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  • brza


  • soulja slim

    DOPE!!! ASAP NEED TO MESS WITH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3Dy7J2GWl8 who ever runs the Kanye IG just post about them

  • Nathaniel

    best video of the year, easy.

  • dave

    i just watched the whole video and still have no idea whos birdy nam nam. who is he the kid? cool video that edm shit gets kinda annoying tho guess u gotta be on cocaine to enjoy it

  • LouisDaKing

    Great visual !

  • G-cass

    Worst song on the album by a country mile. Lets face it it wasn’t a bad album but it’s getting no playback right now

  • Chris

    The song isn’t really my steez, but this is a cool video.

  • It’s the roc

    Damn, this might really be video of the year, and there’s been some great vids in 2013.

  • still best rite now!!

    great video….on mute

  • Yeah buddy

    this dubstep shit needs to stop. rocky won’t make it to 2014

  • eDUB

    People only know this song for Skrillex, and that’s how it should be, hes all the talent on the track

  • the brain trust

    I normally hate EDM, but this my shit!

    ASAP always coming with the best visuals as well.

    Wonder if he directed this.

  • prai$e

    the visuals for vinnie cha$e videos are better. the music is better too.

  • Black Shady

    who cares for Skrillex? its ASAP bitch!

  • Tev Milli

    This is a dope video 4real

  • Reg


  • stuart scotts eye

    Nice visuals…decent song..dope album tho…need that 1train video

  • King Chandler

    Rocky is living proof that the bar has been drastically lowered, good thing he came into hip-hop at this time when it’s more about fashion and image than talent, I would love somebody to post 2 bars he’s ever spit that made you wanna play the bars back. Him having at least one chopped and screwed part in every fucking song is ridiculous at this point too, smh, thought this might be different so I checked it out, I was wrong, sub par bars, a little chopped and screwed and some weird looking “trendy” clothes. This man can’t have fans over 18 years old. Not hating, so you ASAP groupies don’t get your kilts in a bunch, I’m glad this yound dude is gettin’ dough to feed his fam, it’s just as a hip-hop fan I just expect more from one of the new faces of new york hip-hop.

  • RockinMad

    Birdy Nam Nam is a french group of 4 DJs producing electronic music.
    They do not appear in the video.

  • Mister B

    This video is so dope

  • Homie

    I’m just laughing at Birdy Nam Nam.

  • LikeJordan45

    This video is fucking ILL…almost makes me wanna own some Pyrex apparel…like…almost my nigga.

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  • Its Not a Boat, Its a Yacht

    @King Chandler
    Uhh! – I’m tryna buy my soul from Satan. – I can’t keep up with payments! (true!)
    Strange writings on the waaall (waaall!) got me feelin’ like a cavemen. (all right!)
    Call that shit the “Days Inn”. (uhh!) – Life is so degradin’. (uhh!)
    But to my last statement, I keep praying till it’s “Amen”! (uhh!)
    Top is where I’m aimin’. (yeah!) – Left the way I came in;
    I’m a keep on ravin’ till them islands is the caymens, (uhh!)
    And my bitch from Mexico. (Mexico!) – She don’t know she next to go. (next to go!)
    Suit yourself, then screw yourself! – Shoot yourself, plexicooo!
    Bang, bang! – Thought you were a giant. (uhh!)
    Couldn’t hear the mournings, but I bet you hear them sirens. (uhh!)
    First I close my eyelids, (yeah!) – then everything is quiet. (quiet!)
    I could go out in silence, but I would prefer the riot. (yeah!)
    I catch the first star with my fist raised, Versace shades, my french braids
    Had sick chains since 6th grade – safe to say we’ve been slaved.
    These niggas tryna shoot me! (uh-huuuh!) – These crackers tryna sue me! (yeah!)
    Wake up to your favourite actresses; my life is like a movie, boy! (uhh!)
    Asap Rocky on Make it Stack
    Lloyd Banks song. He know to quit the bullshit when need be.

  • lilrizq

    @Its Not a Boat, Its a YACHT
    Them weak a– A$AP bars would not hold up in a 90’s Hip Hop court of law… NNNNEEEXXTTT!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    There are other elements in music, than lyrics. Lyrics is not the only thing to make a song. Skrillex is incredibly talented and this is beat is dope as fuck! I don’t care for the lyrics though…