• ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Good track.

  • jburg

    Diggin this…..Beat is smooth

  • JustMyOpinion

    Wow……this is cool.

  • buking

    best song i heard from 50 in years!

  • Wall

    Smooth. Hard to deny that.
    50 in the zone lately!

  • mx

    Kendrick Killed it

    Kendrick only : http://www.sharebeast.com/pe629i0dw6yc

  • snow on that bluff

    this song is like that best song in 2013


    too bad 50 didn’t include his second verse from the video preview….still dope tho…kendrick and kiddkidd did their thing!

  • Dayumm this is dope. “You want the cheese or the cheeks?”

  • WOW!!!

  • Black Chalk

    dope…ya this def jus got added to the 50 album..release date???

    need beats?

  • alphs

    kendrick killed them lol

  • zeerax

    Glad there is a version with only kendrick on the beat.
    what a renegade !

  • bcro28

    best song of 2013 i think. you talk about smooth laid back. All three of them did there thing.

  • Whowantwhat

    Kendrick talking gun’s is not about that life! Lol

  • Whowantwhat

    Actually I take that back after listening again but his verse did not kill niggas..smh

  • rahiemshabazz

    Dope Track

  • Daaavis

    dope track, kendrick did a better job than the others.

  • Fif @@@ f

    Omfg kendrick !!!!!! he killed them oO

  • Goldenboy

    Dope record!

  • Leon Sandcastle

    CRACK! All 3 verses were hard. First 50 song to make the iPod in years

  • Rattle1

    Kendrick killed 50 ahah

  • marquice

    why is kidd kidd on this track…great song from 50 and kendricks lamar is a crime scene..killed it..

  • chillthrill

    like the track,,,,bars are cool

  • Sherane

    I love when Kendrick talks dirty.

  • Blackjew
  • Fuckin dope

  • K

    take of those stupid headphones. you look retarded

  • bcro28

    @ Sherane i hope your female. LOL!!!!!!JK

  • bcro28

    DAMN KIDD KIDD IS underrated like fuck.

  • CaM

    Kidd kidd look like 50 retarded son this shit supper trash

  • boomc

    if fif’s 2 verses from the video n with or without kidd kidd’s verse would’ve made this song complete n might be right up with JT & Jay’s Suit n Tie as one of the smoothest songs out on some grown folk’s shit.
    But K.Dot ruined it for me, this aint the type of beat you go HAM on.

    smh and yo RR need moderate these freaking stan/spambots

  • Los

    Not feeling Kendrick’s verse at all. Not well suited for this beat

  • Reply

    Hot Garbage

  • Evil

    Nice joint.Chill

  • wackness

    that nigga looks fully retarted

  • Peekay

    Dope beat. Pretty smooth

  • Mxs

    lol wherever I go, people say kendrick renegaded 50 and its true.

    King kendrick lamar with another win, thx god he saved hip hop this decade

  • Gonz0

    50 almost ruined it :/

    Kendrick is just too strong at the moment

  • HK

    @buking says: “best song i heard from 50 in years!”

    ^exactly. k dot nailed it

  • (NasIsLike)

    Kendrick stick to Game cause this 50 and you shit aint workin bruh

  • Q


  • Hol’Up

    This is great.. Hope it lands on fif’s album and not just Kidd Kidd’s mixtape..

  • Jynx

    WoW epic fail


    Not feelin this

  • liu

    wherever I go, people keep saying that Kendrick Killed them on their own track and I have to agree with that. I didn’t know who kendrick lamar was but I ‘ve just read that he was the most acclaimed hip hop arist of the year and the man is considered as the new King of hip hop.
    Damn, gonna dl his discography, how is that possible to be THAT good oO

  • ANnderS0n

    yeah you should buy his album good kid !

    50 Cent was dope but Kendrick is just too good right now.

  • draag

    WOW Kendrick !!!!!!!

  • f0rest

    Kendrick with a potential best guest verse of the year

  • good song.

    Kendrick really killed the beat.

  • Dopeness

    Stop hating on 50 Cent.
    Yes Kendrick had the best verse (again) but 50 did his thing

  • Dope, that boy Kid Kid can rap im impressed.

    Haters i’v found something yol can hate on thats ho bad i feel for yol… since the song is flawless just focus on the picture and hate on anything on it, like what they wearing or how retarded they look or how ugly yol think the SMS headphones are or that they drinkin Coca Cola lol.

    SKI GKMC lets go.

  • GKMC was album of the year and Kendrick is still dominating 2013 rofl

  • Too too dope track SKI shapin up to be a good album. Respect how 50 puts his artists on and shares the spotlight with them. The Game had the whole of Good Music and MMG on his last album but aint a single feature for his bum artists like Masone or Menice lol sad.

  • buju bitch beata

    those sms headphones look ridiculously huge

  • caliking

    dope track yes yes K dot killed em… hmmmm I wonder what game thinks of k doin a song with fif

  • lol 50 needed kendrick for a good track.
    Kendrick really killed it !

  • Al phs

    Kendrick too good right now.
    Tupac is living in his soul

  • Dav1d

    Dope song overall, Kendrick went hard and 50 did his job

  • Kidd Kidd went full retard in the picture. Never go full retard.

  • 50 is irrelevant

    lol in just a couple hours this already has more interest and comments then all the top5 posts… god GOD DAMN 50 YOU IRRELEVANT MOTHERF*CKA

  • Buggin In

    OMFG Kendrick; King Kendrick killed the song

  • king

    love it… 50 on his 2013 shit…

  • kilazzZZzz

    Kendrick >

  • HiphopJustice

    fif was built with the God’s. the man is a myth corperate acquisitions accumilations of wealth. dont be sillly fif is a legend

  • Black Shady

    this is dope

  • D’on


  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.

    50 is so irrelevaNT



    Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.!!!!!!!

  • SMH

    Yall niggas love overhypin shit

  • spqWny

    omfg Kendrick’s verse is perfect.

  • klqrence

    50 better thanks kendrick for giving him a good song LOL

  • Lol at bloggers AKA is YN black, white, chinese, or mexican?

    Kendrick verse.

  • NYKIdd



    Damn i don’t know who has more haters Fif or Game lol yall goin in….but i dig this kdot did his thing

  • Converse

    Cool song

  • Ngr

    This is fucking flames. I need that no-Kidd Kidd version though.

  • klqrence

    Kendrick verse.

  • Albatros

    2 ugly monkeys. trash.

  • holyshyt

    Niccas need to STFU! its Fifty aka Ferrari

  • haiki

    kendrick murdered 50

  • Real talk

    Real Recognise Real fif passing over the torch. He’s a great, his verse feels special & mature. The young niggers wilding like they should. Fif is a vet.

  • Trill1


  • Biased

    Biased headline which has prompted all these comments.

  • Trill1


  • turnit

    Kendrick >>>

  • troumAns

    Yeah Kendrick had the best verse.

  • get it right

    why is everyone so critical about EVERY DAMN WORD/VERSE/SONG.

    just enjoy the music. it’s a cool sound. they all did fine.

  • gqqgg

    kendrick teaching 50 how to rap and even kidd kidd showed him how to spit.


  • SaveHipHop

    You cant tell me there is anyone better than Kendrick…this is a legend in the making.


    the video gonna be dope. LOL how this not on the top 5 posts. same shit with Financial Freedom

  • Anonymous

    Wow, many Lamar dickrider’s in here…

    Kendrick didn’t kill anyone on this record, more like 50 Killed Kendick than the opposite.
    K’s verse didn’t fit the beat as well as 50 and Kidd’s.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, many Lamar dickrider’s in here…

    Kendrick didn’t kill anyone on this record, more like 50 Killed Kendick than the opposite.
    K’s verse didn’t fit the beat as well as 50 and Kidd’s.

  • brollya

    how come this aint on the top 5……. sites lik yall be waiting for the downfall…….

  • G.O.O.D

    Kdot sucks lets be real

  • hipHop

    this video got more comments than all the top 5 posts, fuck out of here b.dot, see you niggaz pushing it back to the second page

  • watup


  • Sultan

    pure flames !!

  • again not in the top 5 posts really RR. unreal whhat happened to this bieng a site for all rappers seems you guys got YMCB and MMG in your mouth.

  • MIMI

    RR on some bullshit, got ross jay n tunechi dick out yo mouth, hy aint this top 5 posts, atleast be honest n say u dont like dude


    “Kendrick” isn’t like how yall hype him up to be, the album is trash and he ok.

  • 85

    really solid !

    on repeat ……….again.

  • Trill1

    MGS yessir your right! And y he tlkin about guns like he hard lol

  • @tshiamofs

    50’s best song in years!



  • Mr.Opinion

    50 & Kendrick did their thing.
    That dude kid kid needs a little more practice, before he’s featured on a dope track like this!
    He’s equivalent to French Montana on that Joe Budden “N.B.A” record lol #MONTANA lol

  • Dave

    Nice look with the huge headphones lol . TWAT

  • Johnson

    Good track but not his best recent track like some people have said

  • Hybird

    kendrick murdered them lol.

    RIP Curtis, it was the renegade of 2013

    I wonder if 50 is capable of making a song… about something.

  • That Django

    Good job B.dot. It’s good to see you doing your job again. Unbiased hip hop journalism thats all the peolpe want, do it for the culture. Song is dope by the way

  • arrrf

    wherever I go, people say that kendrick had the best verse and they’re right.

    kdot > 50 big time here

  • Ace

    GGGGGGGGUNIT Back again on u nyggas GGGGGGGG UNIT KDOT

  • the Chef

    50 is trash lyrically.

    Kendrick saved the song

  • G

    Kendrick lamar>> 50 cent

    this song is cool, better than the other singles 50 been coming out wit

  • Wall

    We up!

  • Song is dope. Everyone on the track went in, but Kendrick Lamar is becoming too overrated like Jay Z. 50 cent and Game can’t make a radio hit again till they collaborate

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    50 steals the song, this is such a good verse/hook from him thats what i like to hear

  • jayzuz

    love it…kidd kidd is 1 ugly ass dude doe

  • liu

    Kendrick is incredibly good.

    It’s his song

  • ramSt

    yeah, I didn’t know who he was but kendrick Lamar has became my favorite artist since yesterday.
    Fucking great verse !!! listening to Good kid right now and I have to admit that its true what the world is saying about him.
    He’s really the best.

  • BBC|frn

    lol at people discovering Kendrick Lamar in 2013.

    Of Course Kendrick is the goat but why did he do a collab with 50 ?
    Still love ya man, you had the best verse by far.

  • WordDatsHowYouFeel

    To be honest I like 50 verse the better than Kendrick *Kanye Shrug*…

  • NoName

    Come on .. 50 did his thing but yes, kendrick was better (is it a surprise ?)

  • oripiouh

    Indeed, Kendrick rapped cicles all arround 50.

    Impressive, kendrick didn’t care about that song and he still has the best verse

  • TraX

    Omfg king kendrick lamar !!!!

  • Jerzzz

    Cant deny potential for 50’s album lookin better and better

  • SMD


  • fifflaren @ rran

    Kendrick did a better job, I definitely agree with you guys but 50 was hot too : )

  • Oj da Cornball

    See, children?
    You can always make even your haters and enemies side with you.

    That is, even Rap Radar had to conform to the hear, much as they ride MMG nuts and YN hate on 50.

    Props to B.Dot for doing his job and posting 50 regardless, though he’s just a pawn for traffic to keep the site going.


    Man I was hittin Sherane the other night, and then that new Usher came on the headphones!- Kendrick you taught her well, nice track brother

  • Los

    i thought Kendrick’s album was a classic, but i’m actually starting to build a hatred for KENDRICK because his FANS are fucking FUCKBOY FAGGOT FANBOYS

    relax already

  • Da44avis

    LOL this dude Kendrick is fucking great.

    What is his discography ? I heard Good Kid Maad City was a classic but what are his other albums ?

  • potofOr

    well, he released Section 80 in 2011 I think and the rest of his discography = mixtapes.

    Yes he’s very talented, the media is talking about him as the new King of Hip Hop and you can’t really disagree with that, he’s brining fresh air !

  • Tripa DuiuuuS

    lol stop the hate please !

    Kendrick was indeed better on the song but 50 was good, stop hating on him.

  • brodie

    God Kidd Kidd id fuckin garbage yo!!! Y did 50 sign that dude

  • ghetto runNer

    can someone give me a version with only kendrick on the beat ?

  • Kid

    Look what I just found on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/kedrin-marcel-wright/dope


    hot song. but you booty popping kendrick lamar groupies need to calm the fuck down. Ya think 50 cares about wh killed this track. lol. either way 50 wins. kendrick is just the artist, 50 is the certifide street nigga. 50’s feelings dont get hurt, only his pockets get bigger. stop the hate.

  • ghetto runNer

    Kendrick is the certified new king of hip hop … do you live in the grotte or ou just don’t watch tv or read article ?

  • Rattle1qf

    yep, Kendrick was hot and kendrick is actually the best new rapper.
    He’s hyped by the media, thats true but he is really the best rapper right now.

    Tupac = Kendrick

  • Pop123

    damn this kendrick lamar is AMAZING

  • Buin I

    Good song, Kendrick killed it

  • Damien

    This is hot, 50 got one

  • medusav

    Best 50 cent song HANDS DOWN!!
    Smooth shiz ,talk dat money talk ,FLYYY NIIGGGA!!
    Stay in this lane 50 this will win u new fans without selling out..

  • Gina Wild

    The year has just begun, and 50 has already released 2013 worst song. Beat is beyond wack, and subjet matter repetitive.

  • Good song. Everyone on the track went, Kendrick
    Lamar is becoming too overrated like Jay z. Plus, 50 cent and Game will never make a hit single till they resolve their beef

  • Gooona

    Kendrick is fucking too good, damn

  • Anpn

    It’s getting to the point that if your not a top 5 all time spitter like a Nas…Rappers that really have the gift.

    You might want to avoid doing tracks with Kendrick. That 50 verse was weak. The cheese. I almost didn’t make it to the second verse. He saying nothing. Besides whining over the hook like someones gay lover.

    Then come the kid with the gift, Kendrick Lamar

  • avrik

    50 did his think, it was a good song but Kendrick was too good for him.

    kendrick’s lyrics are impressive

  • WordDatsHowYouFeel


  • Los

    it’s “cheeks” not “chicks”

  • Rick Ross Tittie

    Wow just when i thought 5 cent couldn’t ruin another song… kidd kidd had a better verse then that police informant smh

  • MMGf

    Congrats to kendrick, the kid was extremely good !

  • king

    had to look at the comments…. lol 50 cent got the craziest haters…

  • Alphsas

    woooow kendrick, that was rly good man !!!!

  • some random ass guy

    it’s a matter of time, Kendrick x Eminem collab.

    it’s going to happen. trust. it’s going to be on em’s album, bet that.

  • ECU

    What happened to that 2nd verse by 50 cent.

    Lol at kendrick in the video

  • BKLYN44

    2013 is 5os year….

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  • Beaming

    All dick riders in this website “Kendrick’s the goat” …. He’s great and all but damn let the kid breath.

  • Fif is a punk for taking Kid Kidd off. The one with Kid Kidd is far better from this one to, don’t let this nigga use u as a pawn Kid


    no disrespect to kidd kidd but this song should’ve been like this from the beginning! dope!

  • RES 1

    @kaybee I don’t think 50 put him off. it was probably interscope…


    haha they took his verse kidd kidd be like “cmonn fif my verse was flames you know this please this is my shot! “


    removed his verse off his own mixtape so disrespectful haa!


    wooooo this shit is crazy. great beat, kendrick kills it but 50 showed up with some nice verses

  • Evil

    The song is dope just too bad its so short.50 could have added a full second verse instead of just a few bars.

    Kidd Kidd got taken off cos his verse was wack as fuck.50 has made this song his own now,even though it was suppose to be on Kidd Kidds mixtape.

  • Space Ghost

    Kendrick is always dope. The production and 50 Cent are both boring. Give me a better song 50……I’ll Wait…….

  • stanff

    50 is lazy as fuck, jsut added a few bars LOL

  • jz1

    50 is a biatch, the kidd kidd verse was better than his own verse

    Not a fan of kendrick but he really kills everything, I swear this man is amazing

  • WindyCityG72

    Why yall hating on 50, what more can he do besides spoon feed these ungrateful niggas. He gave Kidd Kidd all kinds of Major looks. from tracks, tours, video etc. And he does that for all the people he has had under him. Yet yall wanna hate the man for looking out for his self at times. come on 50 is a business man, many people eat off him and can make any calls he wants

  • kiLo

    Kendrick’s charisma is incredible

  • halluljg

    Alicia Keys and Dr Dre, Eminem and Adam Levine, Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar, lol he desperately wants a hit

    he should remove himself, he ruins all these songs

  • killaz

    50 Cent doesn’t have the passion anymore, he should retire

  • ScreaM

    Damn 50, stop please

  • Kliq

    This shit was better with Kidd Kidd’s verse … wtf was that 50? That shit was beyond lazy

  • opih

    Kendrick still winning, impressive

  • raddqr

    found a kendrick only edition, thx god I don’t have to listen to 50’s lazy voice again

  • Bmjac


  • Alicia marjit

    his singles all flopped and all of them had stars featured on it, it really proves that no1 cares about 50 cent anymoooooore

  • ni1ks

    I’m done with 50 cent, he ruined every single song he released

  • BBC||| fr1nd

    50 cent feat kendrick lamar, oh what a surprise, 50 cent trying to work with the new king of hip hop to stay relevant.

    50 cent needs to be orignal, he is boring

  • rozay

    Wow just when i thought 5 cent couldn

  • Hiiitl

    It will flop, jsut like his other singles, probbly because no one wants to listen to him in 2013

  • the finishline

    Kidd Kidd be spitting, why so much hate? Ain’t like he a Trinidad James rapping ass nigga

  • ghosty

    I love fiddy cent but I think he is done, no buzz at all, I guess hip hop changed because no one is talking about him anymore :/

    That’s why he is working with the hottest stars at the moment

  • regnaM

    removing Kidd Kidd when 50 himself can’t do better than him ? yeah, why not lol



  • hiho

    Wow kendrick 😮

  • swag

    50 cent top 2 no matter what

  • abubu

    very good song. 50 is proving many people wrong these days.. kdot always on point. fire!!!

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  • matrix

    Damn niggz is some true haters…this song is fire 50 was spitting flames and we all know what kendricc do…BUT DAMN THESE KENDRICC STANS ARE DISGUSTING!!! like seriously….niggz act like this nigg invented rapping lmao shut the fugg up you niggz make me not wanna be a kendricc fan its disgusting…Chuuch….

  • TDK

    Every song 50 does has a feature on it, clearly tryna dick ride whoever he think is hot right now so he can get some radio play. Washed up ass nigga

  • Shit been dope.I like Kidd Kidd though.I think Kidd Kidd is crazy with it.kendrick got busy.kendrick should have did a song w/ Joe Budden for real
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle: http://youtu.be/TMmOpNbb2J8

  • trayway

    Kendrick didn’t really fit the song in my opinion. 50 need to hurry up and drop that album tho i got a good feeling about this one

  • Original Ty

    I think this is was an entirely forgettable song. Kendrick did ok but not enough to save the song. Fif did what he always does lately, does a passable hook and and spits some forgettable but not bad verses. He’s gonna have to bring something different to generate interest again. His image isn’t new anymore, and he doesn’t kill enough verses to make you HAVE to listen to each new joint. I don’t know what he can do but this isn’t it.

  • @BlueScalise

    This is another Top 40 Hit off of Street King Immortal

  • thirstymcgurk

    this shit is fire!

  • Foreign luccini

    Sound like ASAP rocky song, fukin problems!!

  • bumpy johnson

    dude this song is wack and kendric verse is wack ……….

  • PRO

    Watch This Video From Mardi Gras 2013!! Turn up !!! Might See Boobie and More!!!


  • RES 1

    everybody here is saying “nobody is talkin about fif anymore”…but still this is probably the most commented post on here…and the song is fire!!!!!

  • Wall

    Oh so dope!

  • JB

    Don’t know what yall bitchin about, but this track is really dope. And I’m no even a 50 cent fan.

  • rogerbarrett

    Ready to buy the album. Anytime before Xmas 2013

  • G

    This a nice song, best single from 50 in a while..love kendrick verse. 50 verse was cool. glad kidd-kidd will not be on the final version

  • The_Insider

    Kidd Kidd did kinda fuck the original version of this joint up from bein a radio record. This joint shoulda been Fif’s 1st single followed by some uptempo ratchet club shit a la I Get Money and In Da Club then drop that shit with Em but too late, I think he missed out on the magic that coulda been captured but he still will impact.