• Pancho

    You know you’ve maid it when you get Hov to jump on your track..

  • IIG

    Damn that has to be a dope feeling.

  • Pancho

    I want to see Abs first reaction to this…

  • flo

    “they really let us in the rap game dawg” that nigga soul

  • Troofy

    @Pancho Last time I checked Hov jumped on juveniles ha track too and countless of other rappers that r not relevant today!
    Hov does what other rappers like 5o or nas should be doing ….

  • onla

    this video is awesome

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  • mighty morphin vs VR troopers

    Nas and Jay have two separate goals in common. Jay tries to piggy back other up and coming artists to stay relevant with the “younger” generation. Nas puts out dope material on his own, without the help of another artist’ popularity.

  • sealey

    Jay-z sells out stadiums… he don’t need Lamar. He has helped the career of many artists because to the general public (read corporate america) they know that if Jay-z is with you you’re somebody. Ths kid will have a lot more doors open up to him just because of one verse. Companies spend millions for Jay just to mention their product in a song. He probably charged his label a few dollars

  • Beaming

    This is dope

  • Space Ghost

    @ Sealey co-sign

  • Pancho

    @Troofy pardon me I was speaking in the present not in the past, times have changed, Hov doesn’t go around dropping 16 for anybody now a days..

  • Beaming


    Agreed. But I doubt he even asked for some dollars from the label. “What’s 50 grand to a muthafucka like me can u please remind me”. Feature money is nothing to jay, he prob wipe his ass with money like that. I’m thinking he did the verse because he actually likes and appreciated Kendrick’s talent.

  • Space Ghost





  • ss

    that oxymoron sounds dope!!!

  • Chill100

    Niggas stupid wondering if Jay got paid for this or not Jay doing this just to get the ball rolling Lyrical excercise it’s almost for him to start growing the hair again and get back into the ring so he doin his round…y not start with the hottest nigga out….Kendrick verse is better but remember Jay sent his verse in first it would of been disappointing if kendrick couldn’t top that

  • Black Shady

    Dope video!! But to be 100% like I’ve said many times…Kdot got the best verse lol

  • FatAhole

    Y’all niggas are fucking stupid Jay didn’t put his in this track he prolly freestyle this shit Kendrick took a day to write his

  • pptheTruth

    I wanna hear that Schoolboy Q song that is playing first.. Gonna be a good second cd

  • DMVinyourchick

    Smoke and mirrors my nigga it’s prolly true tht j freestyled but at the en of the day all that matters is how it turned out, not too many people care about the trial after a verdicts been given

  • Capeman

    Kendrick’s kinda important to Hov, he e-mailed the track, if K Dot was really important Hov would’ve handed the track personally.

  • Troofy

    @pancho don’t be dumb yes he does!
    He’s rich but still gotta street msntality when it comes to rap
    Ofcourse he ain’t pulling no body up but if he feels threatened he signing and keeping you in the north(dark spot)c(jay electronica) (j.cole) or hoping on your shit like lamar to cool the flames…

  • eastpointvet

    lol yall conspiracist theory niggas is funny. This in no way helps jay niggas who respect kendrick as an artist already respect jay he has done to much int he game to not have respect. This verse only elevates kendrick. i have a friend who hates kendrick but loves jay this softened him up to kendrick cause he couldnt deny the verse. And like was said if jay sent you a verse and you a lyricist there is no way that music should come out without you having a verse topping his you have long as you want to write and rewrite your verse.

  • Word

    Is it just me or does Kendrick seem fake excited about the verse? Or just not that excited in general. I dunno, maybe its just me. I’m sure he liked the verse but everyone around him seemed blown away by it and Kendrick was just like, Oh thats a pretty good verse. He smiled at some lines and the overall verse was great from Jay but Kendrick bodied this track> Its his song anyway so I wouldnt expect less.

  • Polo

    “they really let us in the rap game dawg” — that momment you realized you arrived. Great video.

  • michelle michelle

    awww, this is so cute

  • mkr

    @word I agree. KDot definitely seemed fake impressed with the verse as a whole. Seems like he put on a front for the cameras and whole crew that was in the room. Regardless, it was probably a great feeling just to have Hov on one of his songs.

  • Real Deal

    That was one of those “I really made it” type moments. He killed jay with the new verses doe

    also that schoolboy q song sounded weak as hell

  • As Real As It Gets

    Now that jay consigned him watch ya boy YN meat ride KDot for the rest of the year.

  • Caliboy28

    First jay went in on that verse from a perspective only he could as king of rap since PAC and big. “I been on my vibe for 20 years straight.” Kendrick killed it from a hungry nigga with the skill to succeed jay. “I’d Shawn a black beetle, the I deserve a 10 min drum solo, see you at Woodstock.” Kendrick won overall but jay is still Jordan. And yes Kendrick had as much time as he wanted but only took a day. As far as we know jay didn’t have a deadline, k.dot dont even know.

    Second I think jay listen to gkmc and was like this is a complete conceptual album that lyrical has true merit, and it is a debut. So he hopped on the track from inspiration.

    Third and about Kendrick reaction he looks like he hears jay going in on the track and feels like Kobe would if Jordan hopped on the court. He just seems excited but he already thinking like how can I top this.