Lupe Fiasco On Violence In Music

lupe fiasco

Lupe was at it today. The rapper fired up his off-and-on Twitter account to address the violent lyrics in today’s music.

Violent music (and all violent media) effectively says its “ok” to be violent. It provides positive reinforcement for negative actions. If you rap and make violent music then own up to it. Stop hiding behind “art imitating life” as a way to evade the guilt. “How the hell you gonna tell this man not 2 be violent?, Cuz he dont need to go the same route that I did” -Eminem & Dr. Dre “Choices”. Sorry…”Bad Meets Evil”…”Guilty Conscious”…sorry…lol

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  • evol

    I dislike lupe. Dat Nigga is crazy.

  • Love/Hate

    Blah, blah, blah….

  • Deezefee

    Fake thug no love you get the slug

  • DJAR

    God bless lupe. Last real person to come into hip hop

  • $arcastic A$$hole

    And this is why his career is a wrap…

  • dmc

    It aint nothin but music

  • sometimes things don’t make sense at the moment, so give it time let it roll around in that brain and then decide.

  • still best rite now!!

    STFU Lupe…out of the 500 murders in Chicago last year…how many were because a mixtape made em do it?

  • 3000

    Rappers that only talk about keys is poison – Nas. Same principle applies

  • mack

    fuck all you keyboard warriors…suburb thugs..speak out Lupe. Fuck if they call you a hypocrite. They all basement dwelling internet gangstas. Speak your peace fam



  • jdigg

    he is rite whats wrong wit loving one another shitt happens i knw but he wants positivity an i do as well an lot others do too so why tha fuck u guys on here sayn or disrepsectin a man tired of this world, ONE LOVE we all need to change our ways

  • G-cass

    Lol classic Lupe, makes some fairly obvious albeit good points and then squanders any respect I would have given him with that Shakespeare comment, making false ludicrous claims to aid his argument

  • The Wise

    Food & liqour 3 coming soon lmao

  • Loaded

    must have been that 50 cent interview on tv that has his panties in a bunch. what a fag

  • ROYALmike

    Another TRUE statement by Lupe, who is easy the top 5 lyricist today and is one of the only rappers..rapping about today’s issues

  • Iron

    Would somebody PLEASE kill this nigga already?

  • El Nino

    So then do Lupe Fiasco’s lyrics make you an annoying douche?

  • Dookay from thee Asshole

    who actually follows anything this overly self-righteous dickhead does?
    the only thing making headlines or getting any attention is his pretentious opinions…NOT music! aye Lupe, drop the mic and go get an editorial slot in a paper somewhere….have fun being all self-righteous

  • rahrahrah

    People would talk about ketchup if that what sold. But sex, violence, drugs, and materialism are some of the lowest common denominators, and it is “pop” music, so that’s what they write about.

    Look at reggae. That used to be almost exclusively about black consciousness, back to africa, righteousness, brotherly love…. Look at dancehall, which can be thought of as pop reggae (yes I know that’s not the perfect analogy). Look at the content of dancehall. They are dealing in the same death that pop music is dealing in. Irresponsible sex, violence for the sake of violence, superman like drug use, and the grossest capitalistic materialism possible.

    “Radio programming is not a figure of speech”..Dead Prez

  • KingJuggaNott

    I love everything that he said. Every word. Get rid of the criminal element in Hip Hop. It’s not doing us any good. The same MFers who miss Biggie and Pac are getting on records and repeating the same acts. C’mon….let’s push the Genre Forward.

  • Mattyboy

    Lupe is telling the truth and sure his music isn’t selling nor are people checking for him much but he’s making better music that “niggas in Paris” which is foolishness! I like how he keeps a distance from Jay and Kanye because he realized how deviant their music is. I want that “kick push” lupe back though!

  • Lupe is the truth. One love brother!

  • ultrakid

    lupe rant’s have become more famous than lupe’s music

  • CBH

    Lupe isn’t lying

  • Devante

    How did he post all this on twitter?

  • Devante

    Ok back to the point.. So who’s responsible for all the killings before rap? Wasnt there a time in the 30-70’s when The Mafia/Gangs ruled major cities killing everything in site over coke or illegal alcohol?

  • Marcus

    Lupe talks about violence in music just as much as the next guy. Fucking hypocrite. In fact, his music is even used to promote movies that have violence in them. Look at the “Street Kings” Trailer… and more recently the GI Joe trailer. Nigga is putting violence into the world himself then hypocritically attacking others who do as well just to seem like he’s higher than them. Fuck outta here Lupe. Get back to writing some dope records and stop worrying about being politically correct.

  • LOL

    leave homeboy alone, he is right. too much hypocrisy in music it’s getting disgusting.

  • poetic assasin

    Not surprised, but wow at the ignorance from you cats.

  • J.T.

    Music does not make you pick a gun up and shoot it. You decide your fate. That is whats wrong with the world , always blaming someone or something else.

  • JOHNYblaze

    LUPE is BUGGIN man… slightly, atleast. I have listened to HARDCORE violent RAP music since 11 and im 25, and the MUSIC never got to me IN that way, if anything it HELPED me understand and visualize exactly what was going down on the streets so to speak.

    The problem with CURRENT music that follows in that category is that nowadays the beats and verses are OVERLY redundant. Its the same shit over and over ESSENTIALLY with expected punlines, about watches bitches cars but NO flow to almost make the music POSITIVE or GOD of SELF MINDLY INTELLECTUAL type shit which ALL great rappers have done.

    JUST the blatantly IGNORANT characters in the game DO cater to ignorant young ass lil niggas WHOM also get influenced and live by what they hear basically.

  • John Cusack

    Coming from a man used song is used in the commercial for the new GI Joe movie….

  • John Cusack

    ^^whose song is used**

  • Underwood

    It’s an age old debate… does violent media create violent people, or are violent people naturally drawn to violent media? We’ll never have an answer- it’s the chicken or the egg.

    However, if we were to absolve violent offenders of personal responsibility, and decide that “the music made me do it”, the only possible course of action that we could take would be one of mass censorship. And when faced with this conundrum, every other rapper (in fact every other entertainer of any kind, as far as I can recall off the top of my head) has argued in favor of the freedom of speech.

  • soulja slim


  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    @John Cusack i said the same thing when I read this, but it is possible that the label owns that recording, and that they licensed it out without his consent. We’ll never know though

  • king

    its a god dam shame to see how stupid some of yall are. the man is saying something positive and yall hate. HOW THE FUCK HAVE BLACK PEOPLE BECOME SO FUCKING STUPID. yall wanna hear a nigga talk bout bitches and hos, and guns and drugs. FUCK YALL

  • MJ

    I agree with Lupe. People always use the “art imitates life” argument, but at some point people have stop mirroring the negativity in their communities and instead lead their people to better.

  • Donn

    I agree that advocating violence is redundant and should stop but HipHop has been about self expression. If a nigga feels angry and writes violent shit as a way to keep him from actually killing someone then let him. It’s his way of coping.

    The only thing I don’t like is that ppl think that the world will one day be peace and butterflies and we will a hold hands under a rainbow. No. This is real life and we are all imperfect and the negative things in this world breed some positive things. Ppl who started out killers and criminals and went on to save lives that wouldn’t have been saved otherwise. There needs to be balance. But to bash self expression is ludicrous. I love NWA, Ice Cube and tons of other artists who make HUMAN music. Some violent, some righteous, some ignorant, some spiritual. But it’s all from the heart and from a real person.

  • fh

    Lupe you speak the truth these kids are influence by movies and music

  • watchthethrone

    ^^ I agree

  • poetic assasin

    many of us including myself can say we listen to certain types of music and play certain type of video games and we have never done violent things, but where is all the violence occuring? what type of lifestyle do these youth have where the violence is continually happening — no it isn’t just the music, but u can’t say that it is not part of it.

  • loki

    He ain’t saying that music makes people violent, it just makes it more acceptable. And how is he being a hypocrite when he admits that he has made violent music himself?

  • Faded 4evaNaDay

    Cmon Lupe is corny now. He tries way too hard to make a statement and all that just make good music fucker

  • 4434

    So the Middle-Eastern conflict is fueled by Gucci Mane? DMX started the genocides in Africa?

    Was Hitler listening to a very violent Frank Sinatra song when he started WWII?

    Lupe, you’re full of shit… once again.

  • the brain trust

    @4434 I agree with you completely.

    The great Phonte once spat a verse which perfectly dismantles Lupe’s sanctimonious argument.

    ‘Like I could stick you up with a mic
    Like I could rape you with a verse, or use a verb as a knife
    Like befo’ Kool Herc, everything was alright
    Like I wasn’t calling black women heauxs befo’ Rappers Delight’

    Violence in music, video games & movies are a reflection of the violent world we ACTUALLY live in. They can also be a source of dark humor/entertainment.

    While someone who shoots up a school might seek validation from a violent song, we all know they already had a propensity for violence.

  • Ravi

    I love Lupe Fiasco and have been a huge fan. I became a fan a couple months before Food And Liquor dropped (his debut album). He does have many opinions and shares them with the public but what are you doing to stop this violence?!?! What is he actually doing to change the world. I know his music is powerful and has helped me get through tough times but what the fuck are you doing Lupe?!?! What are you doing to change the world you live in besides the music? You’re always opening your mouth and speaking on different situations but what are you doing to change them?!?!!?!?

  • wordd let’s stop the violence

  • KingJuggaNott

    A great deal of ignorance commenting on this topic. Damn shame.

  • KingJuggaNott

    Before he went off on his rant, he should have considered the audience he was trying to reach. MFers that have brains the equivalent of a five year old Kangaroo.

  • Quit whining, bitch.

    “A great deal of ignorance commenting on this topic. Damn shame.”

    You’re right. It took a great deal of ignorance for Lupe and his supporters to comment on this topic.

  • I agree he makes a good point. U dont hear niggas getting shot at no conscious niggas shows. yet they getting shot at waka flaca and all these other trash ass niggas shows. in my hood people been getting shot left and right and da niggas getting caught up from it are 14 to 24. these young niggas dat be listening to the dat bullshit. so yes i do think dat the music plays a part in.

  • Cruel Thing


  • the penguin

    hahhahahhah yo i thought this guy was just in a world of his own… i think he’s a junkie . What are you talking about, some of us see it justified as documentation…..asshole.

  • That Guy

    “We tryna conquer the city with disobedience
    Quick to turn it up, even if we ain

  • Bladdow

    Quote from @4434

    [ So the Middle-Eastern conflict is fueled by Gucci Mane? DMX started the genocides in Africa?

    Was Hitler listening to a very violent Frank Sinatra song when he started WWII?

    Lupe, you

  • IIG

    This dude is an attention whore.

  • Judge Dredd

    Rapradar by far has the most ignorant visitors/commenters…. Everyone wants to add their two cents but it appears no one red or understood Lupe’s statement.

    If the majority of the world thinks like you people…… then we’re doomed. We are seriously fucked…


    Dear LUPE………… “SHUTTHEFUCKUPPPPP!!!!” (Juicy-J voice)

  • ayyeee

    Some ignorant motherfuckas up in here… and Lupe is just speaking the truth.

  • damnShame

    what is it about Lupe that makes so many of you so angry??..You don’t have to agree with him but just the fact that he expresses his opinion really seems to infuriate you– fuck is that about?

    Of course violent music reinforces and normalizes violent behavior, how is this even debatable?..Hip hop’s cultural impact is celebrated when it comes to it’s influence on mainstream culture
    but when it comes to violence or anything negative it’s like “no no no, music can’t influence a person’s behavior”
    if music didn’t influence the behavior of the masses then rappers wouldn’t get paid millions to tell people what to drink, wear, drive, etc.











  • I have always liked Lupe Fiasco’s music up until Lasers. But even when I liked Lupe as a rapper, I always thought he was a piece of shit. From his blog posts about skinny jeans with rhinestones (“looky what I got”) to his bitch fits whenever his songs leak. Don’t get me wrong, when you put your hard work into something you its always good to release on your own terms, but more often than not, he comes off as an attention starved drama queen who aint had a relationship in 3 years.

    As far as violence in hip hop, in my opinion, the environment will always provide the groundwork for anyones actions. When the violence in the burbs match up with the violence in the hood, then talk to me about hip hop affecting violence.


  • Oz

    this guy for as smart as he claims to be sure is dumb nigger.

    1stly he want’s to get this message of positivity and what not across to everyone but decides to make it so no one but him can understand his music, not only is his tone condesending to the listener (always talking down to you preacher mother fucker) but he doesnt understand that if you want to reach as many people you have to communicate through the music like jay-z, his much smarter than lupe but he understands how to communicate and get the message across with music as does kendrick without just preaching in twitter rants and interviews your a musician put it on your music and convince me, Dont just tell me what needs to change make me feel it.

    He used to be good at it like on the track steady mobbing it gets this message through so clearly without preaching he puts you in the observers position watching not judging just watching and you understand as opposed to stupid twitter rants, take a page from kendrick dude learn how to make music again and help people feel it don’t just tell them

  • Shakespearewow

    Looks like Lupe never read Shakespeare or studied the history. Shakespeare plays were for the everyman as much as the Royalty. His shit was entertainment for the masses. It is misconception that we have today, associating Shakespeare with noblemen.

  • Starfox64

    its a bit late for all this..

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  • Starfox64

    @Oz you specifically just stated all the problems I have with lupes shit…

  • Some of those ppl aren’t ignorant they are telling the truth, Lupe is full of shit…. No one here has been violent because a movie told them to do so or a music video told you so, that is misinformed, a violent person is made from the environment we live that means their environment sucks and their parenting really sucks. What the media has done is reflect on that shitty environment and over-exaggerate it !. There are ppl right here with university education that listen to NWA to fucking Chief Keef and working to be where they wanna be in life ( goes to show what violent entertainment is influencing huh ). Also ppl need to get their head out of the sand and stop believing in a world where Hip-Hop will be all social conscious and “happy” and shit ! Violence in humans has always existed even before music ever existed especially before Hip-hop existed so it has always been art imitating life whether he likes it or not. It’s not about the Ultimate Good, it’s about the Ultimate Balance

  • missedgyc

    Keep on making good music lupe

  • FTW

    He’s telling the truth but Lupe has to realize most people are too ignorant to understand what he’s talking about without tons and tons of explanation. People are savages, and anyone telling them to take personal responsibility for being fucking savage, will be ostracized.

  • Evil

    Fuck Lupe,keep that shit to yourself.If you have a problem with the rap game then leave it alone you asshole.
    Dont go out on twitter like an attention seeking little whore to air out your butthurt feelings.
    The rap game doesnt need your bitch ass.

  • Good for Lupe! All he is trying to do is spark dialouge. I’m sure KRS and all those who contributed to the stop the violence campaign were idiots also. SMH

    What was “you’re headed for self destruction” about people??? I know Lupe should play his role and remain quite. Hip hop music is so much better with simple music such as: “banz to make her dance” “rat city hoe rat rat city hoe”

  • Peekay

    people getting angry because someone cares? FOH

  • I used to love Fiasco. Once Big Chili went to prison for allegedly distributing heroin Lupe hasn’t been the same. With that said I’m a dj and its true if I spin Fuck them other niggas by C Murder or Meek Mill Murder game the crowd will fight and shoot. But if I spin Hold U Down by Soulja Boy the crowd will fight and shoot at me. What was my point oh yea cats like to fight and shoot.

  • Step Back

    Wait a second… who the fuck says violence ISN’T an effective way to solve SOME problems?

    Welcome to Earth.

  • Yous with dummy remarks need to go somewhere. Probably grew up in a fluffy lil community. Lupe brings points to the board. Cant respect it you’re probably weak AF anyways.

  • Molee

    I agree with Lu. Violent might not have been an influence to Hitler or war in the middle-east but it DOES make it seem okay for people to be violent. I’ve listened to violent music and tbh, after listening to such, I feel angry and I feel like fucking up everyone I see. This guy tells the TRUTH. If you can’t stand that, STFU and go back to 2Chainz and listen to him talk about wanting a big booty hoe for his b-day.

  • duude

    Most of you are too stupid to understand what lupe was saying. The people that hate on him cause he is not “hard” are mad corny. Lupe spits the truth. In 20 years he will be looked at as pac 2.0.

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  • Chillthrills

    I guess the only way for niggas to relate to what lupe is saying,,,is to get a hot bullet in they ass,,,just for living,,,,the media perpetuates all of the violence in music and movies,,,,however art does imitate life and vice versa,,,weak niggas fall victim to these violent images,,,strong people,,stand up and try and do something about it,,,,,,The question for all the people commenting negatively,,,,What are you doing to make thing better,,,,either your are part of the solution or you are part of the problem,,,hating on lupe is a weak response,,,add on in positive way,,,,or shut it up,,,,,,

  • stfu lupe wit ya preaching ass aint nobody got time for that.

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    So if a rapper makes a song glorifying the killings that occur in Sandy Hook then it should be all good because its ‘just entertainment’ and the song didn’t make anyone kill a bunch of children correct? NO, it would be censored from mainstream outlets and shut down.

    So if a rapper makes a song glorifying the beat down and killing of all homosexuals (and I’m not talking about a line or two but an entire song, think Buju Banton’s “Boom Bye Bye”) then it should be all good because its ‘just entertainment’ and violence against homosexuals was happening long before hip hop was around correct? NO, it would be censored from mainstream outlets and shut down

    So if a rapper makes a song glorifying the killing of law enforcement (think Ice-T “Cop Killa”) then it should be all good because its “just entertainment” and violence against cops have been going down long before hip hop was around correct? NO, it would be censored from mainstream outlets and shut down.

    The only thing that is allowed, exploited and celebrated is violence against BLACK PEOPLE.

  • Chillthrills

    @your life is a lie,,,,,,,,you ain’t never lie,,,,,Willie lynch is in full effect,,,,

  • Lupe is Pussy

    Fuck Lupe str8 up I would violently whoop his ass ol pussy ass nigga been beat up his whole life

  • EarthBrain

    Anyone who hates Lupe because of his views is part of the 85%.
    The remaining 15% will understand where his opinion is coming from and acknowledge that the music industry is structured in a way that PROFITS off of VIOLENCE, amongst other things…
    15% will also understand a lot more than the 85%…a lot more.
    Stay true.
    -Earth Brain.

  • you already been heard

    Wow and SMH to the comments hear. Sure violence in music doesnt make anyone do violent things but it also doesnt help the situation either.

  • Its a shame the hate this post receives for the truth being spoken. Our children and future generation are going in the wrong direction and for some reason it seems to be accepted and glorified. I have no hate towards any particular artist but I hate the fact that fans don’t know how to separate trolling or cracking jokes from real topics. Our youth is getting murdered day by day and some of you actually have a nerve to say negative things towards people speaking out about it. I’m afraid of what our future holds.

  • Yallstupid

    I find It sad how Lupe is trying to speak out against violence and you fuck faces have the nerve to insult him and say “this nigga crazy” or “would somebody please kill this nigga.” I bet you fuck faces would shut up if someone in your fam got shot.

  • tucq

    I’m feelin you Lupe, but the source of the problem isn’t the music. Music that kids like ALWAYS, I repeat, A.L.W.A.Y.S. have a rebellious theme. Turn the music on in 2023, and that will be the case.

    I think the music now is tamer than before. We was bumpin NWA and the Geto Boys. Now I’m hearing strip club anthems all the time.

    There is also a positive element out there, on songs like “Started from the Bottom” which is a motivational song if I ever heard one.

    Naw, man. The problem ain’t the music. Its the social/economical conditions, and parents not raising their kids right.

  • #Truth

    Lupe is telling the truth whether of not you accept it is on you, music is by far not all to blame but it has its place. when “the tough guy image” is constantly piped into your head from youth. you begin to think and feel like that is the proper way to respond to an adverse situation. To those who say its solely on the parents… Lets face it musicians set trends parents don’t the words of someone you idolize are more profound then the utterances of the everyday common person. A celebrity can utter a couple of words about an obscure subject and millions of people will research and over night become experts on that subject. This is the case with music, fashion, religion the list goes on. So i said all that to say Lupe is right hopefully you have a enough wit to understand it.

  • Realtalk

    Real talk, FUCK all of you on here. From my heart, fuck you.

    The man is saying that people that speak about violence gotta own up to the fact that their words can influence people. What the FUCK is wrong with that?!

    It’s sad to see that you hate Lupe so much that you actually won’t listen 2 what he’s saying.. You don’t think that these rappers ALWAYS talking about the guns their carrying can make someone think that they gotta do shit like that to at least relate or be “real” as everybody else talking about that shit EVERY SONG? You NEVER did something cuz everybody was talking about it made it seem ok?

    Niggas listen to music thats sayin the same shit every fuckin song, of course they’re gonna get the idea that carrying a gun is cool, or that shooting somebody makes em more of a real person, cuz that’s how these rappers talk about it.

    What’s wrong with sayin own up to the shit that you say, because while your not even thinking about it, someone could actually be taking what your saying to heart.

    Fuck all of you for hating somebody trying to stop violence. Fuck all of your for not owning up to what your accepting and making acceptable. Your life influences other lives, that’s how it goes. And so do these rappers.. #facts

  • JReezy

    Lupe is getting a lot of hate and I feel like it’s pretty unnecessary. As Realtalk said, a rapper’s words can influence people, that can’t be denied. Eminem brought up that aspect of music in Sing For The Moment.

    “See what these kids do is hear about us toting pistols and they want to get one ’cause they think the shit’s cool”.

    No one got pissed off at him for recognizing that music can have sway over how someone might act so why is Lupe getting so much hate?

  • Lord knows I don’t agree with everything this nigga says, but he on point this time. Ya’ll gotta understand not everybody reacts to things the same way. I watched the Terminator, Rambo, Commando, Predator, all that shit when I was young, on top of listening to NWA, Deathrow & hardcore East coast shit and loved it. But that’s me, I knew the difference.

    The music and entertainment today desensitizes EVERYBODY to violence. When you don’t know the right from wrong though, that’s when it gets dangerous. I don’t give a fuck who you are, music, at some point, influenced your life. Either how you dress, the way you talk, the way you act, it did something to you somewhere when you was impressionable. It’s not even a conscious decision, it just happens. Back in the day though, niggas would drop little nuggets in the music, try to teach you at least a little something. Kids today ain’t getting none of that…

  • chucklivelle

    I can’t believe this many people have so much hate in their heart. Instead of just listening and trying to understand where the man is coming from, you automatically scream out fuck him and bring up album sales. Is that really all that matters “how much money you’re making”. He’s not saying that music is ONLY reason that violence is happening, he is saying its a part, and he just wants those who participate in it to do their part in the decrease or actually live by their words. Rappers will talk about how tough they are and this and that but when comes down to it they have security and they really ain’t about that life. You have to live by a code in which they rap, but give them a pass if they don’t because they’re rich. “It’ll be stupid if he woulda shot him”. Lupe is just bringing awareness to the subject of which he knows most about. Not saying your a bad person for making or listening to “pop” music but just to take a look of the actions that could be caused by saying or doing certain things. For those who are bringing up the GI Joe trailer..i think you guys ought to actually go listen to song and pay close attention to what he’s actually trying to shine light on “Little Weapon”. Have a good day, peace.

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***



  • calibe

    lupe will not like papoose album

  • z

    at those of you who are going on about lupe’s track on GI joe how about you actually listen to the lyrics, the track does not promote violence but is the absolute opposite..y’all niggas trippin

  • ^

    And yet it’s being used to promote extremely violent media… funny how it’s not a problem when Lupe gets a cut, huh?