Ratchet is his best song and the best of last year.
    This album is going to be the best this year.

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  • Pingback: News: @LLCoolJ ‘Authentic’ Album Cover()

  • Your Father

    I guess we’re in for R&B tunes and Pop attempts now.
    Last I checked the album was called Authentic Hip-Hop.
    On another front that Oprah interview was great!

  • Yeezus Christ

    aint nobdy give a fuck bout this nigga

  • TheTruth

    He is so fierce!

  • drew

    dear ll cool j

    Hip Hop is back at the fun careless stage like when you started. Go back to your old flow and style boom bap rap. link up with chuck english, ryan lesie, jake one. And give it go.

  • B hayes the pimp gets the last laugh, ll. Understand that

  • Joe lake

    nice fabric todd


  • “Yup ! There Ain’t Really Much I Hear That’s Poppin’ Off Without Us, Nigga”-YMCMB

    THIS SHIT GON FLOP SO HARD SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HA !

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    I kind of like the Jay-Z diss, hope Hov responds

  • John Cusack


  • Loaded

    looks like a GAP ad


    Y yall actin like ll aint da buff old skool rapper tht rapes his male fans evryones talkin bout…..tht nigga guilty……

  • herohiro

    L L looks like that. Cop killrt

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  • Biggavelli

    Looked real quick I thought it said LL Cool J Autistic lmfaooo

  • wahrheitsgetreu

    what’s with all the hate on Uncle L?? This nigga achieved so much and still delivers hip-hop that is better than 90% of what is out now. That ‘Take It’ joint was fire, it was nice to listen to it, the thing that you cannot say about 102 Chains or Officer Fatty for instance. Stop hating, if you are too young to know who LL is for his-hop, do your homework

  • Jus10

    Idk… I’ll give it a listen, but I can’t say I’m expecting much after that Ratchet track. On the other hand, that other song he dropped was alright.

  • Foreign luccini

    *going back to Cali naw I don’t think so*

  • Black Chalk

    LL can literally do what he wants…that said he should finally collab with Eminem

    need beats?

  • PistolPistol

    Had those moments back in the day. Pull a U-turn

  • Gambino

    Eddie Van Halen and EW&F. Very interesting

  • Diamond

    hmmm this might actually be good. Now im interested

  • dmfslimm

    something NOT for the 90 babies.

  • smilz

    damn every fuckin song damn near got a feature

  • Devante

    No new rappers LL don’t feel that lol

  • Get some

    Bootsie Collins, Snoop and T Barker all on one track….D O P E!

  • onenutned

    seriously not checking for this…been rockin wit’em since before I had the caliko vision but he just ain’t bringin it.

  • Chris

    This is the strangest tracklisting I have ever seen.


    This My Nigga LL But somebody Gotta tell Son, Champion Still Makes Hoodies Take that Gay Shit Off

  • these are some of the most ill-advised cameos in the history of recorded music.
    2 eddie van halen features in 2013????
    hollywood went straight to his sweater covered dome.

  • Joe Nasty

    DAMN that’s how you do features though.

  • hec1979

    Who gives a fuck. LL go away.

  • keep it Real

    Ain’t nobody checkin for LL… Lets be honest, if he was doing a tour, would any of you actually go? NO… Just keep it real

  • canibus


  • wyclef jean

    hey LL, wanna join my bike club?

  • jamie foxx

    man i remember when i did any given sunday with this loose booty as nigga. we’d be on the set and he’d be running around patting niggas on the ass like “lets get pumped up!!! we gottta big game today!!” i was like “nigga this a movie!”

  • ice t

    i was gonna fuxk this nigga up back in the day. ask around

  • ap 9

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ shut ur old ass up before i t-bag coco again. what ever you do DO NOT…i repeat…DO NOT kiss that broad. i know thats ur wife and all but she swallowed my babies and you know i dont do anything but drink smoke pop pills and sip lean all day so my cum tastes awful

  • naomi campbell

    LL you’re wack

  • quese

    Why tho???!! Nobody deserves this

  • You can say what you want about this nigga, he’s supposedly been “washed up” like 3 or 4 different times now. And somehow, he comes back with an undeniable joint. I’m not saying that joint is on this album lol, but I don’t think Uncle L is completely finished yet either. I’ve seen him come back too many times from the grave…

  • Tef

    @Sarcasm , hilarious comment via username. I died B!

  • anybody who knows what music is has to respect the collaborations on this album. Not to mention that lyrically LL is a staple in hip hop. i think this album will be pretty damn dope and filled with MUSIC!

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  • dagift

    This gonna be DOPE I just heard the snippets its crazy good work LL

  • Linwood Rose

    Look… LL’s been in the game for 30 years! He’s not the same dude he was when he was 16. This album is grown folks music simple and plain. It’s him working with whoever HE wants to. He could give a fuck about being relevant to today’s music scene. He’s having fun with the MUSIC. Go to Itunes and listen to the sampler. The production is dope. The soundscape is pretty dope. The lyrics are good. & the features simply work. I like it a lot. A few missteps but this is a well thought out and carefully crafted album for his fans and for people who appreciate the music.

    That being said I’m glad he changed the name to Authentic. The only one LL has to be true to is himself. Oh and I hear there will be some boombap on the bonus tracks.

    This is the maturation of hip-hop. This is how a 45 year old rapper should make music. Why expect him to compete with the young boys? Do you LL. Smooth album.

  • oakland73rd

    Dam talk about features wtf can he not do a song by himself anymore

  • Curtis75Black

    Judging a book by its cover is so hard in Hip Hop !! This emcee has some of the craziest names & features but his catalog is diverse like that. We’ll see !!

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