New Music: ScHoolboy Q “Yay Yay”


Fresh out the Pyrex jar comes Schoolboy Q’s new jam produced by by Boi-1da. That yay yay sure is addictive. Q’s album,

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  • fire

  • Mo


  • doperoiz on IG & tumblr

    weak by normal Q standards, but doper than most of the bullshit these days.

  • watchthethrone


  • Sky


  • Pancho

    Boi-1da, really? Would have expected better from him…

  • dmc


  • The Wise

    these cats are overated as fuck!…really yall hate on soulja boi but this dudes over hear yelling yay yay!….i feel badd for this generation of music..these kids ai nt grown up to no real shitt!..We hadd biggie ,tupac,em,jay,an not even so to speak rappers but even production was always on point…point blank..back then ur favortie rapper couldnt let u down now..u have to pretend u didnt hear the shitt

  • Ricflair

    Weak !!!! Don’t debate me. Trash

  • dre


  • Leon Sandcastle


  • NYC

    Ehhh, kinda all over the place.

  • SaveHipHop

    Bodied the shit, fuck those who say otherwise

  • Mr.Opinion

    Cool , love how real this nigga keeps it tho. Nigga talked about his granny & said RIP I Love You at the same time. Q crazy!!

  • Q always comes through with some heat.Waiting to see him pop off
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle:

  • Hol’Up

    Sounded all over the place on the first listen.. But I’m lovin this after a few listens! Time for Q to blowup!!

  • Ryan T.

    Dat YAY YAY!!

  • Yeezus Christ

    catchy shit

  • Cheat

    FIRE this joint Tough

  • ayyeee


  • wow

    This is weak to an casual listener such as myself but you may like it if you are emotionally involved with the artist.

  • Fuck y’all saying this shit is wack. Yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10 Deep

    That yayaay


    chorus annoying as fuck thoooo

  • Starfox64

    looking forward to this shit

  • Judge Dredd

    I like Schoolboy Q but this? This is no good….. nothing groundbreaking or even entertaining besides the rumble of the 808s.

    Van Citys Finest Do To These Bitch Made Rappers Like Vaginas. Bet I Go INNN!!

  • G-cass

    Lol @ people hating on Puffy, this is hard af

  • Jtsc

    Real shit. All these cats on here that site how back in the day they had jay and em and Pac and biggie are lames…and I’m a fan of all of those artists, but if you can’t sit here and say that every song pac dropped was a smash. Same with big, jay em, or anybody else. My point is that you can’t write a nigga off because u heard one song and YOU don’t fuck with it. If he got a following of people that like his music, that’s him…nobody wanna hear y’all preach about how you feel sorry for kids these days and their music.

  • herbsaac

    Dat yayyay..

    Schoolboy Q and Gangsta Gibbs got the co-signs from me.. Shits dope..

  • That Yay Yay

    This is Schoolboy Q music lol if you heard his previous album you will understand, I fucks with this

  • DMVinyourchick

    I agree with jtsc

  • the brain trust

    Wooo! This shit knocks.

    Theme music to ‘The Wire’ kinda shit

  • bumpy johnson

    this is fuckin wack

  • TheProfessional847

    Watch This Video From Mardi Gras 2013!! Turn up !!! Might See Boobie and More!!!

  • / R K V N E

    YAY YAY is made famous by a West Coast Legend…Ice Cube…quit the hate folks got daamn

  • Black Shady

    Q aint finna drop a classic like Kdot yall people need to stop trippin. but he got his own lane and he’s doing pretty good

    this track is classic Q. dope

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  • poetic assasin

    I thought he was going to step it up lyrically ? Decent track – expected stronger this new go round.

  • Jacob

    I advie y’all listen to it like twice, I promise you it gets better every listen! This shit is DOPE!

  • Evil

    Dope song.Quality shit

  • @ the brain trust

    Did you even watch The Wire? This sounds nothing like any of the music from the show.

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  • K

    this shit is fireeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! YAWKKKKK

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  • Devante

    The hook is ehhh