• fh

    Stop making music Gibbs you suck

  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.

    ^^^^u buggin

    not feelin this joint


  • @ fh, fuck outta here. U must not have listened to Freddie before

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  • this sounds like a throwaway

  • rahrahrah

    Looking forward to good Freddie but this ain’t it. Leave the gangsta shit alone. It just sounds retarded. Dude is better than that, ain’t nobody got time for gangsta music, not even white suburban kids anymore. People forget that this is the least appealing aspect of 2pac, and stay trying to imitate that wackness.

    Grown men onstage with their pants hanging off their ass, grunting. Who the fuck wants to go to that concert?

  • epinz

    U gotta be in that life to understand…not feelin this, but gibbs is the truth!!

  • rahrahrah

    @epinz…you can’t build a lasting career that will provide for your family appealing to the few that are “in that life”. People used to use music to get out of that life, now it seems like cats with better sense are getting into rap in order to be part of “that life”. Gibbs looking as fraudulent as tyga and ross. No one cares how many connects he’s got in Brooklyn, or how many hoes he’s pimping. Tell the people something they need to hear. He can do it, he’s done it, this lane that he’s choosing to drive down is wack. And I expect better from him, this basura gets no play in mi casa.

  • Rare User

    1 of my fav right now shit is tight

  • deez nuts

    @rahrahrah leave the gangsta shit alone?? as fraudulent as tyga and ross?? you’re one dumb mothafucka

  • ksd

    nobody cares what kind of music “rahrahrah” likes

  • Obama

    Ouch.. This is that “nail in the coffin” music.. That “straw that broke the camel’s back” shit.. That “I was never really a fan but now I don’t ever want to hear another song by you” shit..

  • steezplati

    gibbs always killinn tracks dopest MC

  • j

    I’m gibbs biggest fan, but yo, lay off the syrup Gibbs. It’ll be the downfall of your career! Makes you slow and stupid. This song is weak to me too…More shit like BFK intro, less like Money, Clothes, Hoes…More songs like Trap Assassins, less like Color Purple.

  • rahrahrah

    ^ now I’m just posting under different screen names

  • j

    but yo, rah rah rah. Nobody, but you i guess, wants Gibbs to spit mainly conscious shit. he sprinkles some in here and there. but he’s ALWAYS been rappin about that hard, brutally honest street shit. im guessing you dont like songs like iodine poison, face down, and BFK intro huh?

  • j

    and were the songs he did with Jeezy not good? run dmc, sittin low, gotta see this, rough, etc???

  • loki

    Co-opting the title of Alice Walker’s book for a song about syrup? Wow, you are doing great things for our culture’s image.