• Bo Nation

    Glad to see this…MOBB

  • JustMyOpinion

    Only thing that matter is….it’s over. M-O-B-B D double E-P.

  • Bx

    Lame excuses… Reporter need to grill hav more
    Bout homo accusations and his cousin making videos talking bout p is a snitch. I remember one interview that Ferg brim did he said he slapped noyd, another behind the scenes to havocs diss song against P they all was slandering P sooo, to me they need to address this shit with more debt if they really gonna restore the feeling!

  • PRO

    Watch This Video From Mardi Gras 2013!! Turn up !!! Might See Boobie and More!!!


  • JOHNYblaze

    FUCK YEAH!!!!

    This TRULY makes me happy, cause NO ONE EVER in hiphop HAS or WILL be able to recreate that MOBB sound.

    Think about it niggas beef inspired artists such as : Pac, Nas, Jay z etc. And PRODIGY directly influenced people like BIG PUN, TERROR SQUAD, BIGGIE, EMINEM, JIM JONES ETC.

    What Rakims FLOW was to OLD old school rap, is the SOUND and FLOW havs beats and PRODIGYS flow has done from ’94 on.

    THAT beef shit was gay though, just the thought of gayness you deeg?

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ WHAT are you talking about? That’s the most incoherent sentence I’ve ever read on this site.

  • Black Shady

    Translation: we aint eating since that beef and maybe…..MAYBE….if we get back together, we can try to tour and make a couple thousand dollars

    fuck this fake shit. Hav straight up clowned P and called him HOMO. Fuck outta here with the fake reunion

  • JOHNYblaze



    That whole beef was GAY as fuck literally and accusationally. And what Havoc said is HARD to take back but in the case of MOBB DEEP Im okay with not understanding how they got to that point, just pump out some NEW material for me to smoke too and “life is good.”

  • ghost

    MOBB isn’t smoke music. It’s give up the goods music.

  • JOHNYblaze


    thats almost the same thing. Plus i can remember albums worth or tracks that refer to weed or being high by them……. but it IS grimey.

    Im happy for the mobb,

  • Fuck all yall


  • df

    time for these dudes to hang it up

  • datnigga

    Hav… It’s not like you said minor shit like, P is a drug addict, or P is wack now, P is broke. You said the dude was homosexual. And you meant it. Yea, when you got a brother or a friend who’s like a brother to you, you might bump heads. But you never call your homie a fag. Unless you know it and mean it.

  • Beaming

    These Ballerinas in an emotional relationship. Shits weird B.

  • Bx

    Lame excuses

  • 8

    $$$$ it’s over

  • Jdu

    They need money like Cam/Capo/Juelz wana do a Dipset album!

  • slick

    hav is tolerating dude niggas aint buddy buddy again. they had to reunite otherwise they’d fuck up all that tour money but i don’t see how you can air your partner all the way out calling him all types of homos and what not then turn around and work with him again. this shit is all business

  • Oneshotdun

    Prodigy is the one tolerating the bullshit, havoc fucked a lot of shit up with his fuck P campaign….
    Big up to P for accepting Havocs apologies.

  • LarryLO

    They need to make music fast and get some NEW material out there and it better be fire.
    If they make a song with a heavy old school sample sound ALC vibe to it and then rap about THIS BEEF they had and how they all friends now and how it is infamous for life MOBB to the death,. They gonna sell records but until then

  • Jdu

    Mobb deep on Tour but no dates in NYC smfh


    so all of that shit Hav was tweeting about was real? so P is a homo who was fucking dudes in jail.

  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.




  • Didnt Havoc oust Prodigy as a homosexual informant. I ride with Pac when it comes to Mobb Deep. Cosign @Black Shady they see the So So Def and Dipset Reunion shows and hope they can make some quick cash. Pathetic ‘”

    “If your looking for me I’m in the ATL”

  • mortal

    Nice to hear new songs but it’s not the same until they really let the public IN ON WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEND… Hav and his cousin chosed to go the twitter and YouTube way so it’s already all the way bad………… One love one life

  • County Of Kings

    i dont need to know the truth behind their issues. but after hav said all that shit, there is no going back.
    i would’ve rather they said musically we aint working together no more but aint no beef. but since they said nothing is more important than the music, that means nothing is more important than the money.

    i grew up thinking mobb deep was one of the realest niggas in hiphop. like i respected who they were as men. i have no respect for them now seeing them sit together for a few dollars. after what hav said i cant respect that him wanting to work with someone u had such disgust for. and for prodigy i cant respect him working with this man who try to slander his character in the most disrespectful way possible.

  • I think we can all agree that Hav fucked up the real potential this reunion could have made smh.

  • tucq

    Ain’t nobody’s business what really went down. If they forgive each other, then that’s all that needs to be said. They ain’t gotta explain SHIT.

    I wouldn’t let nobody else tell me how 2 deal with my homies, so why should I tell them?

  • It’s sad but the truth is that you realize you’re not bigger as a solo act and that public only really has interest in you as a collective entity, you find it easier to make reconciliations that aint actually genuine.

  • Hav said P was a homo and a snitch and all that. Said dude was fucking dudes in jail and shit, then sit there and say it was real but yo sometimes brothers fight?

    So P jus took dat shit on the chin?

    I’m sorry there is NO forgiving that.

    And to people saying they don’t got to explain shit, if they want their fans to buy into the “reunion” shit then they gotta win back their fans respect and the only way that is going to happen is by fully explaining what went down.

    Plus, aint nobody deny those allegations Hav made and that doesn’t look good either.

  • Ramelo

    Yeah, Can’t even front I can’t get with a Mobb Deep reunion for 2 reasons. #1 Hav totally crossed certain lines in how he attacked P, that you jus can’tt be cool with a nigga after something like that & #2 It’s been over 10 years since they made any dope music. Mobb Deep peaked in 1999 with Murda Muzik it’s been all downhill since. That was 14 years ago

  • RapReal

    Mobb Deep was beefing because of Havocs homie FERG.

    Ferg came home from prison with his divisive ways and fucked up one of the greatest groups in the history of rap. You gotta be a grade A piece of shit for that to be the first thing on your resume after coming home from Prison.

    Glad Hav and P worked things out though…

  • seems fake for the money

  • Crim

    Need to adress this more if they wanna make the public believe

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