• l yeah nigga. i was just reading the old XXL with Jadakiss with the Helly Hansen jacket on. they was beefing then. L yeah. Kurupt from Philly nigga whatup!! i see you DAZ represent motherfucker

  • blackJew

    The new 213!! –

  • rillmerch
  • Marko V

    Smh the mixtape they dropped earlier this year was pure DPG flavor strait no chaser. This tho…


  • coo. Beat hard tho

  • Oj da Cornball

    Still biting Snoop’s “Down for My NIggaz” and a wack beat biting it.

    but Daz always interesting to listening too. They made it more listenable than the original wack one.

  • K

    dope shit forreal

  • nigga creep

    Dogg pound dropped so many classic songs n albums its sick. Do ya homework.