• Chris

    Hopefully this means we’ll get a Fab and/or Pusha album sometime soon.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Ahhhh real RAP right here

  • Young Lucky

    good shit, no pun intended!

  • Phillyfly

    No date for Philly? Damn

  • Faded

    Rhode Island!!!!

  • County of Kings

    Man fab continues to under achieve. He gonna get his money that’s all good but a rapper of fabs caliber and hits should be doing a bigger tour in bigger venues. No disrespect to pusha t but this is a downgrade for fab. Pusha doesn’t even have 1 solo album under his belt and he touring wit fab who had multiple hits on multiple albums. Fab shoulda been on the drake tour.
    Also no Virginia stops??? No Brooklyn stops?? Fab need to claim his title already stop takin baby steps out here

  • NYX

    @PhillyFly Pusha will be in Philly March 29. UTPhilly.com for tickets.

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  • Young Lucky

    @county kings youve gotta understand though, its not his call in regards to what stops they make. the co headlining of him and push is a fantastic tour for the both of them

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    So Ft. Lauderdale isnt appealing anymore?

  • ok that is cool information

  • gammaboi

    Fab out here looking like Blade. LMAO. Nah!

  • JOHNYblaze

    Fabs a dopeartist but sreing him live gave me the snoozes.

  • County Of Kings

    @younglucky i get that i just thought that the two of them would make it their business to stop at they home towns definetly pusha, who doesnt go on that many tours big or small.

    this is an upgrade for pusha who needs to keep his name buzzing but for fab, he supposed to be touring with more established solo acts like himself. any money is good money. but still i want fab in stadiums /barclays/msg not at no b.b.kings thats joe budden status. no disrespect to mr. budden of course but i’m just sayin.
    then again i wonder if fab could sell out the barclays? i guess if he could, he would. but since he aint, he cant

  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.


  • Young Lucky

    @county kings most definitely. but lets be serious here. you think fab has an “i can fill up a stadium as a headliner” type fan base? i doubt it homie. i too want to see them BOTH rocking them types of arenas but it just aint happening. theyll pack out the highline ballrooms, and the norvas etc. who knows what this promo tour will lead to but right now, this is a good look for them both

  • prove box

    Nice shit

  • Kieran


  • Black Shady

    damn I wasnt expecting Montreal to be on there


  • chino

    wtf why no florida?

  • I def wasn’t expecting Milwaukee…. but then no Chicago

  • windycityg72


  • The Other P

    No ATL? Damn, damn, damn!

  • Hammertime

    Fab goin thru a mid life crisis with his Iman Shumpert high top fade.
    But yo real talk this show gonna be boring as fuck, 2 bad stage performers at the same damn time.

  • Jeevan

    No Atl, damn! First J and Kendrick dont come to ATL now Fab and Push dont either smh

  • edi

    no one ever comes to FLORIDA

  • Beaming

    They goin to Boston and Rhode Island but not Philly…wtf?

  • Sassy

    Mid 30s rap lives!

  • LuxuryRap

    No Chicago show?!

  • luciano finesse

    i never understood why rappers on tour never come to Florida especially South Florida? wtf i know a ton of people out here in Lauderdale that would pay to see these guys perform

  • DJ Game

    Fab is awful live, just plain awful!

  • tallballplayer

    Yo B.Dot or YN or Big Homie when and where can we grab tickets!?!?

  • Double R

    Damn no PA dates at all? WTF?!? not even NJ??? SMH not Niceeeee

  • This is gonna be a good show, the small venues lead 2 a better expereince for ‘true’ fans…

    As far as the tour stops, other than NY and LA (maybe DC), these are all tier 2 or 3 markets (no disrespect i live in one of them) seems MTv wants to get the buzz up in markets that may not see that many rap tours…Miami, Philly, ATL etc always have tours so its not like they are being left out per se rather MTv is spreading the wealth…

  • val

    why not philadelphia

  • BK All Day

    Many claim to support a artist but dont realize he made stops in many of the cities you all say he isnt atttending!!! LOL Paper talks people!!

  • Jammz

    WHY NO FLORID? That’s just cold.

  • St3ph

    No ORLANDO?? dammm

  • Rashad Smith


  • MarK M

    So you going to just fly right over Texas huh can we get some luv in Dallas Loso & Push?