New Video: Bryant Dope “QB”

Bryant Dope ensures Queens reigns supreme with his new video shot near Nas’ ol’ stomping grounds. Good luck trying to crush those buildings. The track will appear on Bryant’s forthcoming mixtape

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  • GKnyc

    Not a fan of some of the new kids but I’ve been watching this kid for a while. he has what it takes and with this video I’m officially a fan, can’t wait to hear more

  • ramondfresco

    okaaaaay i need to know who’s this guys PR team cuz this kid is like celery. beyond fuckin average. i can understand how mediocre acts like say riff raff or chief keef can get on because at least they’re interesting to look at and have catchy hooks. this kid on the other hand is like the most average C+ student mothafucka I’ve heard in my life

    So word, dude mustve put up a lot of money to be on all this big name hip hop sites, cuz it def wasnt his music. FUCK OUTTA HERE!

  • Dope. No pun intended.

  • troofy

    i feel you @ramondfresco its called blog payola!

  • onenutned

    tryna bring back the essence but something is missing.

  • Golden age

    Disgruntled rappers in the comment section, real cute.

    Keep doing your thing Bryant, putting Queens back on the fucking map. Hannibal too.

  • Dmuny

    My nigga Hanni!!! #Villains4Eva

  • Who the fuck is Bryant Dope and why should I care about anything he’s doing…. This can’t be the single?!?

    “If your looking for me I’m in the ATL”