New Video: Wiz Khalifa x Akon “Let It Go”

Wiz Khalifa and Akon keep the “Eye of The Tiger” theme going for their new video. The imagery really doesn’t fit the song, but it seems to work. Cop ONIFC here.

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  • Nice visuals!

  • eDUB

    Cool video, but I cant help but feel like Wiz Khalifa is to the point where every rhyme feels heavily recycled.

  • ayo

    is he trying to motivate or brag?

  • koa29

    Rolling Papers > ONIFC.

    ONIFC was a big let down.

  • koa29

    Wiz need to take a 2-3 year break now. Live his life, raise his kid. Then come back and put an album out. All his raps sound the same like some dude above me said

  • wizzle khalizzle

    is this nigga growing dreads?? yeah more dread rappers….thats what’s truly missing in rap

  • TrillmaticEnt Olachia

    that boi Wiz khalifa done came up!!

  • Tight video but the mans raps never change.


    ohh wiz, you fucking suck now…different song, same shit