite a former dealer to the white house.

  • Realistically

    Dr. Dre. Please produce a track for Kendrick feat. Eminem single. Please. Since you totally reneged on Detox, it’s the least you could do.

  • smfh

    jay z is the ultimate bandwagon artist he rides everyone else wave and fans to try and stay relevant first em then jeezy ross kanye frank ocean lil wayne drake now kdot put the mic down old man your time is up fool

  • HOVA

    Wow me and Kendrick really murdered this shit.

  • Johnny English

    Wow lets you just see how ill jay really is brings the best out of niggas and that man k drick stepped up to late….*points baseball bat to the clouds. #homerun #shesouttahere

  • A-Town

    Fuck outta here with that “Jay-Z” is a bandwagon artist.

    Don’t forget Nas doing all these songs to get the IRS off his back and shit.

  • EricDean

    @Overrated. I think you just can’t take the fact that there’s an emcee out now who lives up to all the hype he receives. Kendrick has lyricism, flow, style, great production, and he’s message-driven. And it sounds like he’s only getting better. Do you understand that we’re witnessing hip-hop history right now?

  • Evil

    Kendrick stans stays overrating the dude.Lol
    Its a good song for a remix.
    Too bad he didnt get EM on it.

  • pedro

    jay-z ran the marathon, now it’s time to young niggas shine

  • EricDean

    And for those calling Jay-Z a “bandwagon” artist – realize that all those artists you mentioned reach out to HIM for features. I highly doubt that Jay-Z is begging to get on anybody else’s track.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Reblogged this on GenRegardless and commented:
    Nothing too crazy here, but you gotta love the fact that Hov worked with Kendrick.

  • Beaming


  • Jayyyy

    This shit is up in the clouds, Jay and Kedrick did their thing.

  • ???

    Kendrick killed the track. More like Kendrick was MJ and Jay-z Kobe

  • areal1

    Man fucc the hype this shit is very average and I fucc wit both of these niggaz but Nah it’s not what u think it would be

  • Hol’Up

    Hip-Hop Record of the Year. A good verse from Hov in a long time!

  • Kendrick GKMC

    I tried to get the remix with lady gaga on the hook

  • davirus212

    You young niggas got the audacity to dis jay after what he done in and for hip-hop. And already calling Kendrick a G.O.A.T. Lol are we serious?!?!

  • koO

    told u fools as soon as GKMC dropped.

  • davirus212

    Hov had one of his best verses in a long time but y’all keep sucking off Kendrick that y’all don’t even care. Smh. As if he’s competing with the rappers of the next generation. Make sense kids

  • smfh

    Jay z is and will always be a swagger jacker did it to big nas prodigy snoop also nothing changed

  • chillthrills

    true true,,,,this shoud come on next,,,,,,championstyle,,,lil nigga


  • rahrah

    Kendrick killed it…good job…don’t let know one come in and handle you on your own beat..keep going K.dot.


    that last verse by Kendrick could put an ugly face on Stacey Dash it was so nice

    but i kinda agree with that Jay hop on what’s hot niggas make a jay feature seem like its something special

    Jay has been featured on Juvenile and Master P records I think Chingy low key wouldve had a shot if Powerballin had went platinum

    Hell Jay-Z got on a remix of a nigga he didnt like at the time(Jimmy) because at the time Jim and Dips was hot

    i think Em features are a solidification of hardwork in the rap game not only would he not jump on a Tracc with a Cash Out ass nigga he would throw a subliminal at em

    but Jay in the past decade I’ve heard Jay pass the torch to T.I. twice, Wayne , Drake, Kanye West, J.Cole and Jeezy I see why Wayne blew up at em in that complex interview its like son you dont leave and give it away return and you back in the same position who you think you is Leno nigga hell even MJ had to get in the trenches when he put that 45 on

  • Izzy_Ballin

    This cover is a joke. Jay raps are superficial bars filled with materialistic, demigod lines that have no meaning. Whats the difference bewteen this verse and any other verse he spit on WTT. Its getting boring. Michael Jordan you are not.

  • Pusha

    Daaaam son Kendrick killed this shit, this is above any mofo level whats up with jay z though his verse was like a boring history teacher fuck that ima respect that old mans history but get the f out of here tryna rap on songs and shit he must be high cause he lost his singing career for sure not hate just stating the facts..

  • wiz

    Jay Z did not pass the torch to J. Cole, he won’t even get on a real hip hop record with him. K. Dot probably added his last verse after he heard Hov’s verse. A lot of rapper go back and re-write their verse and try to come harder if they fill like that got killed on their own song or Jay might not hard none of Kendrick’s verses and just send his verse in.

  • Respect

    Hovs flow is foolish, he’s getting back to how he used to be

  • Niggaz talking to Jay bandwagon thing too far. I have seen Jay hop on some shit but let’s be real. So people named T.I, Wayne, Drake, Kanye, J. Cole, Rick Ross and Jeezy as people that Jay jumped on their shit or passed the torch? T.I was in the game years before he ever got a Jay collabo, Jay was running Def Jam when Jeezy and Rick Ross got signed to Def Jam, Jay put on Kanye and J. Cole so its only right for them to get a feature, Drake? Jay put him on a hook on BP3 early. Jay didn’t pressure to get on K Dot’s album but he did a remix verse and u want to say Jay is a bandwagonist? U guys are jokes… That’s like 6 ppl, what about all the people that got some hype that Jay didn’t jump on their shit?

    Trinidad James?
    2 Chainz?

    Don’t act like Jay jumps on everybody who is hype or in the moment.

  • jobie

    the truth is, jay is not in his prime anymore. cant compete with the top rappers regularly. kendrick killed him on this. getting a jay verse is like getting a dr. dre verse, you dont get him to lay a hot verse, you get him because of the name and what he stands for. but kendrick is still hungry, dominated this track, like every other ive ever heard him on.

  • Rello

    Y’all dumb as hell it’s an honor for these young niggas to get on a track with a legend

  • Leon Sandcastle

    Who better than this nigga?? BARS! (Chocolate Droppa voice)

  • MrDope

    Love the hunger in Kendrick and the will to prove himselft.
    He’s good, the best real rapper out and popping right now, that I can give him.


    when he hops on a song with Eminem, Kendrick will fall down from the cloud he’s on, fast.
    Em is the real GOAT and alot more well rounded than kendrick but kendrick is hiphop’s brightest star right NOW but Eminem is the greater rapper, no question avout it but Kendrick got time, alot of time.


  • Ryan T.

    Return screw face rap, that second verse by Kendrick though… I was on 285 with the stank face

  • Damn he hoed Trinidad James

  • chasee

    its safe to say that Kendrick is the new front runner of this rap shit. I mean goood God, did you hear that second verse??? It might be the best verse I ever heard and i dont even fuck with dude too tough

  • WestCoast

    99.99 % Eminem Ft Kendrick Lamar ( produced by Dr.Dre & Eminem)

  • its not better than the org song its became kinda bad

  • hiiipowerbish

    Kendrick Lamar legend in the making

  • @jobie you on crack with that bull ya be spitting

  • This make me wanna get back to the big screen.

  • Afghan Dope!

  • Los

    Jay got killed on this. he didn’t get renegaded, he got vibed.

  • Gaz

    This is the difference between jay and a lot of old washed up rappers, he stays consistent and never hates on the new mc’s, k.dot killed it as always, good to hear him address shyne, with kendricks skill he’s not going anywhere, hes got the potential to be one of the greats

  • / R K V N E

    Wasn’t everyone saying how corny this was? lol First they love you then they hate you then they love you again.

  • Yo

    Co sign @ilexx…. You really think Jay NEEDS to jump on anything to stay relevant?! When he raps ppl are gonna listen….. ALWAYS. Do your homework and stop hatin the legends I’d rather hear more from Jay than any crap from Wayne 2chainz or Future

  • Pardonmyswag

    Jay-z had proven time and time again that he can’t compete with the best o them old or new. Who wouldn’t wanna have a jay -z verse?!! Kendrick has a classic album and hes a superb lyricist of our time but still has ALOT to prove. Jay has 12 no1 albums… He hasn’t even came close to barriers jay has broken for hip hop culture period. There no comparison just two Greta lyricists

  • it’s the roc

    both killed on this in different ways. if i had to draw a parallel, it would be that jay caught a charge for insider trading and kendrick caught a murder charge

    kendricks second verse is one of the best verses i’ve heard in a very very long time. jays verse is sneakily almost as good though

  • Belize

    Hov just renegaded Kendrick

  • JOHNYblaze

    Song is cool almost freestyle mixtape shit not that ill and k dot DEF came back redid that verse.

    Jay just needs to do him forward shit stop trying to be so rap godly.

  • Dont Kill My Vibe!!! Good Collaboration……

  • Reblogged this on Sin.

  • Kendrick bodied this shit.

  • bumpy johnson

    jay killed this , kendric verse was just long

  • ultrakid

    i like the original song as is, it seem this remix is just Jay feeding into the kendrick hype, dont get me wrong kendrick is great, (his second verse murders) but as for Jay, he should stay focused on him he’s still a great rapper, but i just hope he doesn’t turn Dr Dre-ish,

  • Mars

    Fuck Jay-Z and all his dickriders. His fans are a bunch of rich kids from the suburbs.

  • Rod Markie

    @Mr.Dope What the fuck is wrong with you eminem dickriders? Ya’ll niggas hype him up like he’s the god of hip hop, miss me with that bullshit. The only thing eminem has over jay is album sales the only thing he has over kendrick is success and longevity. That last kendrick verse was just as good as ANY eminem verse I ever heard. For the record Nas will lyrically spin around Em a million times em just has a flow that curves his lyrics and make them seem greater then they really are but to be honest their not very complex rather easy to understand once you slow the flow down. He’s one of the greatest but not thee greatest cut the fuckery out

  • mbelievable

    yall niggas expect gold to come out of J’s mouth his verse was great and kendrick probably went back time after time to perfect that 2nd verse which was great also

  • dsunn723

    k dot = killa

  • cookiesandapplejuice

    Jay-z verse was okay kendrick saved the track and this is coming from a Jay-Z fan

  • Mokh

    Jay says : men lie, women lie, NUMBERS don’t
    kendrick says : “Y’ALL KEEP THE NUMBERS, I’M MORE THAN Another STATISTIC” than he talks about THE LOVE he’s getting from everywhere. MAN, that’s not just some lyrical exrcise. That’s a Classy affirmation of his type of ExcellAnce.

    and than jay comes, talks the same egocentric he’s been talking the last… since no reasonable doubt…… I’M OFF THAT.

  • OMFG KENDRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ya Boy G

    Fuck yo opinions. This is what niggas needed. Kendrick. Fucking. Lamar. With Hova? And they both went iiiiiiin.

  • Space Ghost

    YOUNG HOV!!!!!!!

  • ayyeee

    Kendrick dissed the shit out of shyne lol best remix ive heard in a minute.

  • Space Ghost

    Y’all kill me with that Renegade shit. If you hear Jay’s verse and get to add a verse after him, then you didn’t renegade shit. Jay sent him a verse and he got a chance to listen. Jay killed his first verse, so he listened to Jay’s and made a comeback. That’s NOT a Renegade….that’s just you hating on the legend that shows his pure power by still competing with these kids. He shouldn’t even still be here, but he is. Jay Hova…bitches.



    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’13!!!

  • bumping this all day king kendrick king hov

  • Lupef

    Holy SHIT, kendrick with the renegade of the year !!!

    His last verse was just WOW

  • Bnard

    cute artwork.

  • I feel like Kendrick tried waaay to hard. Period. Jay tried to stick with the theme of the record but Kendrick was so gassed Jay gave him a few bars he killed the songs vibe disregarding his own advice. Curious to see what happens when TDE picks a new front man. Bitch don’t kill my vibe.

  • Yacht

    Dope… that simple. When y’all gonna stop talking like Jay name don’t hold wait anymore. When he is inspired his lyrics… simply amazing that the shit he talk about is his life. When y’all gonna learn to appreciate good music?


  • Yacht

    Pardon me. Kendrick doing his thing too. Respect young boy.

  • EezyFleezy


  • EezyFleezy

    hahah yall niggas act like Jay didnt get killed on this shit.


  • ess

    oh shit, both killed it..

  • drk

    Kendrick’s delivery on his second verse is absolutely insane.

    I really like how Jay is progressing in hip-hop and is attempting these flows and hopping on these beats that are obviously foreign to him. I don’t think his verse is bad or anything, but Kendrick steals the show with that second verse. Still really enjoy hearing Jay on this; it sounds as if Jay is trying to prove himself on this song even though he doesn’t have to.

  • Baby of Stan

    Now this… this is NOT beginners luck! #Kendrick


    Baby of Stan

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  • Fuck Your Opinion

    History in the making.


    JAY-Z has nothing to prove to anyone he paid his dues his verse was subpar so what!JAY-Z can still rap who has been so relevant since 1996 not nas,50 cent,dmx,dr dre,lil wayne,ti,alot of rapper’s come and go but JAY-Z still has it his verse was not that good but JAY-Z just does this for fun he dont need the money he does not write his raps down if JAY really tried he would of killed it.Rappers come and go but Jay-z is a legend and has the respect of fellow rapper’s there’s a handful of rapper’s that havent lost it like eminem and jay-z.Emenim would of killed this track but this beat was not really a Jay-z beat he could of went all in on anyway just like suit and tie.JAY-Z is really good or bad at features but he is consistent and his albums and singles are good.at least jay-z still does features you dont see emenim or rakim or other greats doing it.alot of people forget he started rapping at 26 and let’s not forget how huge his catalouge is how many song’s he’s done.JAY-Z IS A LEGEND!

  • TJP

    Jay is Jay as always but Nas will forever be the greatest.

  • anonymous

    kendrick killed it at the end. Jay’s verse was cool too, but im just sick of hearing all the phoned in verses he gives now-a days, hes so detached now , i remember jay would be in the studio with dudes and you could feel that connection. game aint the same i guess

  • PistolPistol

    ….. Earn that spot. To early yet to “GOAT” this guy.

  • TJP

    Jay is great, but Nas would’ve killed this more, true story!

  • PistolPistol

    .. Besides, just because he’s better than most of the garbage out there right now in the game. Does not make him the greatest of all time.

  • Cook

    UP IN THE CLOUDS…ME AND SPOUSE…aayyyeee. so fly

  • edge

    Kendrick murked him easily

  • Brilliant Song, But I Felt Like Andre 3 Stacks Would have Joined them On This, Jay Z’s Verse Was Hot, And Kendrick had to come back fiercer on his second Verse, Its Good for Hip-Hop ,and beautiful for TDE , Bless, From Nigeria – @FAZILLION

  • trent

    Kendrick went in but if you actually pay attention to Jays verse he snapped too, he didnt kill it like Kendrick but Kendrick also wrote his verses after Jay, point is there are 2 of the greatest rappers in the game right now on 1 track so nobody should complain

  • Mike

    Don’t forget about Eminem. No one will ever top him. AND he’s bout to drop his album this year and it will shit on everybody.

    Realistically says:
    Monday, March 18 2013 at 1:59 PM EST
    Game Over.
    Kendrick Lamar is officially the new G.O.A.T.

  • Stone

    Kendrick is very good on the mic but can we stop calling him the best rapper alive.. Can we please stop saying ” jay z passes torches… It’s not his to pass… We all know who the best really is but our “blackness” makes us deny him his Crown…….WE ALL KNOW WHO HE IS…..

  • edge

    Kendrick teached him how to rap

  • Kiing

    WOOOOW kendrick officially killed a legend here !!!


  • ^^^

    @Stone, yes Eminem is the highest selling rapper of all time, but hes not the best, get off his dick sir

  • Midieheme

    Nas would kill this type of beat.

  • Ezcomes_Ezgoes

    Kendrick made sure Hov ain’t kill him on his own song..Dope shit

  • Darko

    Average age of the people saying Kendrick “murked” Jay on this track?

    I think Kendrick’s flow was better especially on his second verse. Jay’s flow was still nice but his wordplay and double entendres is what set his verse apart IMO.

    And stop saying Jay is a “bandwagon” artist. Do you really think Jay-Z, 11 #1 albums in needs to do a verse on a Kendrick song? Sure it benefits Jay when we’re still talking about him but more so, a Jay (or NAS) feature is a right of passage to any potential heir to the throne. I’m sure Kendrick gave Jay the green light to do a verse.

  • whisky jonez

    kendrick is way better than kobe…jordan better than jay….dig the photo try-nalogy, tho.

  • whisky jonez

    people say jay didnt come on this verse….bullshit…he just spits so consistent that he sounds like hes just talking….but the whole 3-5 bars leading up to the hilary swank punch line….only few “good” rappers can dream up….best lyrical song in a while by 2 very blessed emcee’s…and the thing is…you’ll never hear this on radio.


    Ive heard Better From Both of Them

  • pointgodkg

    kendrick had 4 shots at this beat 2 verses from original and 2 from remix…jay spat 1 verse and he got killed…smh….i’m pretty sure kendrick wrote that last verse after he heard jay’s verse and decided he needed to do something extra cuz jay’s verse better than his other 3…his 4th verse is a freestyle type too, way off topic but with mad lyrics and flow, nobody murked nobody here, jus a good song….imagine if jay had 3 more verses….plus jays million dollar baby line is the best from both original and remix.

  • kendricks 2nd verse is god mc status everybody stop frontin for real

  • j dothard

    jay z dont even sound like he belong on this track and all he talk about is how him and beyonce on top dude stole everybody raps and u on here suckin his balls smh kendrick second verse killd jay bottom line

  • J Whistles

    Reading Jay jumps on the bandwagon is about as funny as reading Kendrick is GOAT.

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    Hov kills it. (Courtesy of the good folks over at Rap radar)

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  • D

    Sounds better than that “Suit & Tie” carp !!!

  • twinstpete

    It’s crazy how once someone becomes hot everybody lives them to be honest im not a real big fan of jay or Kendrick but jay verse to me went harder! I fucks with Kendrick but what’s the point of being lyrical when nobody can understand every 3Rd bar you say ??!! I have to look his lyrics up just to know what he said . Jay dumbed it down and still went harder to me, he even switched his style up