New Video: Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell x T.I. “Blurred Lines”

Keeping the ladies in tow and the Remy in the system, Robin Thicke premieres his new single with the accompanying video. His forthcoming album is coming soon.

UPDATE: Explicit version below.

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  • LouisDaKing

    T.I. is like everywhere killing everything !

  • Rare User

    Lil Wayne

  • Piringle

    I like the other white boy better

  • K.I.N.G

    T.I. acting a fool in this one, but that verse >>>>

  • matrix

    Um jea robin thicke always been a lil off the wall with his shit…but this ones gonna have to grow on me lol…

  • CaliSteppin

    Lmao at T.I. dancing

  • Ea$y Bread

    Justin Timberlake, JAY Z and Timbaland VS Robin Thicke, TI and Pharrell… FIGHT!


    This was actually pretty dope.

  • Mike

    Blurred Line > Suit and Tie…..They showing out on this one

  • Space Ghost

    Revenge Of The Nerds (Pharell and Chad). They don’t produce Justin anymore because RCA wouldn’t free the Clipse from their contract (also was on Jive/RCA), sooooooo they have their revenge with Robin Thicke. Justin borrowed Robin’s look and style on this new album (yes, I purchased it yesterday), and Pharell helps Robin strike back with a new hot joint. All is fair in Music and Cold War!

  • Justin Timberfake

    Yeah your music is better, but the whole Mickey Mouse club is gonna buy my record.

  • 2 cents

    Song is good. Video looks very simple and fun. Lol at T.I dancing and actin a fool. His verse was nice too

  • onenutned

    i felt a way about the sample but this shit was pure fun so I ain’t mad…Tip gettin his fred sanford on makes the video tho.

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  • whisky jonez

    awesome. 3 dudes enjoying life. tip kills it. pharrell’s dancin around like bill cosby after a 4 day bender…good shit.

  • the brain trust

    Hahaha. T.I. channeling his inner Diddy (although with better dancing)

    Really good song. Looks like they had a blast shooting this

  • Black Shady

    I refused to watch it earlier…but finally decided to watch it. and im surprised…this is dope lol

  • JOHNYblaze

    LOL watched this too scared, its str8, reminds me of old nerds pharrell type shit that you can just vibe out to zoooted, south beach style. Good shit. reminds me of that 07ish ceelo sound

  • Monelisa of Hip-hop

    Tip was nice dancin and shit

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  • “there is more than 2 T.I.’s” dir by Alexander King [youtube

  • Brutally honest

    Pretty much Skateboard P & Chad took the rift off Marvin Gaye’s “Keep On Dancin'” and added a few symbols and and guitar licks to it . Neptunes know to do that with certain records, i.e. Nelly “Hot In Herre” (Chuck Brown – Bustin Loose)

  • dodo

    TI looks out of place.

  • I like ti’s dance step ….I enjoyed every move they made in that video!! Nice 1

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