• Black Shady

    *see no comments*

    yeah exactly…..stay in ya lane….you’re not on Bey level lololol


    Keyshia is a bad bitch, fuck what ya’ll haters say.

  • B.dot

    i love you and Bey both. but come on Y u mad

  • K.Dot

    @ B.dot why hating on keyshia cole for? She spoke the truth!


    Woman to Woman FLOPPED! Keyshia Cole needs to be BITCH SLAP by KING BEY!…LOL!

  • BxWavy

    kiesh spoke the truth. dahm now the truth doesnt get respected, the world today

  • mac DIESEL



  • onenutned

    sorry mary J jr. king B said bow yo’ franky birthed ass down.

  • 2 cents

    Not a huge fan of neither but I respect both for their respective works of art. However, yall worship Beyonce like she’s the Messiah, like she’s perfect and can’t go wrong. Keyshia Cole had a point with what she said. When I heard that bow down record I was a lil taken aback because I never expected a record with such content from Beyonce. From the outside looking in, she seems like an “Oprah Winfrey” type person. You know the “women unite, world peace…and all that other cliche beauty pageant type positive messages. And bow down bitches is def not one of those messages.
    Keyshia speaks her mind and everybody gangs on her because Beyonce is not a human being like the rest of us so should be worshiped. smh

  • Ortis

    Who cares about these two hoes…you guys should stop acting like women.

  • Noble

    she was off from the beginning off the song!!! she is terrible! not even her background singers could save her! #terrible

  • Tre

    Keyshia Cole fans wear house shoes to the store and buy shit like Now & Laters, Boston baked beans, hot tamales, and flaming hot cheetos…… So I choose not to argue with them.

  • KingJugganott

    She threw the monkey wrench in her own career…I guess now she’s salty. Kinda bad because I was a huge fan. I don’t know WHAT went wrong, but it went wrong. Damn she sounds tone deaf like a MFer.

  • Enzo

    Jealousy is ugly ! Wasn’t she throwing dirt at Michelle last month ?

  • Lauren

    You Bitchonce fans are some dum bitche#! She telling women to bow down to her high school drop out stri tease booty shaking slut azz and you do not take offense??? What a bunch of morons! Money is paper. In heaven it is worthless. Morality means more to me. Lil Blue Ivy is a bitc3 that shiould bow down to her ho momma and thug daddy SMMFH

  • Lauren

    Bow down you dum [email protected]! What stupid azz sluts! Martin Luther King must be turning over in his grave! WTF he die for?? You calling each other [email protected]# niggas and [email protected] for this booty shaking slut

  • Lauren

    MONEY DO NOT BUY CLASS AND EDUCATION. They are hoodrats!!!!