• stuart scotts eye

    Lil b…find a new hobby

  • KingJuggaNott

    How can something like this happen to a genre? Is there an equivalent to this madness in any other Genre?

  • Bo Nation

    Is that a ruby in the middle of his forehead?

  • Rare User

    rare 27 tracks like all eyez on me 2cds you already know

  • the brain trust


    All genres have their fair share of garbage, so rap is nowhere near unique in that regard.

    Just be thankful that lil b is completely irrelevant to the culture.
    He’s more of public jester than an actual artist i’d say.

  • Rare User

    y irrelevant with 700k followers and get more attention than a bitch

  • i was entertained at 1st…but really who is allowing this guy to continue.

  • dave

    i deadass was a fan two years ago. i had wonton soup and.ellen degeneres in my phone.then he dropped that video that was in the mansion i forgot the name but it was a good track after that tho i lost interest and then riff raff came around and became the new hip hop troll.only person from the pack thats still doing good is Young L because he makes sick beats and has his clothing line thats poppin Pink Dolphin.

  • Rare User

    young l cant rap only beats and atmosphere in the videos btw this tape have ~6 good tracks

  • JOHNYblaze

    Yup agree with @ Dave lil b had his moments a few years back but riff raff DEF took over the rap game internet troll spot.

    Just dont.sleep on Mr barandangdang he might have inspired one of ur new favorite rappers.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    wow ive been waiting for this one, pretty young thugs fro life im thugged out and ready for the funk TYBG all love here nigga on raparadar support that real shit nigga

  • MakeItStop

    “y irrelevant with 700k followers and get more attention than a bitch”

    Well, there ya go. Spoken like a true Lil B fan……This silly argument isn’t worth a rebuttal, fall on a sword son.

  • Yo this nigga is dope lol I know niggas dont fuck with him but this shit is hard

  • Nutsonya Chinn

    this that real thugged out based shit! TYBG

  • troofy

    whoever got paper can win in hiphop culture .not talent but the mula!

  • Yeah buddy

    BEST MIXTAPE 2013 TYBG!!!!

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  • Kemosabi

    Didn’t he tweet something about wanting to fuck Kanye West? This is who you guys are saying is hard? Some nigga just said thankyou and called him based god?

  • Robin Flowers

    This nigga wack and his fans gay has fuck

  • MAKS112

    do people that hate even listen to the lyrics on this album, also production is so on point…refreshing after all the trap music which has gotten boring. In the end, why the fuck is hip hop so square???