• I didnt listen.


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  • hxdh

    why the fuck jeezy & officer ricky on the same track?!?!?
    i want wiz khalifa verse instead of officer ricky!!!!!

  • Facts

    @ hxdh

    Don’t be that narrow-minded


    Rihanna asked both to give her a verse, giving them a big ass check

    They most likely did not know about each other being on it

    And even if they did, you think either of them be like “Naw, I don’t want all that money”

    Officer Ricky still wack as fuck though


  • Devante

    So I’m guessing there won’t be a video for this?

  • jeezy & ross on the same track?

    need beats?

  • rr

    lol jezzy n ross it show they plan all these shoving…..they might be living in the same house lol

  • rackboy

    we bout dee shit mon. fuck yung jeezy, he a fuck’a’de boy

  • the brain trust

    I hate most remixes but this is dope.

    Rihanna stay winning

  • UptownMar

    2 Glock 40s at all times! I’m shootin back if niggas shoot at me!!! SNOW!

  • Trillionaire

    this wasn’t bad. “Im the biggest nigga in the game” Lol

  • Bill Clinton’s Sax

    Is there really grown ass men out there who bump rhianna music like its cool?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Jeezy !!!

  • Tsunami

    “I’m shooting back if niggas shoot at me”- Jeezy


    Juicy J Best Verse

  • chiraq G

    remove Officer Ricky n put Wiz or kendrick lamar or drake…anybody. ross verse was garbage

  • Tev Milli

    Shit tuff….
    Jeezy outshine Ross on this…..
    Kinda late wit a re re mix thou….
    That’s all I have 2 say

  • Ron Talk

    The fake rick ross ain’t shit.

  • young

    best verse: T.I.

  • zak

    ricky and snowman on the same track? hiphop beef is bullshit these days! the remix is hot tho

  • Johnson

    First time i’ve listened to a Rihanna track in a long time.

    Funny how they haven’t posted up anything about Wale’s album or are they leaving it as the last post of the day.

  • CaliSteppin

    T.I. murked his verse. T.I. and Jeezy>

  • LP1031

    way, way way, way wait. Ross and Jeezy on the same record, post shots being fired. Somebody got some splaining to do, Rih Rih, label mates or not

  • watch my move$

    no lil reese or trinidad james, man these the records for new niggas
    fresh on the label to be all over try’n break they career on some next
    level shit, real rap.


    &i would b tryn bun’er, like chr who ? lol

  • Beaming

    ^ no body checkin for triniad or reese . They are horrible.

  • FLO

    Everybody came correct on this

  • Itsfarfromover1

    Am I the only one who is thinking where’s King Dos Chainz #2chainz

  • Bk Banga

    the order should have been Jeezy, Juicy, T.I and somebody else… FUCK YA THOUGHTS its my turn to type

  • tef

    I’m yet to even listen Juicy or T.I verse just happy Jeezy n Ross on a track together again fuck a dumb rap beef

  • atown don

    Hate him or Love him…. Regardless that boy Rozay stay winnin! Niggaz better follow the blueprint


    Rick Ross The Boss!

  • DoinTooMuch

    Damn, I thought 2 chainz was gone be on here. smh Oh well, shit still hard tho.

  • Rod Markie

    It’s sad how repetitive hip hop has become and Im not even talking about the lyrics of the song, If you listen closely you’ll hear that its pretty much the same beat as bandz a make her dance. Mike will, Young chop, lex luger all these niggas are predictable af and their just screwing over all these artist paying for the same beat smh

  • LouisDaKing

    T.I. got the best serve hands down !!!

  • Tec1Nyc

    Nobody checking for 2 Chainz. Top 5 worst rapper of all time.

  • XP

    @RodMarkie unfortunately your lack of understanding of the music industry has caused you to spew fecal matter from your mouth instead of a proper thought. Imagine you are mike will or lex or young chop and you come out with dont like,bandz a make her dance or bmf. No matter how talented they are,artists want to replicate other artists success and go to these producers because they want the “bandz” sound. Even if the producer says “nooooo”(kevin hart voice) it wont matter because they are after that bottom line which is profit. So these producers get typecasted for the one sound until it gets played out.


  • Scrilla(Young Jeezy is hotter thann K.Dot)


  • ighttttt

    JEEEZY!!!!!!!!!!!! WON.. killed everyone… then t.i — rick ross verse was lame


    Ha! Tip had the best verse but this song is terrible.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Ri Ri pulled a Young Buck (Stomp) Let Jeezy hear Ross verse lol

  • @BlueScalise

    Jeezy disses Ross on the 1st verse, it just makes the Bosses verse laughable.

  • download

    Download This at RapUniverse.net

  • Bnard

    @BlueScalise he sure does, I peeped that smdh.

    Also, Juicy J verse>>>>>


    rozay verse stood out more

  • Yeaa

    That man Tip said, “it aint nothing to go buy 100 keys and stimulate the economy” lol. Already.

  • dgreat

    hahaha… Boss on the same track with jeezy?? I LOVE HIPHOP. Rihanna good and bad as ever. Let me say what i’m hear to say T.I and Rickross killed this song. all this people commenting about rickross being wack, why cant you get over the fact that the boss is taking over the game??? the nigga is dope, so get your thumbs up.
    nice one rihanna… will love to see a stage performance or a video.

  • areal1

    Jeezy WASHED Ross on this easily just wit dat one line”niggaz shoot at me I shoot back”which is kind of based on facts considering he was arrested for a shootout in MIAmI a couple years ago Jeezy wins again

  • mike

    Can’t doubt the snowman

  • Seattle

    I’ve been waiting for this remix….shits kind of a bummer
    Should’ve had kanye and Hov on it…….

  • Converse

    Damn Jeezy had the best verse and then TI…fuck the rest

  • Blackhoodie

    I never have any idea what Ricky is rapping about…nigga be all over the place

  • ighttttt

    taking over the game when your damn near 40 years? lmfao you must been a wack mc then jeezy been hot since way back rick ross became hot when he was 35+ hahahahahahahhahaha

  • It is strange Ross and Jeezy on the same track.That shit may have all been BS to sale records.jeezy did get right.It seems like he rapped longer than TI.TI did the singing better but Jeezy was flowing.Juicy J is my nigga.
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle: http://youtu.be/TMmOpNbb2J8

  • Young jeezy

    Take officer Ricky off… the song would ve better!

  • atown don

    Jeezy aint shooting back or shooting at NOBODY!!! Ask Gucci Mane… Yeah you few Yung Jeezy fans can keep on believing this FAKE THUG if you want but it is what it is! Blue Divency (BMF) told you what Jeezy would do RUN THE OTHER WAY… Oh what up Freddie Gibbs LOL when that CTE album coming out??? Tone Trump what up LOL

  • Tef

    Fuckin’ Rihanna put out the best sounding and hardest hustle banger of the year(original, not remix), that should tell you something about the state of the rap game.

  • trev


  • Three Kings, a Princess and a Trippy nigga” dir by Alexander King [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz_xHFhyKB8?rel=0&autoplay=1&w=560&h=315%5D

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