New Video: Wale Ft. Rick Ross x Aaron Wess “The Show”

Along with Rick Ross, Wale drawls the curtains for his new feature presentation off his Folarin tape. After the break, Wale announces his new album, The Gifted, which drops June 25.

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  • onla


  • hah

    this nigga so corny

  • Safe Dwade

    This was a Supreme ad not an album Trailer Supreme is weak now anyways

  • HatinIsForSuckas

    Cant Wait Ambition Was DOPE! This Will be too… The Show video was better then average at least it was different.. I dont understand why people dont like Wale, i feel like when you try to be a lyrical artist you get critiqued more.

  • Jav

    Mad corny. Lmao. Wth. He needs to cut his poetic talk and just put out good music. He hypes himself up too much.

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  • Kali

    Ross murked this shit

  • rahiemshabazz

    Wale keeps coming with dope music.

  • Ramelo

    I swear Wale & Joe Budden are related…2 Ultra Corny Ass Lame Niggas. Neither of these niggas would’ve been Rap Game Legal in the 90’s.

  • MOE


  • Troofy

    He’s corny but unfortunately this hiphop era is not controlled by the critics , it’s controlled by the labels , bloggers, radio programmers so if they say his money is green wale will always get radio play and features galore.lets just say that it’s too late for change in the rap game,Newyork new rappers are broke ,wale is richer than even papoose, Maino, fab, Joel Ortiz, etc. let along new rappers so its just too late to stop rapradar is his publicist!