New Music: Tony Williams Ft. Kanye West, King Chip & Freddie Gibbs “Another You (Remix)”

another you remix-cover

The World Famous Tony Williams adds more Mid-West flavor to his Kanye collabo “Another You” by bringing along King Chip and Freddie Gibbs for the official remix. Produced by Bink!


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  • O block


  • fredtheFATson

    Ye this Nice

  • Jenny

    This is decent. 🙂


    please put freddie gibbs name out of the title thank you

  • Facts

    Serious question: Does this website have a partnership with the website called xclusiveszone?
    I’ve been witnessing y’all posting a lot of stuff a few minutes after they do. What makes it suspicious is the fact that you always copy the given information as well (in other words, of course),. Especially when the information was initially wrong on xclusiveszone (e.g. confused the producer of a song), it was also wrong here

  • jobie

    One of my favorite songs from last year

  • soulja slim

    KANYE SHOULD SIGN .. i mean the song sound ruff but i hear the epicness

  • Truth.

    smooth. but did anybody see that tweet Freddie sent out earlier?

    “I don’t fuck wit Niggaz that wear skirts or dresses. Go let yo coochie air out somewhere else.”

  • Facts

    So what’s special about this tweet? We are talking about Gibbs, not Frank Ocean, Kanye, and all them other faggots

  • steezplati

    impossible to hate on gibbs killinn shitt

  • K

    @ Facts

    I think “Truth” was referring to the irony that he’s paired on this track with Kanye.

  • Fuck Jeezy! But he said it best; shawty Gangsta Gibbs he the next to blow!

  • 50cent [email protected] Your a punk @ElliottWilson and you will always be a punk.


  • Facts

    @ Truth & K.

    I see. My bad

  • J

    Ay! Gibbs n Kanye on the same track?!? Fuck anyone hating on Gibbs man…coldest in the game, proved it on this hoe!

  • Cruel Thing

    When Kanye starts hopping on random remixes and songs, you already know what’s coming…

  • It’s the roc

    Great fuckin song.

  • haze

    @Cruel Thing- it aint really random tony is kanye cousin and they mad close

  • jesus

    JEEZY THE REAL TRAP GOD u have down syndrome? freddie gibbs is amazing and needs to be on more songs i own all his music he in my top 5

  • young

  • Original Ty

    Ye phoned this one in IMO….. Gibbs was coo but nothing mind blowing. Good track to ride to based off of the instrumental and hook more than anything.

  • Slim dawg

    Dude this song be ratchet