New Music: AG Da Coroner “NY Never Left”

ny never left-cover

Wether New York fell off or not, normally gives a rap fan a good debate. But for AG’s final leak off his upcoming

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  • Dope

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    Ok…NY…Please. Stop it with the “old school” shit. Yes that was your domain for a while. Time changes everything. Let it go. Get over it. And bring something new to the table. I’m a hip hop head from the 80s/90s era and would love to see the care, message, and values brought back. But not necessarily the sound. Niggas act as if that wasn’t the regular path of music from the beginning, to eventually change and evolve. The “Cry bars” needs to be directed towards innovation instead of renovation. I should just start sellin headbands in NY again if this is the case.

  • Fuck Slave Rap, New York Birth’s King @Black mirror

    Even in the Bible in the Book of Proverbs its says “WHEN YOU LET A SLAVE BECOME KING, BAD THINGS HAPPENS”

    Not saying u wrong but all you outer town niggas need to come to the city and pay respect
    if a south or whatever rapper gets booed of the stage in NYC then 10 out the 10 times they are not gonna make it. Also he’s spitting facts, not fiction.

  • Heat with that 30 Call me D-Wade!!

    NY been fell off I don’t what y’all niggas talking about…The hottest NY rappers sound like southern rappers.Even ASAP Rocky says I’m “Texas Trill”.I never met a trill NY nigga in my life lol

    NY been left and its not coming back….NY rappers don’t have the ability to evolve as musicians for some reason.

  • But its cool for America and the World to listen to slave minded raps?
    Got lil kids singing the sin?
    New York never fell off,
    Rappers that not from NYC sound like NYC, J Cole,Kendrick, Jay elect,Drake,RicK Ross,etc, the list goes on.

    if there was no Bronx,New York there would be no nothing Period. Respect NYC.
    whoever thinks its cool for a rapper from the hood were ever they come from sound Mentally ILL Retarded than that shows U , Niggas in your neighbor hood are more likely to Sniff Coke, Pop ex , Mollys at a teen or early 20’s age. probably smoke crack when they get older.

  • Respect New York, yall niggas just mad cuz in the real world A New York nigga can easily Smash your GF or Wifey.

  • Violated

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  • zeee

    its like the walking dead in new york. hahaha a bunch of posers who aren’t about shit.

  • Shamba Menelek

    This shit is hot.. The beat is crack Juice. And what the Fukk are yall Fuck boys talking bout… Keep yah mouth shut and pay hommage to NY hoe.

    The best rappers Nas, Jay, are still from NY. And Any nigga thats winnin now except 2chainz and Future have the characteristics Of Dope NY rap from flow to Lyrics, they just rap on southern beats.

    If u wanna be real with it. Kanye, Wayne, Ross, TI, 3stacks, kendrick, are all good at things that NY are Know for in terms of MC’ing.

    Niggas that sound like Gucci, Plies, lil boosie, aint selling no Records.


  • New York is dead. Truth. Ill tell u why NY is dead. The minute u have to address whether ur dead or not or drop tracks like “NY Never Left” its clear ur fighting against the inevitable. NYC did it to themselves by supporting artist like 50 who was backed by the west coast yells southside and raps like a down south artist. Jay is married to a Houston girl because he knows NY is dead. And Nas is a sucka mc at this point. He apologized to Flex signed with cats who fucked his bm. NYC is Zombieland. With rappers named AG The Coroner, Fred the Godson, Agallah y’all sound like stars in the remake of the Warriors movie. Hope u cats find ur way back to Coney Island. Smdh. ps Kendrick Lamar raps like Dre 3000 not a new york rapper.

  • @djcognac when 50 sayd southside he’s talking about Southside jamaica Queens
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle: