Behind The Scenes: Pusha T x Kevin Gates “Trust You”

Pusha T invited SkeeTV to his Hollywood set recently while filming his next video. Until the premier date, here’s how it all came together. Nice crib. Nicer chick.

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  • Freshy Clean

    Fuck Pusha T and everybody who love em.

  • Justsaying

    Dude didn’t even let kevin gates say one word didn’t introduce him or nothing what kind of colab is that

  • Wat dat nigga trynna b future?

  • bumpy johnson

    dope track pusha , should of introduce the feature though

  • PRO

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  • Hammertime

    Pusha T washed up, he couldnt take advantage of Kanye’s good music cosign

  • buking

    been listening to this song for months thing it was future on the hook

  • W33d~RolL-Up

    RIP Roger Troutman

  • 225Jujumaine

    Kevin gates for President! BR Standup #freeboosie

  • I like the song, but dude biting Future so hard i thought it was him.Good song though.I was just listening to this mixtape day before yesterday again
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle:

  • Justsaying

    He does sound like future very true can’t deny that. I guess when artist see a certain lane working for other artist they want a piece of the pie so they copy to get hot.

  • Pusha T u had ur chance and it’s looking like u blew it. U should have dropped that album already

  • Carlito R

    Damn doesn’t he feel guilty or ashamed for taking Future’s whole style????

  • C.K.


  • A Fan of Both

    Before you say Kevin Gates is bitin’ off of Future, do your research on him 1st. This has been his style (minus the autotune), it just so happen, Future blew up 1st. He doesn’t use autotune on his own music. I like both, him and Future, but on a lyrical level, he’s better than Future. All I ask of you is do your research before you post a comment dissin’.

  • County Of Kings

    i fux wit pusha cant wait for the album cuz he is so nice lyrically but everytime i see a visual of his work its disappointing. pusha needs to change his whole look. when he was rolling wit kanye wit what i think he called it a “salmon colored suit” i thought he was on his grown man shit.
    he be looking childish and amateurish. he need to change his image. big sean looks young cuz he is young. pusha looks like he dont wanna grow up or something. all the hand gesturing and leaning back like he cooking or whatever is getting really old, really fast. i like this song but dont even wanna see the video especially after that “millions in the ceiling” video this gonna be the same exact visual

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  • Obama

    “the guns, the drugs.. You know the whole lifestyle that he’s about”.. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Yeah fucking right!! This nigga MAYBE sold a few 8 balls before he started rapping on Myspace.. Nigga been paid ever since, but he wanna be seen as being about guns an drugs.. Fuck out of here with this shit.

  • Hey yo

    @County Of Kings. Props for the observation. I knew something was off with Pusha’s visuals but couldnt point it out. You are dead on.

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