• Scatter

    So Ninjas don’t even ask about Detox now huh?

  • Tev Milli

    Ima have grandchildren by the time Detox drops..

  • jdja

    Can’t wait.

  • pptheTruth

    Oh damn. Dre been waiting so long to drop the Detox Shady is balding/thinning.. Feel ya Slim.. Feel that pain.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Come on y’all give up the DETOX talk. PLEASE?

  • onenutned

    as much as I dig Slim I’m not checking for him sonically…anticipation is one thing but absence is another and the heart did not grow fonder..I moved on. fuck a detox too by the way..leave the classics alone.

  • Em shit on the world like i know you can..kill these nigas who claim there thr goat (jayz) !

  • DK

    First of all, congrats to Dre on the deal. Much respect.

    Secondly, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense from any playing field to release ‘Detox’ at this point. Dre, as well as the album itself, are in much better places the way things are now:

    Dre, personally, would be in a much better position financially, seeing as very few people (especially considering the demographic of those who’d look forward to ‘Detox’) buy music anymore, but apparently many of them are more than willing to shell out $300 for a pair of designer headphones. The ‘Daisy’ music service will probably succeed as well by piggybacking off the reputation Beats has built up over the years.

    As for ‘Detox’ as an album: can you seriously, after 10+ years of hearing about it, picture it releasing, you hearing it and being satisfied? Axl Rose learned the hard way when he FINALLY released ‘Chinese Democracy’ after 10+ years to disappointed and mediocre at best response. It’s not that ‘Chinese Democracy’ was awful, but expectations were built so high over that time that it would have been better off as a legend of an album than a concretely released album.

    The best ‘Detox’ can hope for would be for it to go the route ‘Smile’ (the Detox/Chinese Democracy equivalent by the Beach Boys) did; a multi-disc box-set (titled “The ‘Detox’ Sessions” similar) being released with the decade or-so of unreleased material and mastered, “official” versions of the tracks that have been leaked over the years, such as a completed version of “Under Pressure” with Jay-Z.

    I think he knows better than to let the people who give him shit for ‘Detox’ get to him by releasing it and have those same people bash it nomatter how it turns out.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good to hear from Dre. Hip Hop Legend. Dre gave us Snoop, Em, FIF, Kendrick.

  • J.T.

    Eminem takes his time to craft his music . Unlilke all these other lame ass rappers that put out low quality music every month , that has one or two good tracks.

  • The Wise

    detox has been the talk for long time an i wouldnt get my hopes up even if they put a release date…(which they did a few times) dont get me wrong tho if it does ever drop im coppin it..an watch how the roaches come out the cracks if it does pan out for a release..if dre can sell head phones for $300..then easily with no problem he can sell a mill in cds..as far as Em Goes ima huge fan but that recovery was more of an upset to me then relapse. i jus hope he goes in the right direction this time..an cuts the commercial features..with em ..he doesnt have to make one song for the radio but if he caters to us grown folks with bangers lik his errly wrk hell sell no problem jus off the strength of his fan base

  • westcoast

    All the world waiting Eminem LP

  • asmodeus ashmadi

    Man can this man dr dre please sign mr. NASIR JONES! we need some real heat out here! DAM!! maybe i shouldn’t post this cause now jay z gonna read this and jump on the bandwagon!

  • Dre needs to drop that damn album and stop playing
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle: http://youtu.be/TMmOpNbb2J8

  • tj

    Detox will arrive once dre finds the right track so far 2 medicore singles
    Nas should have been on aftermath 3 years ago you`ll never no ?!


    detox been pushed back more times than stephen A smith hairline let it go

  • Black Shady

    If my name was Dr Dre…I would NEVER drop Detox. At this point…he could release a GKMC x 1000 and people would say ; “mehhhhh we waited 10 years for that? fuck outta here” LOL

    anyway congrats to Dre and thanks for all the things you’ve done for Hip Hop (including all the artists u gave us)

  • The bottomline is, while The Chronic & 2001 are both classics, they’re also both ignorant as hell, subject-wise, for the most part. And fans are probably gonna expect that still. Dre is officially too old (he was damn near too old on 2001) to be talking some of that shit now.

    I doubt he’d have that credibility with fans to try anything different or show growth though, because that’s just how you niggas are. You complain when artists try different things….but complain if they stay the same too?

  • sadly it is true

    All that matters to him is to get more and more big cash deal

    Same for eminem the biggest marketing machine in rap history.
    These guys have never been honest in their music
    They ‘ve always been business guys Not ARTISTS with integrity.

  • acidrap

    who cares? any real studio head knows them headphones are trash. they just all bass. you cant mix music wit them.and who the fuck gonna pay for a music service lol? shoulda kept his geriatric ass in the lab and put that album out 2 years ago.

  • detox if ever released will be a huge flop and ill tell u why. its the exact opposite theme that made Dre, Dre. he dropped Chronic then Chronic 2001 the people want the chronic and its not time to detox. dre should change the name of the album to Chronic of the 21st Century and let wiz, em, dre 3000, devin, and drakes writers write the album and get daz, pharell, and young chop to produce. case closed.

  • blackJew

    Sad that he didn’t mention his new artist –