Snoop Lion Reincarnated Tracklist


Snoop Lion is ready to share his journey to reincarnation on his 12th studio album. Come April 23, these are the 16 titles you will see on the reggae-influenced album. Pre-order here.

1. Rebel Way

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  • Snoop Lion is a fucking joke. This album is a fucking joke.

  • Batman


  • Diamond

    How can you judge an album you never even herd? Your a clown.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Because he’s the average person on the internets. They blog, but NEVER buy albums.

    No disrespect @ TimLeeVaStandUp just facts my g.

  • Capeman

    Snoop a year ago: “ayo I bet ya 1 million bucks I can come up with some Rastafari gimmick and niggas will buy it, you just watch me dawg.”

  • onanigga

    Got enough features on there Snoop?




  • Anonymous

    Miley Cyrus collabo, LOOOOOOOOL

  • Anonymous

    Miley Cyrus collabo, LOOOOOOOOL

  • gammaboi

    Can’t wait for this to come out so it can crash and he can get back to being regular Snoop the same way that WZRD shit flopping set Cudi straight.

  • Evil

    A miley cyris feature..why the fuck does he do a song with that bitch?
    Snoop offcially sold out and fell off did he a long ass time ago.
    Fuck that reincardinated rastafarian gimmick bullshit.The whole thing is an epic fail.

  • ill reserve my judgement until the album comes out

  • fh

    Rasta man snoop

  • D-Fresh

    Snoop been in the game for 20 years, started with people like dr. dre & 2 pac.
    He is the king so be quiet!!

  • gammaboi

    @D-Fresh. Shut the fuck up. Just because a chair been in a house 20 years doesn’t make it good furniture if it’s busted as fuck. Snoop fell off.

  • Yeezus Christ

    Snoop Lion is garbage

    album is already a flop

    only gonna check out the c breezy feature

  • D-Fresh

    so you idiot think the same about nas busta rhymes eminem mobb deep SLICK RICK the wu niggas and other legends…
    You know wine gets better with time

  • gammaboi


    Hence “…if it’s busted as fuck”.
    If the chair is still in good shape after 20 years then yeah give it props.
    In this case, Snoop is putting out hot garbage.
    You can’t tell me anything off this has been legit so far.
    Making The Doggfather look like Illmatic right now.

  • wickwickwack

    this album is a pure waste of time

  • whoe

    i thought he was gonna go conplete rasrafari n get ppl like the marleys or even sean pal as features or at least wiz n come out with a dope album but these features show that this album was made to only push records to the suburbs n hollywood

  • whoe

    rastafari* sean paul*

  • Devante

    Oh word? Collie Budz?!?

  • Devante


    Sean Paul? He isn’t a true Reggae artist he does dance hall music

  • SoloK

    Got Dayum!
    Snoop has officially SOLD OUT. I can’t believe this is the same dude that was on “2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted” with 2Pac himself! Doggystyle was his first/ last classic

  • trayway

    Yall prolly the same niggas who helped Lil wayne go gold with that rebirth album, but yall clownin snoop for trying something different. suckas


    hes a rapper thats making reggae music, getting dissed by rap fans, who listen to rap music

  • jam b


  • Rachel

    That third track is whats up. Lighters Up will be on repeat all weekend nothin better

  • Adeyyyee

    Lighters Up is the jam, man!