• rahrahrah

    Nice, the female killed it.

  • Slim Baller

    Awful cover lol. Does anyone really care about these people? Honestly

  • Peekay

    dead at that cover. so bad. the hat?!

  • onenutned

    if term wasn’t such a boring person son could be on..unti then…rapity rap it is. good work tho.

  • TJ

    what the fuck is with this cover?? he’s lost me as a listener forever just for that.

    ( I don’t think i need to even go into details pertaining as to why this cover is an egregious mistake of choice.)


  • Peekay

    Long Live the Kane – some things are best left untouched

  • rahrahrah

    How can you hate on the cover. Isn’t that what every black man would want? To be sitting on his throne surrounded by beautiful black women catering to his every desire? The women are not degrading themselves. Unless you think serving a man is degrading?

    Or is it the pen and pixel mockery?

  • The Wise

    its crazy im frm the same city as this dude an he still to this day gets no burn in boston period…nice cover..way to put boston mcs in a diffrent light…NOOOOT…why do these underground cats shit always look so forced?!…its funny this guy has a pic of him on a thrown but yet hes been a strugglin rapper for the last decade..” we dont belive u, u need more people” ..