My Method: T.I. “Wildside”

Warner Sound kicks off their new viral series, My Method, with T.I. Here, he walks us through the wildside of his old stomping grounds while speaking on the inspirations behind the track.

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  • Facts

    Officer Ricky should do one of these

  • NYCown

    Real nigga!

  • WestsideKev

    T.i. a real dude I’m from ATL and I remember back in 03 them niggas use to be in the trap everyday

  • Funny i always thought Young Guru did the beat because he was in the studio with Jay playing him all those beats and saying things like “you need to get out the basement”…. thinking these were all the beats GURU had done, and in the studio Jay was like stop right there (on the What More Can I Say beat) as if it was his firs ttime hearing it, wonder if that was just for the movie……

  • Mike

    This nigga cranking back up he Everywhere!

  • Tip and them did used to get it in.They used to be on Six Flags drive too.Tough times.I ain’t sen no crackhead looking better after yrs.This was really dope though
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle: